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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most (2)

By December 9, 2019One Comment


…a situation where a human being or even an angel starts having this awesomely smelling idea that perhaps, it’s possible to make true progress and attain real success in life, without necessarily letting God (That Holy Spirit) take control of things from within us.

In other words, visionary stupidity emerges when we attempt to devise means (is that’s how technology began?) to get things done manually, rather than let the will of the Holy Spirit run things through our being. It’s almost impossible to discuss this without being seen as a fool since technology has occupied such a glorified space for making life easier for us, but in reality, what we are can never be assisted by any form of technology whatsoever. Keep that in mind as you explore life daily as a spirit being!

Individually speaking, we are so full of ideas. Sometimes, we let ourselves jump on every idea that jumps at us. This is how we have birthed today’s innovative disasters because not all those ideas were actually ours. Try this: TUNE your radio to ANY STATION and hear what’s going on, then TUNE to ANOTHER STATION. You’d REALIZE that while their CONTENTS can easily STREAM into your CONSCIOUSNESS (through your mind), the contents are not necessarily SPEAKING TO YOU and in fact, NEITHER ARE THEY EVER SPEAKING FOR YOU! This is sad but true. So?

Don’t mistake every lovely idea as yours. If you can’t discern your own ideas from those of others, it’s because you live in a vast mental space like all of us but you are lost within that cerebral space. Every second of the day, a zillion thoughts are being generated in this world and from other worlds. The universal thought-mosphere is super-crowded and hyper-charged with all manner of thoughts from whoever and wherever. We all hear these thoughts inside our head (or mind) just as we can hear the voices of other people walking about on the street. But we don’t always assume that those other voices out there on the street are ours, that’s because we recognize our own voice even in a crowded space! Well, why can’t we simply identify our own thoughts as distinct from other people’s thoughts when we hear them inside our mind? That’s it! We have not been thought-conscious!!!


Meditation helps cultivate that listening habit because in meditation, we’re learning to understand the free flow of thoughts and to also know the presence of awareness (that thoughtless space) within us. This ultimately makes it easy to know that a particular thought which you’ve just heard inside your head or mind isn’t really yours! It helps you to sometimes know exactly whose thought it is and when they say it to you, it’s not new because you have heard it even before they probably got wind of it in their own mind. This is not the same as mind reading, but it is mind-knowing. Recall how often Jesus knew what people were thinking? Enough said.

Ideas are wombs, they paint pictures into the mind and so, every vision comes from some idea. Now, if you’re focused on one goal or idea, other similar ideas will naturally start gaining your attention but you must be DISCIPLINED enough to stay with your original idea, otherwise you’d soon become a cerebral prostitute in whom every estranged and sometimes deranged idea finds refuge. Don’t be a mental harlot. Shut out those sweet silly inspirations that are calling you to abandon your own life-path. Well, if you’ve not found your life-path, you can’t escape the ideological rape of this world and universe. The solution?

Know yourself beyond all mental pictures that you’ve accepted about yourself. There is a YOU that was, before the birth of thought itself (is that not GOD?). There is a YOU that is also aware of all that could ever be thought of in life (could not that be the FATHER?). Then there is a YOU that CAME TO this EARTH for a VERY, very SPECIFIC mission. Find that tri-unified identity of yourself as Spirit-Father-Son (or Spirit-Creator-Self) and you will escape the lure of that visionary stupidity which has turned many of us into jack of all visionary ideas and master of the stupid one. Wake up!

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