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Anything – Clarity = Failure

How do we describe a life without clarity?

It’s a ship without compass. A car without a sense of direction. A map without a destination.

Take clarity away from the equation and every human life is a road that leads nowhere.

Round, round and round in circles after circles… An endless series of meaningless motions.

Zero progress made.

Being in a marriage without clarity, doubts and suspicion are bound to take the lead. In that marriage, distrust grows faster than anyone could prove anything to the other. And with lack of trust, love goes out the window never to return.

Without trust, it is impossible to recognize true love even if it’s sitting right there in front of you.

That’s why we’re told to discern. That’s why we have brains at our disposals too. So that when our heart may have lost awareness of her connection with the source of all intuitive-knowingness, we have our brains to fall back upon.

Well yes, our brain is a secondary guide, limited to the physical universe. But the heart is so deep it is interwoven with the Spirit behind it all.

It must be said, everyone’s heart is a portal to divine wisdom. Your heart is the home of clarity.

But who cares about clarity when there are pressing issues like hunger, wars, insecurities, poverty and disappointments. Really?


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Make no mistake about it. Wealth – having the greatest abundance of material resources – without clarity of purpose is how we have created, all the problems faced by humankind today.

Clarity is a consciousness. Whoever lacks it is lost.

Clarity is a gem. Whoever loses it is dying.

Clarity is the goal. Whoever misses out on it is the enemy of progress.

Confusion, depression, anxieties, worries, fears and all other vices are the bastards that are produced, by the absence of clarity.

So whether you’re picking a career, a job, a friend, spouse, a city to live in, a house to rent or a seed to plant. You’re creating your future pains if you’re not guided by the spirit of clarity.

If you seek to take advantage of clarity, here we go. Go deeper in this next post. Right away.

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