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Looking at the picture of Kobe Bryant who died in a chopper crash, he thought, “Wow! Dude’s so young and he’s achieved so much in his life. Here I am, I’ve got so much potential in me but nothing to show for it”. Dear thinker, maybe it’s not Kobe Bryant that made you think that. For you it could be your pastor, a celebrity figure or just a local achiever in your area. Perhaps it’s that young girl who’s got such a great voice? Whoever it is, fine. So why don’t we just grab a seat for ourselves right now. Me and you. I say we need to mutually worry about your mind’s condition because WHY?

I have never ever in my whole timeless existence looked at one person and say to them: “What a failure you are! I am so disappointed and so ashamed of what you have become!” You may have heard such a voice somewhere inside your head but that never came from me. “I would never think such a thing about you, never!” Every time I look at you, I simply see myself. All I see in you is me. You are a living branch of me and a fruit of the tree that I AM. We’re not even two persons to start with. We are one conjoined entity for I am personified in you while you’re forever present in me. Never did I label you a failure, never have I called you a sinner and never did I find you guilty of a thing.

The Middle Ground Never Shifts

Yet I’ve always had to observe the cycles of pain you go through due to the circles of soul that surround you. Some like to overpraise you while some others prefer to downcast you. I remain the silent watcher of all, I judge you not.

I cannot tell you that you are special to me. Feeling or wishing to be more special has no meaning to me. You are what you as I am what I am. It is just that simple. Your world was built by your decisions and each decision was drawn from an intention. If you wish to rebuild your world, you simply redesign the intention by which you make your decisions. This soon becomes your habit, then it becomes your character and finally, your nature. You as flexible as life can be!

I am beyond limitations. I become whatever I wish to be. Yet I am contented with just being me, for in being me, I make myself the changeless background over and against which you or others may explore your endless possibilities. Surely, you all need a steady foundation to build upon as my children. Dear children of life, I AM your sure foundation and nothing will ever move me away from being me. What would you have me be other than me? I have made this intentional decision to be me so that you could become whatever you desire to be. Now choose. Be whatever you want. And if you desire to be like me, just be stable. Be silent. Be open. Be love. Be unconditional. YOU are amazing! And so is each and everyone including those you labeled “devils”.


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