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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most (5)

By December 10, 2019One Comment


…happens when a rat is eating your toes while also blowing some gentle breeze on them. You’d be feeling so cool but you might wake up to find your toes badly damaged. Your brain might interpret that cool breeze into a colorful dream setting where you are just in the middle of a very lovely garden, with everything so serene and your whole being feeling so complete. But then you wake up and… “Oh God, my toes!”

Who stepped on your toes? Wrong question. Right question is: WHAT stepped on my toes? “ROMANTIC TREACHERY” did. It’s not a person but a spirit (intent) at work here, it is a spiritual plan and it is being worked out behind your consciousness. Perhaps, we’re all ignorantly dancing along because the music has such an appealing melody? Let me tell you something I know about the relationship between music and the spirit:

Every melody or sound belongs to God but the lyrics or wordings of each song belongs to the writer who puts them together. Your heart and soul are what you put into that melody but the melody itself is the divine force that carries your lyrics along. In other words, the melody of any song reveals the spirit of that song while the wordings of the song reveals the heart and soul of the song. This includes all genres from Nigeria’s Apala music to Jamaica’s Reggae music and to the World’s Classical music. The melody affects our spirit while the wordings affect our heart and soul! Understanding this basic spiritual truth should help all musicians, chorister groups and minstrels see, how best to communicate in spiritual song ministrations. The greatest melody of spirit is SILENCE and only by this unsung melody can we truly know, meet and be one with God-The-Force!

Romantic treachery is actually a spirit or a rhythm. It comes with that feeling of “let me pretend as if all is well until I get a chance to show my true color”. It’s the serpent’s way. But it is also how prisoners jailbreak. You don’t want your captor to know you’re about to escape until you’re gone! Surely, romantic treachery is perfect and pure when we use it to escape such dangerous circumstances but it is purely evil and wicked when we do it to someone who has no ill-intention towards us or those who have no form of maliciousness towards us. If a woman is loving you with her whole heart and soul while you’re merely playing along just to taste her love and run off, you’re the serpent here my dear. And if the man is falling in love with you heads over heels while all you want is strip him for your needs and then dump him, you’re the adversary of true love and the enemy of heaven.

Romantic treachery in workplace-settings can empower your staff to talk badly about you behind you. You can’t blame them if you’ve been found wanting. Some bosses like to paint pictures of glorious futures for their staff members but looking at the boss’s everyday practice, they see clearly that such a glorious future only exist in the dream world. Talk about selling false hopes to keep the people voting in an election right? Or promising a blissful wait-up heaven just to keep folks loyal to a religious delusions, yeah? Ahhh you know too much already my friend. If the staff members are as smart as a serpent or like Moses’s staff which becomes a serpent, their serpentine boss is usually the loser who wakes up at last to find out that everyone is gone, and gone for good! If the electorate are sharp, they’d use their social media handles to impeach an unwanted political leader. And if you read these words and suspect it could be about you. That’s true so would you repent and amend yours crooked ways right away. Huh, will ya?

Marriages, homes, families, companies, great projects, missions and ministries have always been stricken with that serpent bite of romantic treachery and if you do it to others, you’d feel the pain at the back of your neck soon. But what if you’re the one who has been snake-bitten by a treacherous romance? Ssshh… don’t you spill a word. Sit down calmly and make an exit-plan. Don’t do anything brash OK? Don’t even complain about being mistreated again, just keep calm and quietly withdraw your heart from that relationship or association. You’re about to jump out of a ship, so don’t jump into the ocean unless you have as Bruce Lee said, “become water”. But once your heart gets to that stage where no loss could ever break you again, then you’re ready to pull that plug so pull it and watch the serpent go down in pains of its own poison. Do not laugh, it’s not funny!

Romantic treachery can only be conquered by one of two things; true love or romantic treachery hence Jesus said, “be wise as a serpent but be harmless as a dove”. Many times, Jesus played that serpent-trick, slipping smoothly out of the hands of those who were always out to catch him. Some of you need to slip away from your so-called spiritual leaders already! Slip off quietly. “True love is why you won’t harm others and true wisdom is why you must romantically moonwalk yourself away from that serpentine bastard.”

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