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3 Ways to Contact Your Spirit Guides (not familiar spirits or spirit animals) for Lasting Help!

My mum was all over the place, looking distressed. What could she be looking for, I thought.

Mum, what are you searching for? I’m looking for my reading glasses, she replied, adding that she needed to sign some documents! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I was only a teenager but that moment got me.

Mum why are you looking for your glasses when you’re looking through it, I said pointing to her face. Deflated and relieved at the same time, she sighed and smiled. We laughed it off.

Searching for things can be hell if you don’t know where to look. In this age of internet and things, a simply google search is how most people hit the web. Google is good at what it does; bringing loads of information to us. But Google will not tell us which information exactly fits our need, unless we know how-to search! Basically, Google gets us links, images and videos related to the phrases in our search query. Another tool, ChatGPT goes deeper than Google by giving us specific answers to our questions. Yet even ChatGPT has massive limitations when our questions bother on gaining personal spiritual clarity.

So what if you could easily tap into the spirit world right now, to fetch yourself a credible spirit guide who would then make your spiritual life relatively smooth and easy?



ANGELS are Spirit Guides:

FACT-CHECK: Names like Malach, Malakh or Malachi have their root-meaning in the word ‘Messenger’.

Everyone has at least one guardian angel assigned to them by higher forces or by God. Your guardian angel might be a fallen angel or a standing angel. It depends.

Fallen angels exist to test you by trying to pull you down while standing (holy) angels seek to help you by lifting you up. Both angelic groups are necessary for your progress as far life on Earth is concerned. So get ready!

2) ANCESTORS are spirit guides:

When people pray to God in the names of any individual Being who was once a human on Earth but now lives on the other side of life. Those people are communicating with an ancestral spirit being. From Africa’s Sango and Oya to the Greek pantheon of Gods, Demigods, and to mainstream religious super-leaders such as Mohammed and Jesus Christ. Talking to these beings and expecting or getting response is a confirmation that ancestors, small and great are alive. More so, we have a unique example in the Lord Jesus Christ whom according to the Bible had no biological children, hence He is a spiritual ancestor to all those who walk the path He laid down since they will be Born Again through His Divine Spirit!

Ancestors are not all of the same calibre as some of our ancestors have failed through their humans lives on Earth while others succeeded. Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Shehu Inyass, Apostle Peter, Oduduwa, Lamurudu or Nimrod are popular names among human ancestors. No one becomes a popularly celebrated ancestor by doing nothing, they had to walk a clear path to be recognized.

Your late great, great grand parents are your ancestors by bloodlines, someone else might become your ancestor based on your chosen spiritual path. What matters is to understand that these non-human persons are still available to help you, if you reach out to them.

Be careful however, do not imagine that every ancestor out there is capable or willing to do you any good. Some are happy to harm you, and the story behind their hatred is usually complex. Such stories can be unraveled by our spirit guides here so feel free to ask if you will.

There have been cases of people hating those who are from other tribes, usually over some ancient animosities. In such instances, it is common to find ancestors involved where despite being physically dead, the ancestors continue to draw breath and blood over issues you would expect them to have healed from!

Just because someone is an ancestor or has moved to the other side doesn’t make them automatically more knowledgeable than you. Remember that stupid people also died and moved on. If you want authentic connection to your ancestors, whether to your physical or spiritual ancestors, you will be able to use some of the practical steps shown further below to achieve it. But generally speaking, there is always someone in your lineage who is interested in your success hence such an ancestral spirit might be close by, seeking to contact you.

More so, not all ancestors have the privilege of directly contacting their own even if they wished to do so. The spiritual world is guided by specific rules and monitored by a system of government. This is why, not every ancestor can reach out to you. Some try to reach you through the spirits of their friends who have such access. You can find online, stories from people who have either made such spirit contacts or have being contacted.

Personally, I have been contacted by some of my tribal ancestors including; the Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of the Yoruba Race and Otunba Emmanuel Osifeko, the Oraderemo of Ijebu Ife who was my grandfather, and many others. I have however had more encounters with my spirit ancestor in the Good Master, Jesus Christ. These visitations and meetings are always instructive, preparing me for some next level success on my life-path. I share this to hint at what it might feel like to be surrounded by ancestral spirit guides, who wish you well.

Again, let me reiterate; some ancestors are better left alone as they are themselves in a bad spiritual shape. Some have gone ghost-mode, and others, beast-mode. Consequently, they may be seeking for soul energies to feed on like the soul-shifter in the Korean movie, Alchemy of Souls. Your duty is to discern properly or simply, keep your heart in a spiritual state where it is impossible for the dark-ones to penetrate your defense.

If you surround yourself with an impenetrable light, dark ones will stand outside your light but will never dare venture into it. To be clear, this is not some artificially generated mental-light that you create through merely visualizing them into existence, as some gurus teach. Of course you can create such a light around yourself but if your heart contains dark intents towards self or others, your visualized protective halos would be toast for jokes.

Therefore, let your light through the beautiful intents of your heart shine so bright that you may be unreachable to those who seek to pollute your energy with ill-wills.

I do not always encourage people to try reaching out to their human ancestors but sometimes, it’s the right thing to do. My advice, do not go about seeking to make such contacts unless it is absolutely necessary. If they need to contact you, they will most likely do so. I say this to you because many have been hurt and deceived.

3) THE HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN is your spirit guide:

Here comes your ultimate spirit guide and I say this with no reservations. That no guardian angel or ancestor (physical or spiritual) can guide you better than the Holy Spirit does, if you will listen and simply, obey. Think of this Holy Spirit as your personal genie which God has assigned to your soul, living within your core as part of your being. Or to use a more simple description, God has seeded Himself into you. That God-Seed is your Inner God-Being, aka the Holy Spirit. If you understand, you can see why this is your best bet on being guided.

There is no substitute for your obedience to the Holy Spirit whom some have called, the Still Small Voice, Pure Intuition, Divine Mother or Higher Self and many more.

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate teller of truth and the ultimate lover of your success. No one can wish you well than this Holy Spirit already does, which is why you are at your best when you obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. Be aware that while obeying the Holy Spirit may never make a Christian out of you, it makes you a successful Soul-Child of God. Obedience to the Holy Spirit makes your human life superhuman compared to the life of other humans. It makes you Extra-Human!

The Holy Spirit has already been assigned or implanted into your destiny since God decided upon the need for you to specifically exist as an individual spiritual unit of life. But it might take some time for you to discover or realize the Presence of this ever-present Holy One in your human life. For someone, this delay in discovery is so you can learn enough about the darkness of spiritual ignorance while growing your human instinctive and mastering your human nature.

THINK ABOUT IT – If you have never experienced being just human, how do you discern between what being human is and what being a Soul is. But a time comes when you are sort of turned on, flipped open like a switch and suddenly, you want to be more spiritual. It is at this point in your human journey that your experience of a spiritual rebirth or being born again begins.

Clearly, for some people, spiritual rebirth begins through their religious affiliation be that a Church, Mosque, Native Shrine or Buddhist temple. For others it begins when they start to date or love someone in a way that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for their beloved. Yet for some, they discover their holy or pure spirit when someone loves them with a depth of passionate, selfless love that can only be considered, God’s Love.

Whatever brings you back to your encounter with the Holy Spirit, your best chance at being spiritually guided is obeying the Holy Spirit. But this is also, to be sincere, your most difficult to follow spiritual guidance. Not because the Holy Spirit is inadequate but following the Holy Spirit is often like being asked to go against what you’ve always known to be your truth! A boy once asked, ‘how do I think of myself as a spiritual being when I eat physical food and fart like any random monkey’?

The faculties of our human thoughts have always been shaped by many factors:

Finding your encounter with the Holy Spirit is the easiest. It is the search about which we rightly said, ‘what you’re seeking is also seeking you’. The Holy Spirit is always there, here with you, waiting for your time of awakening. Then it is set to lead you through thick and thin, no matter how disgustingly disobedient you think you are!

Take note however, there are many whispering spirits around who try to speak into your consciousness in hope that you’ll confuse them for the Holy Spirit. Well, I’ll give you a tip: Unless you’re already possessed by an evil spirit, only the Holy Spirit can speak directly to your from inside your heart. This is one sure way to discern spirit but it won’t work if your heart is already filled with poisonous darts. Then you must be attentive enough to detect just where exactly an idea, word or suggestion is springing out of within your consciousness.

A person whose mind is filled with endless idle chatters (thoughts that are just happening even though you didn’t mean for them to happen) will find it hard to discern which spirit is behind his or her ideas. Practicing stillness meditation is therefore an asset!

4) SPIRIT-CONSCIOUS MINISTERS are spirit guides:

Human beings are spirit guides too, if the individual is so gifted or called by God. Of course, not every self-proclaimed minister out there is able to guide you but there’s a handful of genuine spirit guides who are human beings on the planet. We are part of that community and are grateful to God for an opportunity to find and walk our life-path.

Seers, clairvoyants, psychics, prophets, pastors, sheikhs, and babalawos are some titles carried by spiritual service providers. You might find a spirit guide in one of these, but as you probably know, humans are prone to errors every now and then. We hear but then forget what we’ve just heard. Sometimes, we mishear. If you wish to totally depend on what we say, you might lose!

We are to guide you on specific issues in our capacities as spirit oracles but we must never become your final go-to-guys on every decision you need to make in your journey. Making such a mistake has often led to spiritual vampirism between spiritual ministers and their clients.

There are no spiritual ministers who cannot fall foul while discharging their duties so you must be at alert to pick what is useful and discard what isn’t. After all, each of us is a spirit oracle when we obey the Holy Spirit!

Blessed are you when you find that fellow human being who being a minister of God, performs his or her duty towards you diligently as a spirit guide. Adding no selfish desires for gains. Trust me when I say, they are rare to find, so hopefully, you will find some of us here worthy to bring your life the clarity you need and deserve.

As your spirit guide, our duty is to help you find and walk your life-path and while doing that, we are committed to the higher calling of reconnecting you to your ultimate spirit guide which is the Holy Spirit. This is often the end and new beginning of our services towards you (our client) whether it is through dream interpretation, prophetic visions, prayers or counseling.

Divination is the general term for every kind of spiritual guidance that is offered by a human being, who is a minister of God. Some divine with their indwelling Holy Spirit, others use their personal spiritual gifts to do it. There are also those who use material elements such as water, fire, wood, beads or a photograph to connect with the source of whatever information it is you seek. Dream interpretation like I said, is a valid divination tool.

As a spirit guide myself, I must make bold to say I am able to help you in so many ways if you’re looking to succeed on your life-path. But I also know that most people just wish to gain material wealth, not caring about their life-path. I do not wish to be contacted for the fulfillment of vain things, although I chase no one away. I am much more interested in empowering people to become their own spirit oracles than making permanent clients out of them. This is why I work with many spiritually gifted individuals in discharging my duties and as I already hinted, your biggest guarantee working with me is, you will make genuine and graceful reunion with your God. This is what God has sent me to do on earth, He is therefore duty-bound to respond to me whenever I call him in fulfillment of that purpose.

You’re welcome! So finally, let’s talk about the:


To contact your guardian angel, first you need to know its name. Then you need to know how to speak to it, or summon it as some prefer to say. After that, you need to have a clear picture of what you seek to achieve (you better be sure it is not something that offends your guardian angel). Some guardian angels will chastise you for daring to invite them into doing something they know or consider to be detrimental to your progress!

Listen! If your guardian angel is from God, meaning one who is set to uplift you spiritually, it would never help you to destroy yourself. What this means is, it all depends on you as you will certainly attract those angels who align with your heart’s deepest longings!

PRAYER – The #1 Way to Contact Your Spirit Guide

Forget the lies told by so-called gurus and charlatans of the enlightened communities, prayers are compulsory for all souls. Gurus pray too. Chanting mantras is praying!

Chances are your guardian angel was there all along, waiting for you to call. When you start pestering God about them, your waiting guardian angel shows up and there begins your relationship.

Prayer can also be used to contact your spirit ancestral guide such as me contacting my Good Master, Jesus Christ through prayers. Or when my lady friend here contacts Shehu Inyas, also through prayers. As you grow in knowledge and insight, you get better at these things!

Same prayers have been found to be helpful when reaching or calling out to one’s ancestors. You may carry out some rituals to connect your great, great grandmother or anyone you wish to communicate with. Although I do not encourage this because people often get greedy they forget where slow down or stop pestering the other side with curiously cheap requests!

Clearly, you do not pray to human beings but praying to God can send someone your way in the physical world where a spirit-conscious minister becomes available towards ensuring your life’s progress. Often times this happen without you recognizing that an angel in human form has been sent to you because these ministers aren’t always coming to you in cassock. It could be your childhood friend, a neighbour, someone you met while travelling or a random guy/girl with whom you suddenly found a connection in your heart. If we are all awakened to who we are, we are ministers of God to one another. Still, don’t expect it to always be that smooth, most people are confused. But hold on to a pure expectation of meeting such a person, they are at your door already!

RITUALS – The #2 Way to Contact Your Spirit Guide

Rituals are a sure way to open the doors of your heart, soul, mind and bodies to whatever it is you desire.

Rituals are a concentrated form of active meditation where you go through the motions with specificity of intent and methods. This single-pointed ritual will often produce result on its own, without the help of any external spirit being.

For example, if you have a sore on your leg and you begin attending to it in the most caring way. You may be surprised to see the wound heal much faster than you imagined. This is because, just focusing on any part of your body, blood tends to flow towards that part. And since your heart is always pumping fresher blood every now and then, the body part gets a rush of fresh blood coming towards it with nutrients. This seemingly ordinary ritual can take away your beloved cancer which you may have pampered for years thinking, well this one is too big for my body to defeat. Of course your body will do better if you consciously attend to it.

Eating the right food is a good-health ritual, second only to breathing right!

But there are other rituals which may seem uncommon:

Herbs are concocted (or decocted) to elicit certain responses from the spirit world through the cooperatively generated vibrations of the herbs combined. Burning sage with scent leaves might help clean your environment of bad energies (including chasing some demons away) because these things work with vibrations; of the herbs used versus the entities involved, of your intent which is a form of faith-prayer and of your commitment which is a form of faith-work.

Many other rituals exist which may not be listed here but if a ritual is asking you to harm another, take caution.

Some rituals involve the use of lamps, candles, oils, water, food items and many other things. The list is endlessly long but each ritual has its purpose and method. Do not ridicule any ritual, ignore whatever does not work for you. It is wise not to acquire more enemies.

Once both purpose and method for a ritual have been certified healthy, you may proceed as soon as you’re ready. More so, the medical surgeon is a master ritualist by every definition of the word. He or she goes through the procedures necessary to bring a dislocated limb or a lost kidney back to its place. They do a great job? Oh yes!

The spiritualist also carries out surgical operations of a different kind through the rituals he or she performs. Your part is to ensure you’re not patronizing a rogue spiritualist (an un-Godly sorcerer or sorceress) and, also make sure your intent is not unhealthy!

Success Ritualists as we have described ourselves are focused on helping you win on your life-path. It is extremely important for us and our divine calling, that we do nothing that will aid you in destroying yourself!

If you need any rituals to contact one or more of your spirit guides, feel free to ask and we’ll do whatever we can to see you succeed at it. Provided you are cooperatively invested in the entire process. Well, not that we don’t help those who can’t seem to invest their energies in their own success, we only do that when a rare situation such as demon possession calls for it. The standard for us, is to get you involved in the process of attaining and retaining your own breakthroughs.

Remember, you can practice any credible ritual by yourself and expect to get the perfect result without needing to ask for our help. You are certainly able to do these things on your own since the ultimate spiritualist is that Holy Spirit whom God has already assigned to you!

CONSULTATIONS – The #3 Way to Contact Your Spirit Guide

You probably already know how to consult your dictionary or Google for the meaning of certain words!

Consulting a spiritual service provider (teachers, coaches, seers, healers and the well-bred soul magi etc) is your third and final way to access your spirit guides. This is in line with commonsense. If you need help, ask someone. If you feel lost on the streets of Lagos-Nigeria, ask someone for directions. Or use your Google map!

When last did you walk up to a mad man asking him about what balance diet it? Never. Then you should never seek medical advice from quacks. Do not seek spiritual advice from social media snake-oil marketers!

Consulting with spiritual service providers is one way to help yourself gain access to quick and lasting spiritual guidance. We can help you make contact with your other spirit guides such as, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit Within, Ancestors or other Ministers of God.

If your ancestors are open to it, we may be able to connect you both together. But since not every ancestor is open to making contact, we often recommend making contact with those who are ever-committed to your success. For that reason, I can only recommend those with whom I have worked and have found them to be extremely successful at providing spiritual guidance:

Need I mention you that my team of spirit oracles or spirit guides and myself are ever-willing to give our best towards your success? Just in case you forgot that part.

Do not seek to consult with someone unless your heart is totally at peace with it. Although sometimes, your heart is filled with fears, follies and fake information (which is misinformation) about the one you wish to consult with. Being misinformed can often lead to discouragements on your side but this is good if it drives you to seek God for yourself. Just don’t sit idle on it.

We will give our best should you ask and as we get ready to say our goodbyes, I hope you find this lesson instructive for your progressive life time here on earth.

Peace and Love


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