Achieving Wholeness: The Vital Role of Holiness

Discover the essential link between wholeness and holiness and why spiritual purity is crucial for true completeness. Join us on The Shepherd Way journey to embrace both aspects for a fulfilling life.

Wholeness and Holiness

Are you also deceived that a man or woman can have a whole life or a holistic healing apart from spiritual holiness? Are you among those who claim that wellness of mind and body is the same as wholeness? Well, settle down for the shocker of your life because you are dead wrong!

Wholeness without Holiness is a recipe for disaster. It is like feeding a thug to his satisfaction. Then he has enough strength to tear down whatever is left of the person who just fed him.

For how long are we going to continue repeating such madness while expecting a different result? We claim to have unconditional love towards our fellows hence we feed the same criminals who destroy all that we have built for the world to benefit. We vote for them during our elections and treat them like spoilt brats because they are our lovers, family, and friends. Then it is we who have polluted the wholeness opportunities that our world and societies have. We have chosen to oppose sanity in how we treat the insane. We do not heal them and we do not take them off our streets. Now they have all manner of trash thrown at us and our children can no longer live in a sane society. Why have we chosen to protect the most wicked human beings?

Surely, the world has misunderstood wholeness. Holiness, however, cannot be easily misunderstood by the world because holiness is very straightforward. It is purity and once diluted, it ceases to be holy. There is no room for negotiations when it comes to holiness. But wholeness seems to elude us because we think, well, it must be the aggregate of all of us. Mixing the sane with the insane?

Holiness can only come from the Holy Spirit. In our human world, holiness can only work with a human whose mind is pure. All these emotional gutter minds are useless to the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit is not said to be holy just because it is nothing but a spirit. To be whole as a spirit does not make you holy as a spirit. Wholeness and Holiness are not the same thing. Holiness is not a quantitative factor, rather it is a qualitative factor. The whole world is ruled by a different Spirit, and it is the unholy one. This unholy Spirit tries to imitate the Holy One by creating a shadowy sense of unity, even in the world’s sick state. The unholy Spirit goes about claiming to be attaining order out of chaos. But in reality, it has only decorated a smelling corpse so it looks presentable to those who lack the nose to detect the smell of death.

There is no room for negotiations when it comes to holiness.

On its own, wholeness is glamorous, but her true beauty only shows when it emanates from Holiness. All your struggles to have a good life with good health and good financial status with a good marriage, a good home, and to raise good children for a good society. All these sweet motives produce failures and demons and disasters for you until you put the First Thing first.

Wholeness is in Order

Orderliness is the only TRUTH that can make your life beautiful. Trying to package chaos harmonically only creates more problems and cognitive dissonance. A glittering state of confusion. To have all the good things you seek in life, you must put ahead of all things, holiness. This is why it is written that you should first of all, desire to enter into the kingdom of GOD, and to embody HIS righteousness. After you’ve attained this most reasonable goal, then you’re ready to enjoy the truly good things in life. Any other approach is like a man putting his most beautiful decorations on a smelly carcass. No matter how many beauty contest awards he wins with his cute crap, all he has is a dead body, waiting to be eaten up by flies.

Trying to seek Wholeness without first attaining Holiness is a self-deluding way to die. Those who think to achieve it have suffered more than those who walked straight away into hell. Those who chose to go straight to hell would have already enjoyed their fullness of filthy lucre. They no longer seek pleasure but must embrace their fate in hell. But those of you who live by a double standard suffer more hardships. In your hypocrisy and follies, you put faith in the wrong imagination of heaven only to discover you never had anything but hell in your embrace.

You still have a chance to decide right now which way you would go because, for me, I have chosen Holiness above all things. I am now inviting you to come along with me. Amen. This is The Shepherd Way, a journey of Wholeness and Holiness.

Ready to prioritize holiness on your path to wholeness? Join us on The Shepherd Way journey to cultivate spiritual purity and achieve true completeness.


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