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Heart – Clarity = Self-Deceit

NEVER underestimate the power of clarity in your life.

No day is complete without clarity, because clarity is more than being sure of what to do.

Clarity makes sure you achieve the exact result that is expected of you.

Lose clarity for one moment and you may end up creating a self-replicating disaster that will slow you down for years. It’s easier to demolish a house than to build it.

That’s why clarity is so important and ONLY an ORACLE of TRUTH can offer CLARITY at all times.

Anything that can be confused, deceived or persuaded to follow a lie should never be trusted in the first place. That includes you, your brain, your intelligence, your family members and just about any other human being.

No. You don’t need to start blaming people because, just being human is enough reason to fail.


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Yes, the breed of human beings on Earth is an IMPERFECT creation.

The earlier you accept that divine fact, the closer you are to finding the real SOURCE of the clarity you need.

Prophets, preachers, psychic mediums, life-coaches, magic mirrors, great mentors, caring parents or even well-wishers CANNOT be trusted to deliver on CLARITY all the time.

They will always fail themselves, and then, they will eventually fail you too. A cold fact such as this one, is enough reason not to bank with them at all, let alone banking on them.

Remember, just one disastrous decision can ruin your entire human experience.

One mistake is enough to draw you back ten or twenty years. And who among us hasn’t lost so much already?

Even a lifetime may seem too short to REDEEM some of our lost times and destinies!

There is ONLY one ever-faithful, never-failing, always willing, fully capable and never unavailable ORACLE that will offer you CLARITY at all times and without fail.


You would find this HOLY ONE everywhere you go, whether to a herbalist, righteous man or a religious seer. But right here INSIDE YOU is the best and truest place to have your consultations.

DON’T GO too far. What you’re seeking is actually waiting for you to return HOME to REALITY.

As it is written, “wherever your treasure is, there you heart will be.”

If you can treasure this HOLY SPIRIT by making HOLY SPIRIT the only thing you truly treasure, the Spirit of GOD within you will handle the rest.

And your HEART will find steadiness in divine clarity for life!

I am working on this message today.

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