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But Prophet Daniel was never a PROPHET!

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When scriptures spoke about Daniel having an excellent spirit, it wanted us to realize there is something spiritual about the human intelligence in itself. If we investigate the DNA of a child, we’re able to spot the intelligence genetic code in there. That is not to say that one’s intelligence is 100% DNA dependent. It is not. If we get out of every religious interpretation to the Daniel story, we see a young human with a great respect for spiritual knowledge. He wasn’t exactly anyone’s pastor neither was he a member of any particular denomination. He was just an individual citizen who knew GOD personally and committed himself to a lifestyle of prayer and to the honorable principles of life. He was not a fearful soul who hears an announcement from government or from human leaders and begins to tremble. He knew GOD and stands wherever GOD stands. Dan was a no-nonsense guy, he doesn’t care for much, only what he learns from the insight that comes from the excellent spirit within himself. Being also a big dreamer, Daniel had loads of visions at night when he sleeps. He never ignores his dreams but takes them serious; praying as led by those dreams after grasping the messages hidden in his visions. Sometimes, he interpreted dreams for other people. So did Joseph. We also read that Daniel’s intelligence was built through his many moments of studying, so that while he had no university degree per se, he stood himself out as a great student of life. If Daniel considers a subject relevant to his inner or spiritual life, he studied it. His school was the universe of spirit hence his excellent spirit!

A Tribalized Kabbala

Talk about magic, kabala or whatever else there is in the occult world, Daniel knew what they were. Talk about philosophy, governance and whatever leadership gig was out there, he understood their games. He understood those symbols which today’s heavily ignorant Freemasons and their arrogant Illuminati allies consider to be mysterious. Daniel saw through the world’s political, religious, commercial and bio-psycho-social bullshits. He decided to go vegan in a time and place where everyone swam in the illusive idea of having meat and drinks to swallow in abundance. Talk about being consciously awake and self-disciplined, Daniel was the kind of guy; a regular citizen of Babylon with a private sense of his divine purpose. Many today exist on Earth just as Daniel did but such people are always criticized, blacklisted and harassed by those consider themselves authorized to do so. However, there is a deeper reason for bringing up Daniel’s case here; it is to help us reconsider the relationship between Spirit and our Intelligence today.

A greedy man may be cunning and smart but true intelligence could never be separated from one’s spiritual state of awareness. Another word for Spirit is Intelligence, but this intelligence is mirrored and displayed in the spiritual soul, which is the individual human child or person. If you therefore must exhibit that Ace Spirit or Intelligence, you must have gotten it from an ace-spirited lineage to which you belong. This explains the biological hereditary aspect of it. But everything is subject to the law of transformation; the law states: ‘energy is indestructible but it can be transformed’.

Now there is the spiritual lineage aspect of this inheritance where your spirit ancestors play a direct and major role when they either pushed or sent their ace-spirit into Earth through you, their divine offspring. This is not the same as being born again neither is this about being specially chosen. We are simply saying, a child may be born to fulfill such an Ace purpose on Earth and this is true in my case since I have also received my Ace Spirit as a gift from above.

I would never sit here claiming that my human parents or ancestors are the source of the ace-spirit that is within me. Yet I wouldn’t deny that I have seen in both my human parents, a rather high level of native intelligence. However, I know the difference between that which I inherited from them through my birth on Earth and that which came with me as a birthright through my emergence from my God-Family in heaven, thus I will make that distinction clearly.

Like Daniel and all other ace-children of this generation, we are not human beings at all. Although we qualify to be called humans due to our outward appearance or form, we are intrinsically something different, something with a different kind of intelligence! And while we do not go around bragging about being superhuman or whatever, we are Human+ and our being Human+ has nothing to do with whether we have studied diligently on Earth. It is in fact very possible we’d show zero tolerance for the mainstream schooling curriculum, hence we may be happy to fail at school!

Every ace-child is a learning curriculum of its own. All we need study is right there inside our ace-spirit. We only need pay attention to it. Once the Ace Child contacts its inner curriculum, the true learning experience begins for that ace-child. This is what the Daniel story reveals about the ace-spirit that carried and stood him out from among the human herd. The ace-child learns by observing, listening and watching. Simply put, we pay attention to the Ace Spirit. It may speak in the form of dreams, visions, trances, inner-voices, flashbacks of ace-memories or flash-forward knowledge.

A flash-back of ace-memory could take the ace-child to another life entirely where the same ace-child was living on another world altogether. Sometimes, it reveals the ace-child at a former Earth role either as a direct player or as a direct descendant of a direct player, thus the ace-child might continue that race which its ace-ancestor has set forth.

When the ace-child does study here on Earth, it is merely to reinvigorate the inner-book of the ace-spirit which is also called the book of life so that the ace-child may properly put things into perspective. I have eaten thousands of relevant pages through studies but I only go through such as I am guided by my Ace Spirit. Meaning; I study what I am led to study because such things are relevant to my Ace purpose here. And if I am to speak with zero sentiments here, the ace-child should never be equated with those who are not. Doing that would be ridiculing the Ace Spirit.

All biological forms have a spiritual template

I am aware of those who speak of their genetic superiority on Earth, and truly, there is some degree of truth to their claims, yet I have no regards for a superiority that is put to an inferior use. If your gene makes you a superhero, you need not deny that fact but neither should you confuse being a potential superhero with actually being that superhero as true superheroes are made when their abilities are employed towards saving, supporting and assisting others.

See! The Ace Spirit is far much more than just carrying a Superman DNA. To be plain, when we speak of the ace-child, we speak of those who are born with the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD! That’s right and Daniel was exactly that kinda being.

The Ace Tribe is a type, a species of being. We who are of that divine tribe are to be good shepherds to the larger human herd on Earth. We are to stand for the masses, resisting those who misused their powers, those who oppress the poor and those who illegally arrogated more authorities to themselves than they actually carry. This is our core-mission as Ace Children and this was the same ace-spirit that resisted the unwise authorities through Ace Daniel.

The Ace is an agenda, it is a universal agenda with a spiritual design. And for what this Ace Agenda is, I’d be plain;

(1) it is to make more ace-babies here on Earth,

(2) to make humankind a full-blown member of the Ace Tribe and

(3) to finally make planet Earth a legal affiliate of the Ace-Bubble World!

That, is our tri-logic Ace Agenda on Earth and we make no mistake about it. Our methods are also very plain and simple because they are both inspired and guided by the HOLY SPIRIT alone! Lords do not rule us, GOD does!

Agenda One: Make More Ace Babies on Earth

Making more Ace Babies means we first have to use the proper means of birthing a human child. We do not use nor approve of any unnatural methods for we are lovers, children and protectors of all that is true to nature. We are the custodian of nature which when properly recognized is the embodiment, person-hood or personality of GOD.

We are the divine family, parents, siblings, neighbors and friends of Jesus whose immaculate birth was not unnatural as is being claimed by a dubious religious authority on Earth. Jesus was born through natural means just I was born, yet his ace-spirit was not an earthly property and this is the real meaning of his Immaculate Conception: not that Mary had no sexual intercourse with a man who fathered the Ace Child, Jesus but that the Ace Tribe doctored the birthing of Jesus directly from heaven above. The simple truth is therefore that Jesus already existed elsewhere as an individual entity before he was beamed into Mary’s womb here on Earth. At that time while he was within our Ace Bubble World, his name was not Jesus but he was a Gabriel which simply means a Man.

A certain Man or Gabriel then came to inform Mary that there is an Ace Seed in her womb. This was Gabriel planting himself as an Ace Seed, Ace Word or Ace Spirit into Mary’s womb because the seed is that same word which was spoken into Mary’s consciousness by the Man, Gabriel. And to be clear, Gabriel himself was that same seed, word or life that immediately began growing in Mary’s womb through Mary’s perpetual consciousness of the Ace Spirit. This is a case of divine parenting where the same ace-being projects itself into a human form through the proper means of human birth which is to be born by a human womb. So, Mary was both the spiritual bride of Gabriel, and the earthly mother of Gabriel’s son, Jesus. But this also means that Gabriel became Jesus through Mary’s womb, thus, Mary is also the Mother of that Infant Gabriel, that is Jesus. For this reason, Gabriel, Mary and Jesus are one same person in the composite individuality of the Ace huMan being, that is Jesus. This is thus the proper explanation of trinity from a spiritual viewpoint which reveals clearly, they are three unique Ace Beings, yet they are one Ace Being, named Jesus.

To explain how Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead in a human form, I use myself as a guinea pig for the concept. I was commissioned to enter this planet by a Council of Ace Elders among whom is an Ace Head. I was on my knees while the elders all stretched out their hands towards me, releasing orbs of different colors upon me. Then the Ace Head, being satisfied with their action, stretched forth his mighty hand and a huge beam of powerful light came from him into me. My whole body vibrated with the entrance of that bright energy orb and taking a bow of gratitude, I rose up and flew back to Earth. This happened a very many years ago or I should rather say, this event was only revealed to me that year, however it perfectly explains how Jesus was also given the privilege of carrying the fullness of the Godhead as an individual member of the same Godhead. In practical terms, this means that inside the consciousness of Jesus, the collective consciousness of the Council of Ace Elders was ever-present and this is why he truly conveyed the Godhead.

That which is described the Godhead is actually synonymous to that which many would call an Electoral College on Earth. As an Ace Child on the blue-green planet, Jesus was a divine representative and a personification of the entire Ace Tribe which dwelt fully within him consciously. Thus, Jesus was a divine investment of the Ace Tribe on Earth, produced and sent forth to advance the Ace Agenda on planet Earth. These things Jesus knew and performed with the full support of the Ace Tribe who were often described in the Christian scriptures as the angels who ministered to Jesus while Jesus was in hu-Man form. Jesus was a Gabriel but he was a younger version of the Gabriel who fathered him, just as the human soul is a younger version of its human spirit which is the more elderly aspect.

I decided to use the expressions elder and younger here to reveal that spirit is the primordial basis for the fullness of awareness or GOD while soul is the manifested basis for every consciousness or a God. Consciousness, soul or individuality therefore depends on awareness or spirit to exist. Some have called this their higher and lower selves but at this time, such a description would be misleading since the potentials are the same for Gabriel and Jesus. Even so, every Ace Child carries an equal Ace potential as Gabriel, Jesus or Daniel, but our individual state of consciousness defines us presently Ace Beings. Daniel occupied one level of consciousnesses while Jesus occupied another, both at their soul levels which is why those above or in heaven may be regarded as being greater than those below or on Earth. Jesus voiced this as ‘my Father is greater than I presently am’. In the depth of our Ace Spirit, all is One!

Agenda Two: Make Humankind A Legal Ace Tribe Member

The Ace Tribe keeps flooding (although flooding is not the best word) the Earth with more Ace Children so as to create a sort of soft landing for the Ace Spirit which is currently being beamed to the planet, Earth. The presence of Ace Children is a spiritual aura that vibrates to awareness of GOD. It is therefore possible to bask in the cloud-like aura of the Ace Child as this creates a sort of balance since humankind as well as other life-forms are best groomed through the spiritual interactions that they have with members of their spiritual tribe, the ACE. It is certainly harder for a chicken to influence the mindset and behavioral pattern a fish since they occupy unique levels of consciousness, exist on a relatively similar dimension but dwell in a very separate habitat. It is for this same reason that angels have failed woefully at mentoring humankind as a species. Their realities aren’t exactly the same even though both these angels and their human siblings are a very spiritual people. Each soul type exists on a relatively similar dimension but their natural habitat aren’t the same and that makes any real cultural influence harder than should be. The temptation is therefore abundance for the human to tell the angel, ‘aren’t you making it all seem so easy just because your body doesn’t crave food or sex as does my body’? While the angel might be tempted to reply, ‘perhaps it’s just too easy for you to keep forgetting every simple thing I have taught you these years because you are by design, dumb?’

Angels and humans have had a historically documented working relationship where they had a hard time at working or walking together. This is why we must allow Ace Humans who are Human+ bridge that communication and relationship gap. Man is human on the physical plane and as such, we might say Jesus is Gabriel in a human form. But what if I say that I am or that you are Jesus in this present human form that you occupy? Indeed, humankind is Man on the spiritual plane too, and so, it is safe to say that Gabriel became flesh in the name Jesus or that Jesus became flesh in the name Shepherd etc. Yet we find records of denials where John the Baptist could say, ‘I am not the one who once came and is to come again’ even though he, John indeed was and is that same person whom he says ‘I am not’.

Sometimes, it is so hard to explain these to others especially when we are careful not to be misunderstood. You might as well avoid the discourse altogether. This sort of denial may be quite common with those ace-children who are on Earth because they also know that there is only a thin line between impersonating and properly identifying with one’s spiritual ancestry, thus it is always needful for me to say, ‘I am NOT the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth’.

Bask In The Aura of Ace Child

The appearance and presence of Human+ on Earth is to be the Ace influence-factor that would catalyze humankind to spiritual reality by stylishly rubbing off on the aura of all human beings. Basically, the Aura sort of quickens the process of making humankind a full-blown member of the Ace Tribe. Hence, while new ace-children are being born into the human population, they would serve to lead and guide others into becoming members of the Ace Tribe through a process once spoken of as being born again; a very natural process of refurbishing, reproducing and regenerating the awareness of any person being through the power of consciousness upgrade via knowledge alone.

There is no other magical or mystical formula that is approved by the Ace Tribe for the adoption and re-absorption of all humans into the Ace Tribe. All original human beings came from the Ace Bubble World hence we are Ace Beings by our spiritual nature before some fake versions of humans began to be produced so as to compete with the originals who are still here on Earth. It is possible to pollute an original just as it is possible to redesign the fake. All Is Possible!

The present Ace-Agenda of making humankind a full-blown member of the Ace Tribe should therefore be understood as totally different from those unnatural trans-agenda where some are constantly trying to transform a chicken into a tiger through hybridized scientific methods. That, is not the Ace Way and as such, That is not the Shepherd Way either.

Those who employ unnatural means do so for selfish gains as they are able to do it for you but the Ace-Agenda is to be done by you, hence it is a do it yourself. For while the others prefer to overpower you in the name of helping you make some swift progress, we empower you in the name of helping ourselves increase in number. Yes, it is our joy to have an exponential increase in the number of originals who dwell here on Earth because their spiritual presence will certifiably heal this planet of all its presently diseased realities! The difference is therefore clear to us, I can only hope it is clear to you too for while the others merely wish to make humankind into a machine-like race of people, the Ace Tribe is calling humankind back to true self-hood where each is able to remember itself as an Ace Being and as such is able to re-member itself back into the Ace Tribe. We offer humankind nothing but knowledge and that, knowledge of your truth which is both historical and existential. Surely, if you could recall your Primordial Source and beginning, you’re more likely to comprehend your Future Self and you should naturally gravitate towards becoming it.

Education is the only proper and natural method by which the present Ace Agenda is to be realized. If we must make humankind become proper members of the Ace Tribe, we must do away with every unnatural method and this is a message to all Ace Children who may be here present at this moment. The lure of using our Ace Powers to do all manner of magical things will keep getting stronger by the day even as it was a lure that Jesus should bake bread from stones. Daily, we are tempted but we must always remember who we are and why we are here. No! We are not compelled to feign docility when there is an opportunity to use our strength to help others to heal but we must without sentiment, limit the usage of all our Ace Powers to that which we are truly authorized to do.

For us, it is not just the I CAN faith but the I AM TRUTH and this calls us to remember at all times, that we are only truly helping others to the degree that we help them embrace their I AM TRUTH. We are not to go about trying to spoon-feed everyone hence we do not flock around town, followed by a sleepy sheepfold that keeps calling us lords, gurus, ministers, shepherds, saviors, teachers, pastors, leaders, masters or whatever else we are being called today.

Stop Hero-Worshiping Me!

We avoid spotlight in every way possible while pursuing that which truly matters; to live this truth and thus make ourselves the inspiration for those who would do the same. But if and when such a time does comes where a particular Ace Child is to go public with its missionary work; then there is no more going back for that one because at such a time, the concerned Ace Being is already fully prepared to defend its mission and if necessary, such a missionary is consciously guided and protected through every phase of fulfilling its part of the Ace Agenda; towards making humankind a full-blown member of the Ace Tribe. It is a conscious-self work that each must attempt of its own volition. It can NOT be done or forced upon those who reject the Ace call. This is why it appears slow but it is the natural process and the Ace Tribe is never in a hurry as time does not ever run out on us!

We shall never employ a method nor employ anyone who would use even one unnatural method. Those who do are opposing the Ace Truth and so, they oppose the Ace Spirit. Such liars have nothing to do with us, they merely run with their own agenda which is time-bound since it is fake and unoriginal. That which is born in time dies in time, and that which has no beginning has no ending. The life of the Ace Child began in consciousness and only ceases when the Ace Child ceases to be conscious of itself. Whenever it regains its consciousness, it resumes its existence as one who fell asleep and wakes. Those who lack the Ace Spirit must speed things up for themselves so as to meet their definite deadline but we who go with the natural time of life will never be too quick nor too late. We are here with you, yet we are coming to you. Always in the Way that is right with our Ace nature; so let this be your discernment formula: ACE!

Agenda Three: Make Planet EARTH a Legal Affiliate of the Ace Bubble World

If you are affiliated to someone, you are related to them and so, your relationship with them is by association. It is made by choice and as such, you are not owned by those to whom you are affiliated. Ownership is a no-no in the Ace Bubble World and among members of the Ace Tribe. The idea of claiming something as being ‘mine’ or ‘yours’ is frowned upon as a symptom of madness or something worse. That an Ace Being craves the ownership of a thing is considered a disaster to be immediately curtailed, such an ownership-bug infested entity is quarantined until healed.

Planet Earth is a doppelganger this again not the best word) of the Ace Bubble World. A more direct description would be to say that Earth was the Ace Bubble World before it became Earth just as we earlier explained with Jesus as first being the Man, Gabriel before he became the human being, Jesus through Mary’s womb. The Ace Bubble World today would resemble what is seen in fairy tale movies but the story of Earth would take a slightly different turn due to a certain eventful lure which took Earth on a different route or life-path. This story has already been told in a book titled Human+ (Beyond Human) which is freely made available HERE. However, here is a synoptic version of the same:

A Bubble World

The Ace Bubble World is exactly as the word describes it, a world that resembles a soap bubble, reflecting some rainbow-like colors due to the varying auras of its inhabitants, the Ace Tribe. Life in the Ace Bubble World depends only on that which GOD (our spiritual awareness) offers, us hence we do NOT have any money-based economy neither have we a market-based system of governance such as presently exists on planet Earth. In simpler terms, Earth is a soul and thus, an Ace Planet Child of the Ace Bubble World. For this reason, Earth (our planetary soul) is NOT FOR SALE! There are of course those who would love to buy Earth from the Ace Tribe if Earth were put out for sale but Earth could never be sold because it was never owned as a personal property even by her spirit-ancestor, the Ace Tribe!

You can only sell something that you have already stamped an ownership claim upon. If you did have not enslaved it, you do not own yet it. Slavery and ownership are the same concept; with it, you limit that which was limitless. To own a thing, you have to first of all MAKE it yours by limiting it to yourself. To own it, you must take a sole authority over it. But that is stealing! Call it legalized stealing as it is practiced on Earth, it is an act of thievery.

Members of the Ace Tribe do not claim to own Earth as a personal property that others could not have access to. For that reason, we could never have sold Earth away to those who stole her heart from sanity and buried her in her present state of spiritual insanity. Truth be told, Earth was produced by us just as Daniel or Jesus was produced by us but claiming to own any of these beings is also robbery and stealing is just never an Ace Tribe reality to manifest.

Ownership even of one’s personal life is a very temptingly sick idea to behold or uphold. However, the Ace Tribe allowed Earth her full-fledged autonomy which allows her the ability to choose whether to embark on a journey into an alternative bubble reality or to stick with the Ace Bubble World and Tribal Reality. In fairness to her, Earth was contented within her Ace Consciousness before she was introduced to something different from that originality. It is quite similar to how some newly born Ace Babies are constantly being subjected to a woefully alternative lifestyle on planet Earth, through the power of ignorant parenting. But with some false form of securities and with the promised of a hybridized glory, Earth soon agreed to follow a deception without seeing through the deceiver. That was how she became a doppelganger of the Ace Bubble World rather than being a twin-flame of the same Ace Bubble World.

Originally, Earth is a twin or a daughter of the Ace Bubble World just as Jesus would be a twin or a son of his Heavenly Father, Gabriel. But Earth was led away from her true identity, thus she lost her true reality and became the fake world that she still is, even at this moment, in many ways. Therefore, Ace Tribe members do not share in the fooleries of all those who now claim that THEY would soon MAKE a heaven out this physical planet Earth. They lie to themselves and they lie to whoever believes them. They sold that same lie to Mother Earth and see what they made of her.

True members of the Ace Tribe know that such a great feat as making Earth a Paradise could never be done without the conscious and spirit-directed involvements of human beings themselves. Take note that we did not create the Ace Bubble World or Earth through a remote controlling technology, and so, no one could truly restore Earth to her original spiritual state through any remotely controlled method. It must and it would only be achieved right here from inside the planet. This is where you huMans have your jobs to do as the self and bodily conscious leader of the planet.

Everything else on Earth responds to your huMan consciousness hence, if you treat monkeys like humans, they will eventually evolve to match your human consciousness. It is just that simple, you cannot just give them an evolutionary jump through gene manipulation and not get a clap-back. All unnatural methods have expiry dates plus they come with side-effects too. So it is up to you humans because as humans, you share the same Ace originality with the planet, Earth. This same Ace originality is inside our physical human bodies. If we decide that this human aspect of our Human+ being is ready to embrace the Ace reality, then those of us who made that choice are ready to return to our Ace Bubble World, but just those who of us made the choice. It won’t be a congregational emigration neither would it be some apocalyptic rapture. Each person would have to take up its own Ace self while heading back to the Ace reality from which each came. While this goes on, as the number of those choosing to return to the Ace Truth increases on Earth, the collective human consciousness keeps blossoming, thus becoming trans-formed into an Ace Bubble World.

Meanwhile, this plan-ET-ary self transformation would reflect itself in how more and more people get involved in restoring Earth to her true life through the people’s lifestyle. The KEY is to educate people with the true knowledge about Earth and the WAY is to live that knowledge through our human lifestyle right here on Earth. These two when combined is the business of the Ace Tribe on Earth. All else is misguided by ignorance or disfigured by lies.

From the viewpoint of the Ace Bubble World, this planet Earth is a Mummy; a living but dead planetary soul waiting to be awakened from her deathly sleep. And while many go about chanting, ‘Long Live The Queen’, we know that the real Queen is That Unborn Ace Seed which waits to be birthed inside you. And yes, it is screaming within me also!

Planting trees and other angelic flowers are a good culture but they are NOT the Way. Going without food is also not the Way nor is it achieved in treating all earthly animals and humans as our equals. These are superficial methods, they are NOT the Way. The Way is for each to be it!

True Redemption is a Private Affair!

To conclude the matter at hand, we go back to speaking about Daniel whom many would consider a prophet but who in reality is no one’s prophet for he is a private individual citizen. He was a City-Zen who is awakened to the reality of his own Ace reality. It was the same with Jesus and to a degree with John the Baptist as well as several Ace Beings who are here with us today on Earth. The temptation to take this knowledge out there, to get popular with it and to grow stupendously rich by it is at hand. There are those who would plead that we give them this message in exchange for money and those who would want this message in exchange for some other unintelligent favors such as friendships. In the face of these and related temptations, the Ace Child knows; a truth not owned is a truth not to be sold!

Cover Photo: The Ace Tribe Radio Conference

That excellent, topnotch, superior and lordly spirit is a gift of GOD. Blessed are those who have received it for they shall be GOD’s blessings unto us all. Call it the Spirit of the Lord if you will but the Ace Tribe knows no lordship other than the One who is committed to obeying the HOLY SPIRIT. The Ace Spirit is a divine talent, planted into us as the Seed of Divine Intelligence. Often times, we fail to cultivate it. So if you suspect that yourself or someone around you might be carrying this Ace Spirit, you do well to lead them to THE SHEPHERD WAY or THE ACE PODCAST where we Activate, Cultivate and Elevate the ACE in YOU through our education, business and lifestyle based lessons. Thank You!


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