it’s time to

Take Back Your Life!

Enlightenment and Lifestyle is Who We are and How we Live, Learn and Earn!

Unless You’re Enlightened, Your Lifestyle is a Disease to Yourself. Are You Ready to Heal?

Listen Now and Discover Who We Are!

This is Who we Are In 7 Sentences Only!

The Shepherd Way introduces you to an ‘Enlightenment and Lifestyle’ journey of wholeness.

On this journey, we cater and care for your spiritual and physical well-being, including your socioeconomic life (wealth!).

We are Shepherds. A breed of ELder Souls and Extra Humans visiting Earth at this time and stage of the human spiritual journey.

We perform the duty of Angels, Magis and Builders of the Mother Planet, Earth for the benefit of all of us.

As part of our soul magical traditions here at The Shepherd Way, we entertain and entrain you with soul conscious music.

Our services include:

  • Success Rituals
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Spirit Consulting
  • Business/Project Clarity Consultancy
  • Talent Ministry Development
  • Prophetic Ministering
  • Healing Music and Herbs
  • Ascension Soul Magic
  • Life and Career Path-Finding
  • Caregiving & Energy Healing
  • Career Coaching
  • Spiritual Warfare-ing

And we do a lot more. Feel free to listen to us here, watch us here, or come join us here!

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