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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most (1)

By December 9, 2019One Comment


…is not knowing the scope (length, depth and breadth) of your profession on a skill level.

Let’s say you wish to setup a company in the movie industry, you’d need to get skilled up in several areas such as; handling camera, lightning a shot, set designing, continuity, directing, production, editing, storyboard interpretation and characterization. These skills are basic to every movie that would be a successful one so don’t even think of having your own movie production company if you lack any of these skills. Get trained. They’re easy to learn skills if you give yourself to working with professionals in each of those fields while making yourself teachable. As an entrepreneur, knowing a bit of the entire chain is not only important, it is important. This is why someone like Jesus had to fulfill all the enlisted five-fold ministries (apostolic, prophetic, pastoral, teaching and evangelical) alongside many others which weren’t listed out but which can all be summed up as his “spiritual shepherding ministry”. As the would-be boss, you’re going to oversee all departments and your experiential knowledge is key to your success lest you expect too much or too little from those working with you in building your company.

Due to specialization of skills, many of your employees would know their own “thing” more than you do. That’s why you employed them to help you do it. Let them help you, otherwise those who know the industry better would be laughing at you while those who know little would be hailing you to go onward till you’re down at your professional self-destruction. Now, take note that ignorance is not the lack of knowledge but the lack of open-mindedness to knowledge. Thus, if you’re open-minded, knowledge flows towards you from almost every angle. Learning from those with specialized industry knowledge also helps you recognize that making movie in Hollywood is not the same as in Nollywood. Even Jesus employed tax collectors, fishermen and other professionals in establishing his gospel company.

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