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Obeying the Holy Spirit

The Serpent, The Cross and The Bible

Look! She said, "there's a snake on that cross." He looked around the room but she said, "no, look it's in the sky and there's a bible sitting beside it." Picture Credit: Pintrest The cross was a tree. The snake wrapped itself around it. If this was a family-tree, it...

When God fell Sick

When God fell Sick? Will God ever pop pills to get rid of malaria? No because inside God is something that transforms every poisonous thing into a nutritious something. This may be read as God turning darkness to light and restoring the dead to life. The nature of God...

Principles That Make Desires Happen!

Believe it or not, you are truly special to GOD. Well not just you. So am I and so are all our enemies. A woman might not like her husband to treat her as he treats other women, GOD is not a woman. A husband might desire that his wife should love none else except...

Human+ (Beyond Human)

“The intelligence of this book is not in its reading but in the power of seeing it reveal itself to you, silently; exposing you to an undeniably greater understanding of You in a higher, larger and lighter dimension of being.”Destiny Lukia

Say Goodbye To Human Leadership. Go With The Holy Spirit!