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Big Brain Big Problem – How to Live Beyond Your Brain

By October 9, 2020No Comments

Challenge yourself. Do you consider yourself a forward thinking person? Well stop for a moment. Why exactly are you thinking forwardly when that only puts you in a linear timeline sequence? Try wayward thinking for a second. Stop your linear thought process and access what is bests described as stillness thinking which is thinking on a spot. Do it. Really. Be spontaneous. All else is assumptions and that isn’t your better option.

For many, life is race and they get easily caught up in the chase. Such was my experience inside a dream until an in-working power got me jolted out of it, waking me up to face the reality. And soon as I became fully awake whilst still laying on my bed with the encounter fresh on my mind, I refused to open my eyes for a few minutes because for sure, I wasn’t ready to allow the rays of physical daylight hit my eyes. Light can appear so beautiful yet it is a distraction. Light is noise. Darkness is pure, true and original to life.

Wayward thinking?

That we have all been deceived is an understatement. We have been commoditized and the entrepreneurs aren’t willing to change this business agenda neither are they willing to listen. Will you continue to be a product on their shelf of lies? Only you can decide that.

The race for a sustainable future on Earth. The quest – mission-like as it seem – to make Earth a very habitable planet for humans. Who does this project benefit really? Oh, certainly not you. Of that you can be certain. Look at it. There are many timelines, physical Earth has only been allowed to exist within one of them and that, the linear timeline where you’re either here or not here. A reality in which you are either awake or asleep. A polarized reality which is no reality but runs as a program plugged deep into the human brain and Earth has been stage-managed to remain so.

Your brain. If you knew it’s been used against you, what would you do? Unplug it? Deaden it? Clearly, the human brain is a machine for picking signals and also for broadcasting it. Little processing of those signals is ever done within your brain or mind. There is another part of your being that does that, a part which the controllers of Earth would rather have dumbed down.

While scientists boast of your brain’s ability to process trillions of impulses per seconds – for example they say that it takes billions of impulses to make a person’s face wear a smile – and they seem to consider that a great feat achieved by the human brain. I disagree. It only reveals how truly lame the human brain and mind is. Why not think it through for a moment will you? How many impulses does your mobile phone require before it can dial a phone number? This is the kind of rationale behind the celebration of the human brain as a viable machine that it’s not.

Your head is a brain ball or brain box just like your average car has a brainbox. This brain or head-chamber is an office, call that the headquarters of your bodily existence on Earth. It ends right there. Your brain is earthenware. It has no relevance elsewhere except in imaginations and when it is immersed into whatever “other” holographic timelines there is.

The human brain is a time machine, ticking away through your body’s circadian rhythm to give you a feeling of linear time. This linear time experience is not real, except inside your head. It was installed as you install a robot into a car to make it hybrid.

Just by being human, you’re a spiritual hybrid because as human, you’re no longer what you truly used to be and what you are and what you always would be. Every human is a hybridized spirit being and this has nothing to do with genetic hybridization of humans by the way.

You’re hybrid because your spiritual individuality which is a force-field has now been wired into a time machine called brain so that your timeless spiritual reality is boxed or locked into a time-frame designed for Earth.

You can step out of it right now, you can jolt yourself out of it. The brain program works like hypnosis, you’re not really there but then it feels like you are because you’re made to think you are and you have bought that suggestion from inter-dimensional hypnotists whose mission is to keep you here for commercial purposes.

It is true that the real you cannot be harmed by anything nor by anyone but unless you uphold your true being, it is very possible that the energy-field which makes up for “you” would be reconfigured and disfigured so badly you’d find it hard to reconnect to your true self ever again.

You cannot expect this wayward enlightenment to be taught through any mainstream media or institution. Mainstream is part of the plot to keep you in this particularly linear timeline. If someone tries to setup a shop to break you out of your linear living equation, the fellow is expected to register that business within the same linear equation and the fellow is required to keep to the rules of the same linear world from which she or he is trying to break others out.

This is how the inter-dimensional hypnotist work to keep you feeling overpowered so that you cannot break out strongly enough to break anyone out. But you can and you will if you disregard the linear rules. Indeed, you must be willing to break the rules of deception if you seek to truly reestablish what you know to be realistic and true.

Step one is to forget about time whenever you’re doing a thing, no matter what it is you’re doing. Stop thinking in terms of how much time is required or how much of your life time is being used up or how many life times it would take to arrive. Kill the idea that time exists because in reality, time doesn’t exist. This may appear tough at first but soon it clears out, it is really easy to do.

Stay true to who you are. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing that whilst being just you. Don’t be distracted and don’t be brought under the compulsion that you must keep to certain timeline or calendar to complete it. This action breaks the larger part of the deception which is warped into a time machine called the human brain. Do this as soon as now. And now is the only time there ever is and will ever be. Keep doing it for as long and as often as you can do it with all your heart.

Being in the NOW does not mean you have to be physically present in this linear present moment. Being in the NOW means you’re in – for lack of a better description – a state of mind where time doesn’t exist to you because what the world calls your past, present and future times are all here with you and within you right now. Timelessness is a dimension in consciousness, it is a place within your being and it is the very state of mind where you are simply be-ing. That which may be truly referred to as NOW, you are. NOW is not a time that can be spotted on the wall clock, NOW is “you” being “you”. This is the basic reality and those who must re-experience themselves as true spiritual beings must first break the shackles of time. You are and always will be, NOW.

Practice this long enough and the next bit of work becomes clear to you because with false timing deprogrammed out of your mind and brain, you discover a whole new mind and a whole new you emerges which has always been there but was somehow tucked away in the background of your everyday holographic self. This human personality and identity is a brain-child and it is not your brain child. You don’t have to be loyal to your human self. You do not have to care for it.

Identifying your human self as “the other” is a fairly good way to put it in its true light as a shadow being, jumbled into existence in a spectra of false light. The human self is a present-continuously happening illusion, “a continuous self-deluding act” put together by a master magician whose work is done to amuse himself alone. So there you have it, a good picture for you to work with.

Go beyond time. Get behind it and you’d have gone back beneath humankind where you’d realize in simple terms, “I am the background upon which this charade takes place, they however do not happen to me but they happen in my presence”. See them as they are, a movement of dreams!

After having committed yourself to the prescribed activity, the final and concluding act would be made available to you so that you may in one big breath, put an end to the lies.


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