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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most (4)

By December 10, 2019One Comment


It’s true. Jesus died heartbroken and it’s not a bad way to die for anyone whose love is really true. Every day, Jesus was sober, always feeling some sort of sadness in his tummy as he observes the consciousness of his “friends”, whom the world prefer to call his “disciples”. This type of sadness is pure. Doesn’t come from any silly sense of being better or more righteous than others. Jesus kept himself pure. HE!.. made that choice by himself for the sake of his own spiritual mission. Getting married or having sex was never his problem, he just personally chose to stay unstained so that his soul would be free and light enough to carry his cross of unconditional love.

Today, its pitiful how we’ve religiously limited Jesus to just being a “savior” of humanity. How we blindfolded ourselves from seeing that Jesus actually loved LIFE itself. Yes, he loves everything that belongs to life! Didn’t he describe himself as being “THE LIFE?” That’s because his LOVE is poured out to more just humans (these narrow-minded descendants of Adam and Eve!). Jesus had a heart which the people of his human lifetime found too strange to admit and daily, they tore his large heart to pieces by their wanton, ignorant and arrogant rebellions. Jesus hated those fruitless responses where people preferred to applaud his speeches than practice them. But with a very heavy heart, he continued preaching. At times, he’s almost begging them to adopt the LIVING PRINCIPLES which he was teaching them. Sad! They won’t listen. They don’t ever listen because his “theory” was just too simple for them. They don’t get it. Fools!

They concluded that only “special” souls could live that simple life which Jesus lived and advocated. Everyone was like, “please don’t ask me to be holy because I-am-not Jesus. I am not gonna kill myself OK? So y’all please!” Funny how I still hear that same lame excuse, even today. Claiming that since JESUS IS TOO GOOD TO BE AN ORDINARY HUMAN BEING like them, he just gotta be superhuman. Well, ain’t he? No, he is not! And yes, Jesus did a lot to stop them from glorifying him, he even ran away from being made their KING!!! But guess what? The moment he was gone out their sight, they (his frat members) continued with their craziness till they sealed up their absurd claims about Jesus with a canon of spiritual fraud!

On the bright side, they genuinely wanted to let the world know about such a great personality as Jesus but they also did not realize just how much error their deification of him would contribute to the spiritual pollution of truth and to the deception of the human soul on earth. THEY DON’T KNOW!

My friend, I tell you, ignorance is very powerful to destroy. That’s why politicians and the elite always use packaged deception to tame the human soul from soaring! Sad. So sad. Jesus was an ordinary human being like yourself, but he personally decided to make an extraordinary commitment to the Spirit of Truth. You can also make this decision today, if you want.

Despite all the parables that Jesus used to encode and feed his plain gospel (purest living principles) of truth into each of them, they don’t get it. He went further to speak plainly to them, telling them those very deep and scary truths that would almost surely turn his own people against him! At last, Jesus had to tell them what they could handle while leaving them to figure out the rest once they have learned to start obeying the Holy Spirit.

You can’t be forced to hear truth because you’d probably attack the messenger anyways. Yet, every now and then, Jesus would risk his life by exposing “too much truth”, not because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut but because STAYING TOTALLY SILENT IS ALSO A SIN (an error) that helps the false God gain more human followers. Also sometimes, Jesus won’t directly oppose that fallen God in the public just to avoid trouble, but at other times, Jesus would yell the truth out carelessly and fearlessly. Hmmm… Sounds crazy? It’s not but once religion has gripped your heart, setting you free will start FEEL-ing as if you are being killed. This might move you to start fighting the messenger. Left to Jesus, he’d blow that whistle anyways but those who make profit from the people’s ignorance won’t ever let him speak as freely as he wants and so, Jesus left many untold truths to the Holy Spirit who continues to inspire each one to get the truth from within, IN SILENCE.

Here, I also wish to tell you some truth but I won’t say it unless you’re ready to digest it. Oh yes, Jesus used his brains too and I’m sure to use mine! If you truly wish to practice unconditional love as Jesus did, you will die heartbroken. You’d keep seeing that some of those you have considered enlightened and kindhearted are the dumbest of all people when it comes to really living that truth. This will hurt deeply but if you can let go of your sense of individuality, death is gainful. Thus, fraternal betrayal is not merely about a Judas betraying you. It is when your Peter, James and John keep missing the real point; of your life, ministry, mission and message!

I hope you get it though.

#TruthHurts #KillMeBeforeYouKissMe


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