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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most (3)

By December 9, 2019One Comment


…is like saying, “let’s play a game where we all pretend to be changing the world when in reality, we’re all just trying to change our financial status”.

Some would setup a company and sell it to the highest bidder because, money is really the goal. Decades ago, a journalist was a mission-minded fellow who aims to publish every fact with integrity and objectivity. Today? Every news story is for sale and the buyers are paying big time!

Maybe you just wanted to give hungry children some garri and groundnut for lunch every day, for free. So, you started and after a while, you decided to take it to the NEXT LEVEL. Meaning, you want to register it as a Corporate Entity. Know what? You can’t register it without doing it exactly as the world says you should; thus you MUST get a corporate name for that idea, have a physical office structure for it, get some “in-credible” directors on board, draw up a constitution for the corporate entity and submit several other documents to show the world that you’re actually QUALIFIED to keep sharing that same garri and groundnut for free. You see? You’ve actually always been QUALIFIED TO HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR but your decision to become a Corporate Entity lured you into the NET of the world and the CORPORATE WORLD would box you with its sickening rules. Now you MUST start taking pictures of every child you feed for the world to see. Publish them on newspaper and maybe even get endorsement from a government agency just to be sure that your garri and groundnut are healthy enough for the hungry children to eat for free. Do the government really care about those children’s health? Nope, but the government needs to keep you under its control by making sure you can’t do anything without its approval. Well, don’t blame the world’s government, rather you should blame yourself for buying into the game of CORPORATE DECEPTION!

Today, many are working within organizations where the mission statement on paper is nowhere near the real practice of the organization. With some, the mission statement is only a modest statement which is in reality, very far from the founder’s REAL HEART desires. In fact, some founders can’t remember the original reason for starting their company. The motives are so numerous, they can’t recall which is the greatest one, thus they settle for whatever comes by the moment. Now, they just “DO IT” according to the world’s “professional” standard. You’re probably also doing that same stunt with your CV while trying so hard just to write a very CATCHY “objective”, to impress your future employer and so, a liar meets a buyer. This is the devil’s game and you’re never going to win it. CORPORATE DECEPTION is very deep, the whole world is drowning in it. The only sad part is how it affects a lot of people who truly have pure intentions but are UNABLE to see into the rotten underbellies of the world’s system. If you’re one of those, I feel your pain. But why not repent? Turn back! Oops sorry.

#ByPassTheWorld #KeepItSimple #TheDevilReallyWantsYou #TheLoveOfTruthWillSaveYou #SeparateYourSoulFromLies


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