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Are You Faithful?

This statement is only logical and rational, you can’t expect God, your God who created you to be begging you to be useful and relevant for an agenda that He originally created you to fulfill!

Just because you were given a freewill and you often chose to be free doesn’t mean you have gained any real freedom. How childish!

The freedom to choose or freewill is your golden test. When you manufacture a car, you test-drive it to detect faults or areas that might need improvements on the product. This is how God relates with you also; you are the creation of God and freewill is your first test. Fail this test and you’re back in the Lord’s creative factory again.

Don’t expect God to put out a spiritual vehicle (your soul) that is already malfunctioning in the PRESENCE of it’s creator and prime. Please be realistic my friend!

So go on, tell anyone and everyone who cares to hear: if you cannot honour Jesus Christ as your Lord and God-King, forget it. You will never be able to serve the Almighty God as your Divine Father. Nor would you ever come close to understanding the place of your Divine Mother!

Even if you’re not religious and don’t believe in religion, you must acknowledge the leadership of the One whom the Almighty Father and our Divine Mother-God has appointed to govern over the human race. Jesus Christ is the One with that divine appointment so while you may be a secular-minded human being, you still get to deal with your Planetary Governor and King Jesus Christ. Yes, He, Jesus Christ truly is LORD!!!

Are you ready to face reality by accepting this truth or do you wish to dribble around a little more before it finally hits you like a hurricane? That choice is yours. It is how you determine where your freewill is pointed. Is it pointing towards obedience or disobedience?


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