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7 Business Mistakes That Hurt Most

By December 9, 2019No Comments

Introduction: This Is A Very Bad Advice – Maybe Don’t Listen?

Whatever. I’m not your Business Consultant because first, I don’t subscribe to many or most of the business principles that this present business world is established upon. The most fanciful one being the idea of making impact while also making money as today’s social entrepreneurs try to do. Life for me is beyond our need to either make impact or make money. Life holds more potential than the secular world generally glorifies especially when I know that today’s business world is actually ran by a bunch of rogues in holy robes, criminals in the business of making themselves look like saviors while also making the rest of the world like sinners. LOL

Sad. This world would never become a better place, it never has and never will. Sorry. You either join to make it bad or fix yourself while passing through. This is coming from my years working across the religious, media and the entertainment industries of Nigeria during which I have massively studied the operations of these same industries and many others globally. See! The legality of this world’s spiritualized scam is so amazing you’d want to make it work. Sorry, it won’t. So focus on your own soul as that’s the only real deal here in this world. Got it?

Below are seven evils that will surely sink your ship any day, anytime and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your personal, professional or organizational ship. Don’t thank me for sharing them with you for free. I did this for me and for we. I’d rather “thank” Jesus! Check them out:

1) Professional Ignorance

2) Visionary Stupidity

3) Corporate Deception

4) Fraternal Betrayal

5) Romantic Treachery

6) Intellectual Arrogance

7) Suicidal Speed

The above 7 can and will perish your brand before it gets off the ground. But you know what? If you don’t let them get you on a personal level, they’d never catch you on the professional and organizational levels. So? Go over them and work through each one. Cheers!


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