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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most (7)

By December 10, 20193 Comments


…is the speed at which you seem to be making a lot of progress in your life even though you’re operating under a false identity. In the end, you realize that all your achievements was for someone else and not for the real YOU.

GO BACK to the day you were born; WHO WAS YOU on that day? Was it not that bundle of bio-genetic seed or DNA that was passed down from your many ancestors? So, are you no more than a packet of some uniquely woven DNA configurations, assembled and birthed forth as a human being? Is that really all there is to you? Really think about it!

Your human identity was always a scam from your birth and this is the part that fits well into the idea of being “born into a sin” but it’s better to say, “we are born into a living scam” called HUMANITY. If we must truly understand or access our true identity, we must put our “I am human” fallacy far behind us. Yes we must! Now, look at your life. The only person going through all these stress, labors, dreams, hopes and aspirations on earth is your human self. Your True-Self has no interest and thus plays no part in the silly game. How ridiculous! You can’t even imagine how genuinely stupid we all appear to those who know this truth about us. They have decided to just keep quiet, watching us from afar while we fool around claiming to be successful. What an amazing nonsense!

Earth is THE underworld. This planet is one of the major hells within the universe. We can definitely transform this hell into a heavenly world but first, we must transform ourselves back into our true selves, otherwise, we’re merely advancing the game of self-deception by which the fallen Creator-Gods hope to keep their soul trade moving. Meanwhile, it is our duty to get back to reality and personally, I have seen that reality! Hmmm…

I assure you that this TRUE REALITY is more than can be described with words alone. But don’t just believe me, go ahead, EXPERIENCE truth for yourself. I have also visited to a few heavens but this original REALITY is so amazing and blissful that it easily makes every heaven look like a stupid setup. I apologize if you’re offended, I mean no insult here because being in heaven with the holy saints was a very great experience for me. But facing that ULTIMATE REALITY of LIFE’s TRUE REALITY is just too much to compare with any spiritual community or kingdom for that matter. It’s like listening to the private beating of your heart as opposed to a radio show!

Listen up, you are far more awesome than this human being which you presently claim to be. Your first true task is to separate your real identity from this fake one that was imprinted on you by your ancestral DNA and by other soul engineering factors. Your first truth is to realize that you’re not even a child of your so-called human parents! In fact, that which you are can neither be birthed nor can YOU ever be procreated by a human being. Why? It is because you are a formless non-human being!

Please forgive me if I do not make any sense to you. Go ahead if you wish. Make sense! Be like everyone. Get busy with fakery. Build empires in hell and leave your legacy behind under a false identity! Be a loser if you want, it’s your life! How can we ever pursue the right future when our present self is merely a make belief? It doesn’t matter if you gain the whole world, you’re still a loser until you’ve gained back your true identity. Everybody knows that suicide is the act of killing oneself but isn’t that what we are currently doing as we keep failing to live our own true reality?

Why is it easier for us to believe in popular ideologies, join an already crowded faith-band or just follow a trending God without necessarily doing any internal investigation into the subject matter by ourselves? A certain king got so accustomed to his royal garment that he forgot all about his own nakedness. Soon, he’d deny ever having anything to do with nakedness. And seeing himself as being too classy for such talks, the king picks a fight with whoever dares talk about the pendulum that dangles between his legs. Yet his nakedness is always there with him, even during his denial.

Go back into your inner space and find yourself. Then you must begin to uphold your truth. No other method will ever work. So, for those trying to commit suicide, well the good news is; you can’t kill yourself, you’re already dead. The life you presently live isn’t yours! Wake up. Do the needful.

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