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How I Want To Lose My Life!

By March 13, 2019No Comments

Not by a plane crash like my brother and certainly not by sleeping peacefully in my bed like my paternal grandmother. Not by dangling on a wooden cross like my good master who died on earth and surely, not by just forgetting how to wake up like one who slides into a coma. Sorry, but death holds no pleasure for me. I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY LIFE!

“Life is the Light of Existence; Consciousness is the Light of Life” – Godsbaby

Death cannot take my life and that which death can take is not my life. My human body is the only thing that a plane crash, a coma or a wooden cross can take from me. My human body may sleep and fail to wake up but that is not my life for the life I am does not sleep. My life is the Holy Spirit which is hid, rooted and demonstratively expressed in the Christ that I am, to whom and with whom I belong. Losing my life can only happen IF I lose my Holy Spirit which is the bedrock of my being and the seed from which grows my self-hood. A barren seed is a lost life but a fruitful seed is never at loss for it has enough life within itself to reproduce itself in countless ways and places. Me too, in this Holy Spirit that I am and to whom I belong, I am able to reappear in million of ways beyond numbering. I am here as another opportunity for the Holy Spirit to make IT-self known to all who seeks to know IT. I therefore cannot die, shall not die and must not die. To that end, I guard my heart with all diligence. Though I be Mr. President, if I lack a root in the Holy Spirit, surely, I am a late president of the dead.

You only truly lose your life when you lose your Holy Spirit, have you lost it? It’s time to regain your Holy Spirit in consciousnesses for that is the only way you could have lost it in the first place. Wake up and be awake always.

The I AM says so! Amen.


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