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How can a Clarity Consultant help me find Clarity?


Only one question really matters in life and to this omni-important question there have been ‘way‘ too many answers that do not answer the question… Alas!!!


Clarity Consultancy is a friendly-but-conscious journey of integrated coaching and counseling, offering you a deeply immersive and highly experiential journey as a private individual, as a  professional brand, or as a team member or team leader; helping you chart out A CLEAR PATH smile for your life, reducing the risks of avoidable life accidents.

let’s help you achieve the 7 great good!

1 – Discover the Only Truth that is Yours in Life!

2 – Develop Interest in What should really Matter to You!

3 – Decipher Answers to Your Questions and Bypass Weak Opinions!

4 – Design Solutions that really Work without Hurting the Future!

5 – Demonstrate Originality in Everything You Do, despite Norms!

6 – Deploy Others to Achieve ‘their’ Success and Not just Yours!

7 – Dance Along to the Rhythm of Life’s Reality, Come What May!

Life doesn’t have to be a pain in the behind, make your mind as flexible as the wind and transform that idea or dream into reality in real time! Being an entrepreneur is not everything, it’s time to cut away from the conspiracies of private and public expectations which limit your BEING!

What can I help You with Right Here and Right Now?

If you want, we can get started right here, right now. We don't have to postpone a thing. If it matters to you, why not let's do it now?

Birth a Vision

Design Custom Logo

Develop a Project



Find the Answer

Decide where to Begin

Interpret a Dream

Build a Team

My ‘CLEAR’ Approach to Consultancy

For some part of my youthful years, I couldn’t afford the kind of mentor-ship I needed. They were just too ‘pricey’ for me. But I knew exactly what I wanted and I took decades to find it. IMO, no one should have to beg, crawl or lick another person’s foot before accessing clarity on major ‘life’ issues. Clarity Class and Clarity Consultancy is a RIGHT and yes, YOU deserve it! I assure you this will never be business-as-usual; I want every person, team, company or organisation across the planet to walk and work in clarity so no one is ‘boxed’ in painful escapes.

Personal Success is the Bedrock of All True Success in Life, will YOU let the Principles work for you?

Business beliefs, like many personal biases can be just as damaging as false religious beliefs. Experts are in the business of peddling lame opinions as facts with no principled backing. Your life and business will be different if you honor principles.

Dare the Disruptive Team-Building Ideas & Strategies to Reach Your Goals with Everyone on Your Side

WEIRD and WIRED are the same alphabets arranged differently, similar to H2O and HO2. Building your business and building your team operate by a different set of dynamics.  If you do it right, your business should build up your team!

Organic Growth only exists for Organisations that put the Organism ahead through a Culture of Healthy Operations!

Technologies exist to automate operating systems but the design of both technologies and their processes depend on us, humans. We take charge and ultimately take responsibility for what we make technologies do for us and to our fellows. 

We Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Sometimes, it’s not found in the highly rehearsed and heavily choreographed speeches of mainstream preachers and speakers. Sometimes, you just need something to draw your attention back to somewhere within you. And sometimes, you just need someone to remind you of the possibility you already carry.


When we talk, we work our talks so you can walk your worth. Clarity is only the beginning. Hop in.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Clarity Class is a series of opportunities to ‘Learn by Sharing’ in the experiences of one another as fellow humans, soul-siblings and as friends from forever who are meeting in the here and now within our multifaceted and unique situations. It’s not so much of a class where one assumes being the master over others. No. Clarity Class recognizes everyone as a fellow learner and at best, one may be viewed as a student-teacher among fellow student-teachers. And while we do not all carry the exact same awareness at this moment, Clarity Class thrives on the multidimensional enlightenment that emerge from our conscious interactions.

is clarity consultancy the same as clarity class?

They’re pretty much related like a set of Siamese, so the answer is almost a YES except that while Clarity Class is strictly focused on generating enlightenment, Clarity Consultancy is committed to walking with you, to formulate and achieve set objectives. Clarity Class is for learning by sharing so that you never need us to do a thing for you while Clarity Consultancy is to make us do what we can for you till you, your brand or your business becomes self-sustaining. The end is the same; empower our clients so they never have to pay us to serve them! And if this appears as if we’re planning to run ourselves out of business, well YES we are  for when this Clarity Business is done, we’d have greater things to do together.

How Do I Know if CLARITY Class Is Right for Me?

You will have to trust your heart, guts, instincts and your inner-guide because the one thing separating Clarity Class from mainstream educational programs is we do not ask you to have faith in what we share nor put your faith in us. We’ve already seen how that has led to a sort of bankruptcy in the self-confidence level of humans on the planet. We would wish to stand apart from such procedures. If your own heart is not good enough to help you decide, we consider you have some growing to do and being committed to that growth becomes our priority. If you desire to stop humiliating yourself in the name of serving a deity or system, you’re probably in the right place because Clarity Class is set to demystify age-old claims with simple logic thereby calling hearts back to conscious awareness.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

As we have always clarified across our other platforms, Clarity Consultancy is not business-as-usual hence we do not simply go with the highest bidder. We slave our energies to stay committed to promising individuals, teams and organisations with whom we work to sort of ‘reset our collective human experience and earth-life’. Our work is simply too deep to be bought over by money-bag or big-wigs. We are for the individual and as such, we subject all brands to honoring individuality.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes we do. Some of our clients prefer to have us around much longer and that’s quite expected since we offer Clarity Consultant across board from the birthing of visions through the processes of building them and to the point they become self-sustaining. So again YES, we are happy to walk and work with you through your individual lifetime or as a brand on a journey to sustainable expansion.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

Yes we do, if our priceless support services to the emergence of new projects and our ongoing monitoring packages are considered for the ‘more qualitative’ investment they truly are. We are all about startups as they (startups) still have a great  chance to set-off on the right foot and escape a lot of possible pitfalls. And where it becomes necessary, we offer robust access to funding packages such as soft-loans, community trusts and other forms of grants. We also dare to integrate some traditional funding practices to help you squash roadblocks more easily.

I took up my first job as a  professional broadcaster with some  calm and confidence coz it felt like I’ve got a  whole family waiting to have me come work with them. In reality, there was just Godsbaby making work good for all of us. I watched him built our team like its his family. A most diligent colleague to have, I wept hard when he resigned but I guess the world needs him more. Thank you!


Newscaster, Africa Business Radio

Everything I needed as a Startup in a much saturated ‘fitness’ market – while dealing with personal and work related stress – came through the professional and friendly support of Shepherd. We literally built Dream Body by Laura together and he oversaw the emergence of my first book “STOP DIETING!”. Clarity Consultancy is not a job description for Shepherd, it is who he is. A lifestyle!


CEO, Dream Body by Laura

For years, I was cooking and cleaning for friends and families for free because I just love doing it. It took me some Clarity Consultancy sessions to understand how to quantify my kitchen skills/talents. Well, I’ve to admit, it didn’t feel like I was going through a therapy and that made it so effortless. One day, there I was cashing out from a most unlikely client. It was fun and funny it took this long to start! SMH


CEO, Comida Deliciosa



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