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Do we want to keep talking about Coronavirus or are we going to talk about something else, something far more important than Covid and death put together? Shrugs! Enough with the distractions and don’t get it wrong, we love humans and the death of any human is a pain to this heart. But the greater pain comes from two things; IGNORANCE and FEAR. How?

1) DEATH is NOT real. You only physically leave this world to wake up elsewhere and there is, you realize, something worse than death. You may call it hell fire but remove all that religious imagery from it. Is hunger painful? Is being misunderstood painful? Does it hurt to feel so sick that we can’t even help ourselves to pee? How about being alone, lonely and guilty of having done so much evil that has left a lot of people harmed? If these things feel utterly saddening for you, that’s what some people actually plug themselves into once they leave this physical world through what we called DEATH. As you can see, they did NOT die but actually went ahead to another realm of LIFE. That’s why I said, DEATH IS NOT REAL!

But the experience of hell is real for us just as the experience of joy, love and romance is real to us when we have them. For those who enter into an experiential hell, they simply become engrossed with their sorrows and pains. The guilt that they don’t qualify for something better and the fear that if given a chance, they would ruin the opportunity, these things keep them stuck in their hellish state of mind and existence. Sorrowfully and by themselves, they relocate to the deepest depth of miserable spiritual darkness often because they’re too ashamed of themselves. They feel too depressed to move towards the light. Like one too sad to laugh at a lighthearted joke, those who lead themselves into hell couldn’t care less about how much joyful noise is being made in heaven. They just hate themselves so much they prefer to die and hurt. But there is no death, there never was and never will be. Hence, their pain is real and their sorrows may last forever.

2) FEAR is NEITHER a SOLUTION to physical death NOR is fear helping you choose a better afterlife. In fact, fear helps one create the hellish experience!

You need KNOWLEDGE and you also need to PRACTICE that knowledge through DISCIPLINE. So it’s true, Coronavirus is not as important as what we are presently talking about. How sad it is for one who suffers a virus on Earth but resumes on the other side to become a living spiritual virus. Oh that’s what demons are! Many of them were our ancestors and cousins here on Earth. Please don’t join them! Remember that fear is useless for those who seek to enter heaven. Hell wasn’t ever created to accommodate you. It was made to destroy your fears so right now, cast both your ignorance and fears straight into hell. Don’t throw yourself away with them!

3) HELL was CREATED by those DEJECTED spirit beings who felt too depressed to return to the realm of light from which they initially came. We all came from that light room called heaven, but there is also a dark room. In fact, you could be inside that dark room and still be shining as a light being. Isn’t that what we all came to do Earth, to shine as angels of God’s light? Yes except those who came here to steal, kill and to destroy. Yes those people are here too! But then, the external darkness doesn’t make our life a living hell until we have allowed that darkness to also exist inside our own minds and heart. That’s when hell becomes real to us!

Coronavirus is a hell on the outside realm and so, it can only attack the mortal body. Don’t let it get into your head lest your immortal life becomes a living hell too! Don’t be afraid of the virus, yes because you are light! As chemotherapy burns out cancer with light, we burn coronavirus to death with this Truth! But for those who just enjoy lounging in the dark realm, they often congregate in other to console one another with lies about how someone else was to blame for their spiritual failures. Often times, they blame it on God or on Satan. They might also blame Adam Religion or an Earthly Government. But the REALITY is that, *”if you stayed in your reality as a Light Being from Heaven, no amount of darkness could harm you for then, darkness becomes your opportunity to shine!”* Right, like those twinkle, twinkle stars up in the dark skies at night. That’s why even in hell, there is and always will be those who get saved. You heard?

3) PEOPLE will be SAVED out from HELL but only those who decide to stand apart and own up rather than blaming others. In fact, those who criticize others are already in hell or at least, they’re letting hell get into your cerebral ocean. My advice is that you GET BOLD enough to APPROACH that LIGHT REALM once again. That’s returning towards the Throne of Grace!

For grAce is a rAce that is governed by a Tribe called Ace, a Tribe whose King is a curse to every form of disgrAce. For example, this King is the living spiritual cure to Covid-19 because, this King’s mentality and vibrational reality is too pure to be infected, even by death. That’s why resurrection happens to those who belong with the Ace King! And that’s why some people love to drink the Blood of Jesus, believing it has the healing potency against any disease and the power to kill whatever evil exists inside their bodies? You know what? They’re right. But guess what? There is something more than drinking the Blood to good health.

4) Let the WISDOM behind this BLOOD MAGIC guide you. If you step into a pool of water, your body gets wet and any dirt _such as sand_ starts to leave your body alone, especially when you stay long in the pool. In similar manner, if you drink the Blood of Jesus which today is neither liquid nor physical, coronavirus leaves your human body. But you’d have to drink it with understanding. You just KNOW what the Blood is, and that knowledge is what many have called FAITH. This is beyond a belief, you have to KNOW it!

If your Blood is the same as that Blood which Jesus once carried on Earth, WOW! You’re a living cure to Covid-19 too. Scientists can even take antibodies from your human body to make a vaccine against Coroavirus! See I’m not taking about your blood group or genotype here? This is talking about the Essence of the Blood itself. So if it’s in you, sorry I took your time. You have no problems because you are the cure!

5) BLOOD is a SPIRITUAL fluid. It was CONDENSED from a SPIRIT state that isn’t physical. Just as ethanol becomes liquid so that vehicles could use it on land, the Holy Spirit became liquified into liquid blood for humankind to live by. The Blood of Abel speaks deeper truths than the blood of Cain because Cain’s blood had become infected with a serpent spiritual virus. That’s the same spiritual lineage from which Covid-19 came, they are descendants of Satan, that Serpent God of a Fallen People’s World.

Observe the Blood in you. If you descended from the lineage of the Ace King, you carry a Holy Blood and this would reveal itself in the kind of TRUTH you speak! Are you a descendant of Jesus? If yes, forget coronavirus, it’s not your end. You Are Endless!, if you belong to The Ace Tribe. Keep your blood in its state of purity by allowing the Holy Spirit saturate your whole being my dear friend, and no thing in heaven, hell or on earth would be able to stop you! If you’re still not sure about the source and nature of your blood, the formula is ever simple, “ASK NOW, START LISTENING and KEEP OBEYING THE HOLY SPIRIT”. This is the secret recipe of The Ace Tribe and as King of that Tribe, Jesus takes everything about your life very personal. I am a Living Testimony!

_Well then my people, I guess it’s safe to add that “we who presently drink our the herbal juice and tea as the Holy Spirit taught us are doing the best right thing”. No one is asking you for money here. Go! Hug the King of the Ace Tribe!_

GOD & VIRUS 19 (Part 5)


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