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Did I Say I Was Raped?

By December 6, 2019No Comments

If I was raped into this, I would jailbreak. I wasn’t. No one forced me. I was not born into this path because of my parent’s religious background. Sorry, that is not my true story. Long before my earthly parents birthed me, before they ever knew me, I was on this path and yes, I walked it some thousands of years ago too in earth’s time. Let me explain a little more:

Say your grandpa planted a mango tree in his village, and your uncle plucked some mangoes, took them to your aunt who lives in London. She ate it and decided to plant the mango seed in her backyard garden located in London. Now, your grandpa’s mango fruit can be tasted by Londoners, even though your grandpa never visited London during his lifetime on earth. Grandpa’s mango now lives in London! And as it was with the mango fruit, so it is with the fruit of many wombs here on earth, they came from a dimension and world that is almost too far for earth to comprehend!

I was in, on and of #TheShepherdWay long before both Christianity and Islam were birthed on earth. #TheShepherdWay had been there in my real world before I was sent here to show it forth, Jesus also came to show it forth here on earth so that those who belong to that world would be able to catch that reality again. Sorry, #TheShepherdWay is not a religious experience neither is it a denomination that is run by either myself or Jesus Christ. We do not own it!

#TheShepherdWay is one of the many spiritual soul-paths that are available within the spiritual awareness of God (That Holy Spirit) who is the Source of All That Exists. Might I say, “everyone cannot belong in this shepherd way reality as it is not everyone’s reality. Some are born to hunt rather than to shepherd. Let them follow their path, there is no need for any kind of cult-following nor is there a need for anyone to try to fit into what this shepherd, Godsbaby says. You are free to be your own self as there is a room for YOU within GOD! Oh yes!

Think of Earth as a CITY into which all manner of souls come to live. We are like inter-dimensional tourists here, some came to play, some to work, some came to do other things but not all of us are shepherds. Those who are here to shepherd carry such a role because that is exactly who they are within their own spiritual configurations. Enough with the foolish judgments where we wish to force everyone into one same tiny box. Life is about finding your soul path and building yourself properly into it or consciously walking away from it. Meaning you have the right to either accept your soul path as yours and start exploring the endless possibilities there or you can choose another soul path because as a soul, you are not rigid. You are very elastic, otherwise what we call “repentance” would be impossible anyways.

Don’t just follow me because I am Shepherd Godsbaby. I follow Jesus Christ because OF WHO I AM. It is because he and I belong together that I walk with him, not because a church taught me stuff about him. You cannot teach another person about their own soul because you are an outsider to their soul-reality whereas for them, that knowledge is internal. Yes, YOU are the answer to your own life’s puzzle. Jesus sets me an example in walking the shepherd way of our own people and now, I walk this shepherd way as an example to those who are on that same path. Did Melchizedek walk it on earth before Jesus? Yes. Did Jesus walk it on earth before Godsbaby? Yes. There is an order to this journey, each soul or spirit being has its own time and you can be better than those who came before you! Just look within, eXplore your own soul, then go out there into the outside world to experiment and experience with your own life. This is how life is lived, all else is but wishful thinking. Religion is caused by those who follow you without knowing exactly who you are or why you are walking your own soul-path. They just want to be “like you” just as some wanted to be “like God” but all these copy-cat approach to soul-identification is self-deceiving. Why are you afraid of being YOU?

Well, it’s up to you to let them follow you like flies or you may chase them away so that they can go discover their own soul-path. This human world would be much better if we all decide to consciously live out our soul-path because it would make us realize that truly, no one is designed for evil! Sorry, not one devil was designed to cause you pain in your entire human life but devils evolve you know. Bad choices which simply means “ill-informed choices” and lack of proper knowledge or “ignorance of one’s soul-path” is what makes us become a devil in the path of others. You are like an obstruction on their path because you don’t belong there. Misfit! Don’t be afraid to quit it if it isn’t working for you.

I have walked this shepherd way on many levels but this present level is where I’m at, to eXplore, eXperience and eXplode!


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