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Has Technology Killed God?

Technology comes from two words (according to my inspired opinion):

  1. TECH – means “Applied Knowledge” and,
  2. LOGY – means “Study”.

Technology is the practical application of acquired or inspired knowledge to solving problems.

Soul Magi

As we discover newer or better ways of doing things, our technologies advance. We have gone from grinding pepper and tomatoes with grinding stones to electrical grinding machines and now, they are solar powered.

Historians say we used to wear leaves, then we started sewing cotton wool plants into wearable fabrics, and now, we wear all kinds of plastic and synthetic fiber. Even the human body is said to have gone through levels of tweaking; skeletons of ancient humans reveal changes in how the human body is configured to function. Evolution we called it.

In all, technology is the application of knowledge to solve whatever problems we are faced with. This makes creation itself, a technological expression that answers the question, “HOW?” e.g. how do we make humans live underwater without gills?

Most people ask the WHY questions such as, “Why am I here on Earth?” But you cannot discover your life-purpose if you don’t know HOW to find and recognize that purpose. No matter how great your purpose (or WHY) question is, failing to Know-How makes both knowing and pursuing the purpose impossible. So if I might leave you with a thought, it is this:

This is not a year like any other year so wherever you are in your journey, start asking the How-To questions. If you’re willing to make it bigger than last year, then start getting paid for your HOW-TO knowledge!

If this seems like something you want but don’t know how, well I have shown you How-To-Do-It in this article. Read!

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