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2023: Best Tips for Personal Success! (A Step-By-Step Approach to your Success this Year)

My best tips for personal success is what I’m sharing with you in this article. I’m sharing because I know enough readers who could use my best tips for personal success to better their lives this year!

“Outside love and enjoyment, there is no success. Even if the whole world calls you successful, you know you’re a failure deep down when you lack the fulfillment that only your inner being can recognize and experience!”

Soul Magi

Cutting to the chase…

Maybe you prefer to narrow yours down to two, three or five most beloved things in your life. That’s fine. For me, seven works fine. Just don’t even pretend about it, some things you love won’t make sense. But that’s nobody’s business. Whatever you love is chosen by your heart. Don’t let anyone bother you!

DO THIS NOW – Get a clean sheet or page and write down your Most Beloved 7 starting from your highest one. (See mine below and probably use mine as a guideline?) 

  1. I love Jesus, like crazy! (To understand this, please listen to this or watch this short video clip).

So there you have it, the 7 Beloveds of My Life are so real I could literally die if anything or anyone tries to stop my flows with them. Though, I’m not the violent type, I’ll put up a good fight if something tries to stop my 7 Beloveds. They are the seven things that specifically make my life meaningful. I can’t sacrifice one for the other but as you can see, the lesser one can always bow to the higher one. Working with my Beloveds makes me unstoppable. That’s why I’m sharing this approach with you in case you want to change your life or make this one your best year ever!

You, by all means, should list out your Beloveds and find a way to do everything you love, without disrupting your relationship with the First Beloved on your list. This is why you must place the most important on top of your list of Beloveds and I’m guessing your most beloved is, like mine, something on the spiritual or principle-based side of life.

But if not, you can still apply the formula; never do anything to betray your first love and do all other things in a progressive fulfillment of your loyal relationship to your First Love!

Go on and apply this step already. If you do need help with further analyzing your results, hit me up and let’s talk!

Before we deep-dive, I’ll let you meet my 7 Beloveds again:

JESUS & MUSIC (MY SECOND) – In practical terms, it means I’ll never commit myself to any music that opposes the value, mission and expectations that I share with my most beloved, Jesus. This is a very straightforward thing to do since my allegiance is ultimately with my first-love, Jesus.

Er, um but I’m a musician, will not my love for Jesus turn me into a Christian Church musician? No! Not necessarily. However, my songs will be such that Jesus and I can sit together to listen to them, measuring their progressive impact on the world. My music must deliver a conscious message to everyone who hears it. Each song must be a tool to advance the mutual mission that Jesus and I share as one. My understanding of that mission is mostly non-religious as you’ll soon begin to see once you start tapping into your Life-Path.

JESUS AND BUILDING PEOPLE (MY THIRD) – In building people, my laser-focus is on sharing my first-love with people, allowing them tap into the beautiful relationship and life that I share with Jesus. And quite frankly and also, fortunately, this doesn’t make me a religious evangelist since my relationship with Jesus surpasses the doctrinal purview of the known Christian Church. He is to me, a master, friend, brother, father, mentor, teacher, leader and principal in the school of life. It was He who raised me into who I am today, Shepherd Godsbaby, through many lifetimes here on Earth and elsewhere!

My first-love, Jesus Christ is a master lifestyle magician and enlightenment evangelist. Spreading the light of divine insights for the quickened elevation of your soul into glory is why Jesus dared to preach to anyone. Otherwise it is enough that He shows Himself to humankind as a living example of what a glorious and committed Enlightened Magi anyone of us can be.

In building people up, I must consciously urge and nudge them towards spiritual limelight in the company of holy angels and in the community of our extra-human siblings. My mission is to enlighten, empower and encourage you to be the best of yourself by following your original Life Path.

In doing these, I am building a people that would sooner or later become a living asset that Jesus can work with in the Promised Kingdom, which is only a promise to those who haven’t seen it. For me and for some of you, the Good Kingdom is already known!

To not understand that Jesus is a lifestyle magician is to terribly miss out on the trans-formative powers of both his teachings – when applied – and his soul magic with which he can literally cleanse, heal and free your soul from all manner of deaths. Yes deaths because, all spiritual disorders are forms of death!

If anyone or group of persons are out to chase shadows, I do not waste my time and energy with such persons, or I will also become guilty of wasting life’s resources on vanities. I only need to pull you over if you’re running outside your life-path, but it’s up to you to accept your own destiny and stop fighting it in vain. If you refuse this call to order, I’m sorry but it’s clear to me that I cannot help you so bye.

JESUS & (HELPING WOMEN) MY FOURTH – My love for women is deep, I cannot and will never try to deny it. I often wondered if Solomon the King ever felt anything similar to this bubbly passion for helping women. To be frank, yes he did.

When I’m with my beloved women, I am like a joy-filled, reckless, innocent child whose heart is opened to listening to them. I am ever-willing to give, give and forgive. But I have also learned to channel my energetic love for women towards the fulfillment of their life-path. I am compelled to pursue this same agenda for any woman that I am truly in love with, and there are many women for whom my heart beats.

Sad for some is the fact that I am happier with that woman who gallantly walks her life-path, even if she is the wife of a perceived enemy!

My love for women is unconditional but my commitment to my beloved women is conditional because energy has to be profitably invested. There is no excuse for my failure if I waste myself trying to please, serve or service a woman who hates her life-path. I have no limitations when it comes to helping those who are committed to their life-path, I always do my best to see them succeed.

A real woman embraces her destiny with pride and unbreakable strength. Those who dodge their life-path are not woman enough. A real woman never fears her own face no matter what the mirror reveals. She faces it and she fixes it until she is able to bring forth her deepest beauties. So if my women are ready to support my true-love mission towards their life paths, I am super ready. I’ll write a song for every woman I know and each will be a hit song!

JESUS & CREATIVE WORKS (MY FIFTH) – Doing any of my many creative works gives me a lot of energy. Being creative has a way of renewing my strength. Writing can be relaxing for me, so is graphics designing for me. Boring, non-creative jobs are not for me. If I can’t get creative, let’s leave it alone.

Personally, I enjoy creating visual designs like graphics, videos, 2D animations concepts, radio shows, podcasts, YouTube videos, documentaries, and writing scripts or doing voice overs. Talking about getting paid for having fun, that’s what my company does for all of her clients.

How can I squeeze out my creative juice to appreciate my Sweet Master Jesus? Which of my creative skills and talents do I engage to put a smile on the face of Jesus? I need genuine ideas now, please feel free to share yours! Right now, I can think of creating some audio-visual projects along that line but let’s hear what you have. Perhaps yours is the next best idea to bring the world to a true knowledge of humankind’s best spiritual leader, Jesus Christ?!

JESUS & (FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION) MY SIXTH – See I love expressing myself freely, and the keyword here is freely. Who doesn’t love freedom huh? The concept of freewill says we each get to choose!

I might be a bit greedy when it comes to being free. I hate any form of prison. Too many people fence themselves in because the are seeking some sort of freedom from the world out there. Well, physical prisons can’t stop me from doing anything so what I’m talking about here is soul prisons or psychological prisons where something or someone is keeping you from being emotionally free. From my experience with cases I’ve handled, you are jinxing yourself!

Personally, I can sacrifice my emotional freedom for Jesus, for music, for the people I’m working to build, for my beloved women and for the growth of my business. But not for anyone who just wants to shut me down. Yes, freedom of expression is an expressive, emotional type of freedom. You can’t be my leader if all you want is showoff your autocratic muscle. I will always cut corners to maneuver my way through brute rules, so I can be headstrong or even stubborn when I’m protecting something that resonate deeply with my inner being.

In a competitive or debate-like situation I usually give in to superior argument. I will never glorify my personal bias over the objective truth except such cases where even the most objective truth is subject to review. I am saying this because at the soul level, there are many choices that must be made which simply make no sense when we all sit down to think about them. Decisions that are wrong for others but are just right for your soul. If you do not know your soul enough, you would always find yourself falling for the politically or socially correct opinion of your fellow souls. Watch out, your fate is personal to you!

JESUS & (MATERIAL GENEROUSITY) MY SEVENTH – I love dashing money out to those in need of it. This happens randomly so I have no formula for doing or not doing it. If your request meets money in my care, I’m likely to grant it and if it doesn’t but touches me deep within, I’m likely to find a way to help with it. Sometimes, even if I do not feel moved by the person’s request, I just give because well, I can still afford it.

Wealth is commonwealth. Life is one, although as living beings we are numerous. The ocean is one but contains a countless number of droplets, seeping out of the source. I am a part of you and you are a part of me, I know this to be true!

The only reason I’ll need to be the biggest multi-billionaire out of Africa is so I could wield my financial prowess in favour of those who would without me, die wretched. Just saying, there are some folks with whom my wealth is a must-share. I exist for some of such persons on this planet, who may not even know me but whom I will surely recognize once I meet with them. I have already identified the female gender on a general scale. now I’m taking individuals.

There is another class of people whom I’ll generally like to call, soft-boys or feminine men. Many of them have confused themselves for homosexuals and have given in to the urge to play the role of male-girls which they really aren’t. Lucky for me, I can relate with their decisions and situations without even struggling to do so because my heart beats for them too, and my soul is their kindred.

Yes, like most of my homosexual brothers, I am feminine soul in a male human body too. I also could have ended up being gay if I didn’t have access to some divine insights which has kept and prepared me to be a beacon of light to my gay sweethearts. I was prepared to be here for them and so, now I’m coming out with a heart ready to share the deepest truth about what it means to be feminine. A truth that would liberate many from the psycho-sexual matrix!

Sorry I drifted into a love song for my soul brothers. Okay we were talking about me dashing money out to people just because I know that everyone deserves the wealth of Mother Earth. True that.

Now that I’ve clearly shown you, How My Year 2023 would go based on the Top 7 Things I Love, it’s time to get down to identifying your Beloveds. Then your life will become wrapped up in a smothering bubble of sweet, sweet love!

I guess this is where I get to say, Happy New Year to you.


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