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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most (6)

By December 10, 2019One Comment

Are you intelligent? If you think you are not intelligent, you are intelligent and if you think you are intelligent, you are intelligent. Intelligence has nothing to do with what you think neither is intelligence dependent on whether you believe it not. Faith is intelligent by design but intelligence is much more than faith, far greater than knowledge and superior to our present state of awareness. So let’s discuss:


Like an arrow fired from a broken bow, arrogance goes in the direction that isn’t intended, causing us to have experiences we didn’t bargain for or choose. Arrogance always comes from ignorance. Any arrogant fellow would stop being arrogant if he or she knew any better. For example, they tried to kill Jesus, seeking many means to bring him down. Why? Just so that Jesus won’t be able to keep ripping apart their universal bubbles of falsehood. But when Jesus looked at them with his true insight, Jesus only saw how ignorant his enemies were, hence Jesus prayed, “Father forgive them because THEY DO NOT really KNOW what THEY are doing”.

We could be celebrity preachers, world leaders, industry experts, inventors, award winning writers, cerebral superheroes or even psychic principalities, we remain INTELLECTUALLY ARROGANT until we are able to see the whole creation and existence for what IT truly IS. We must see beyond all histories which show the past, see beyond all blueprints which show the future and see beyond all these circumstances that make up our present experience.

WE must look to the original source of all things and see the real nature of what we call LIFE. Then, we would be able to truly make decisions by first seeing clearly. As Jesus saw clearly, he was able to pray for those who killed him, and you’d also be seeing clearly once you start praying for those who intentionally misuse you!

…INTELLECTUAL ARROGANCE begins when we fail to see the intelligent source of all that exists. Let me ask you WHICH COMES FIRST:


Can there be awareness without intelligence? Would there be intelligence without awareness? Really think about it and see what answer you come up with. Remember that the answer is WITHIN you already! Now use your inner sight or insight to find the answer out. Well, do it before reading the next line. I said, DO IT.


Surely, I have done it and I have seen that INTELLIGENCE appears superior to AWARENESS as our “awareness” may be limited by our intelligence. Whereas our INTELLIGENCE CANNOT be limited by our awareness?

I perceive that INTELLIGENCE is ever there whether we are aware or not. You are a bundle of INTELLIGENCE. Yes, YOU are intelligence itself in this human form. INTELLIGENCE is what LIFE truly IS. Intelligence is the first thing or being to exist and from intelligence, all things and beings have emerged. Whenever we are less aware of this eternal and changeless truth “THAT WE ARE INTELLIGENCE ITSELF”, we become ignorant and we begin to limit ourselves and others which is how we then become arrogant.

“You are arrogant because you have failed to see your own greatness and that makes you deny the greatness of your fellow. Now, if you could see your own greatness, you’d certainly see the greatness of your fellow”

They saw the greatness of Jesus and still hated him for they thought, only Jesus had that greatness. They were wrong! If they saw themselves as great, they would have seen the greatness of Jesus as a challenge and as a living inspiration to help them further harness their own intrinsic greatness. We are great and we’re far greater than what our Gods and Devils have tried to make us believe so dear friend, take it from ME or leave ME alone:

“Jesus wants you to see your own greatness and not just to tremble before his greatness because for those who, like Jesus, KNOW THIS TRUTH, greatness is the collective inheritance of all that exists”

You are great even when you’re financially broke. You are great while you are still ignorant and clueless. You are great even when you’re INTELLECTUALLY ARROGANT! Greatness is an attribute of that divine INTELLIGENCE from which we ALL came, and to which we ALL belong. This GREAT INTELLIGENCE it is not a God or a Lord to be worshiped as religions have taught us for eons, but rather, IT IS the internal factor and the absolutely personal reality that is TO BE demonstrated, lived and manifested by anyone who cares to do so. First, we must acknowledge IT.

Do something great with your life but also know that NOTHING will EVER make you greater than YOU ALREADY ARE right now. But you may be able to make yourself FEEL greater or lesser than your fellows depending on how much AWARENESS of this TRUTH you uphold per moment. In the end, FEELINGS don’t EVER change the TRUTH! WE ARE that great intelligence and it’s not special for us because we are angels or humans or plants. STAY in this TRUTH and your INTELLIGENCE IS honored already.


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