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Humankind: Should You Seek Power or Authority?

By March 25, 2020No Comments

I left that piece of meat in my plate for you my dear child. I didn’t expect you to throw it away before washing the plate. I wanted the little piece of meat to compensate you for being always eager to run errands for your father. You’re such a goodly child. I LOVE YOU. But then you took the plate from the table, walked towards a corner of the house, I watched as you tip-toed to hide yourself over there. Here I was, watching you eat the piece of meat secretly so that no one would see you. Why are you stealing something that’s already yours? Does it not occur to you that your father left you that piece of meat for your own pleasure? Why then did you allow a greedy spirit enter into you such that you consider yourself to be somewhat smarter than your father who in his loving kindness gave it all to you? Surely, you’re ignorant. You failed to identify that which is yours by right and that which is yours by privilege. If you had known these things, you’d have joyfully enjoyed your piece of meat. Perhaps, you might be bold to thank me!

Dear YOU – isn’t this how you also behave before your Source who clearly gave you all things for free? Look around you. Just look at the oceans, did you create them? Did you create water itself? What about the skies and the galaxies out there? Look at all the natural resources and the free energy that was made available throughout the cosmos for your consumption. Do you still try to lay claims on them? Why do you even, ever try to own anything at all? Often times, I hear you say, this is my wife, my child, my family, my home, my church, my religion, my God or my life! Yet none of these is truly yours, though you’re given free access to them all so that you might manage them qualitatively for your Heavenly Father who gave them to you with no reservations. Is this simple truth too hard for you to stomach or are you just so arrogant that you have sworn to live only by the LIE? Can’t you see that by claiming to own one thing, you make it harder for others to have a truly free access to that one? Is it your intent to create scarcity by hoarding even the tiniest breath to your bosom? Or have you so easily forgotten that Power and Authority aren’t exactly the same?

Authority Governs Power

Power may be your personal property, Authority is a collective asset with which you may wield the Power of an entire community!

The Holy Spirit

Now, if you quit seeking after power and you quit looking out to gain more power, you would have access to Authority because Authority is given only in trust. Authority is a form of spiritual trust fund, if you misuse it, you risk that authority being taken away from you. Perhaps it is better that you keep chasing after power so that you may queue with any of these other miserable folks who fancy themselves to be the power brokers of the worlds. An ignorant-birthed arrogant lot who fail to surrender their acclaimed powers to GOD because they think they are truly in charge. All that they do is illegal even when they do that which seemed right. As they do not have the authority to do those things, what shall they say when the Good Master says to them, “who sent you to do this thing?” Confused criminals!

They are like that weight-lifter who saw two men fighting outside his house. He observed them and saw that one man was cheating the other, then he stepped in to defend the cheated. While the stubborn cheater tried to resist him, the weight-lifter prevailed over the cheater and in no time had the cheater running away in tears. If that weight-lifter was charged to court by the cheater, despite that the weight-lifter did good in the eye of the cheated and in the presence of the entire community, the judge would penalize the weight-lifter for taking laws in his hands. So also it is with today’s power brokers who claim to manage planet Earth on GOD’s behalf. From where did they get their authority?

Those who carry GOD’s Authority can no longer act solely out of their own will because GOD’s Authority is only useful when applied to doing GOD’s WILL. And clearly, GOD’s WILL covers for the need of ALL THAT EXISTS, whether they are good or evil. For this reason, “be careful what you ask for, because to whom much is given, much is truly expected and to whom none is given, nothing is expected.” Who then is that person who has had nothing given to him or her? Is life not more than all else and shall not the giver of life inquire about it from you? This is the Word of GOD OUR SOURCE; delivered to you as it is to me. The choice is entirely yours to make. I bid you peace!


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