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Whistleblower Series

In Search of A Lost Shepherd

Someone should please help us tell Omoyele Sowore that Nigeria needs him but only if he stays alive. There are many activists out here who are fighting for different causes. Some defend single parents, some defend hungry children, some defend us against religious deceptions and some others defend us against political flim-flams. There are loads of issues to defend humankind against. And because the world is founded on falsehood, the industry of TRUTH is the biggest ever!

Sowore, it’s time to go back home. Come back to your true calling. To become Nigeria’s President is not your calling, Nigeria is not ready to vote someone like you because it’s not yet time. There’s plenty of human viruses to wipe out of this nation’s economy as we speak. Blowing your journalistic whistle against fraudulent people, companies and governments is your major ministry. Please refocus on that so that you can help many lost Nigerian sheep to escape the net of Colonial Mentality. The whole electioneering saga was a distraction to your real cause, although it proves your boldness to the youthful population. It’s time to slow down now, reverse and get back to what you’re better at. That is, “flogging the greedy kingpins with your lethal pen and using Sahara Reporters to send bad leaders to the Sahara Desert where they truly belong.” Biko Sowore, when you have done that, you’d have paved the way for a useful leader to emerge for by then, these thieving politicians would be busy running into hiding at the mention of your name.

Yes! In The Name of Omoyele Sowore, we should be casting out bad leaders from office! That’s a divine glory that actually fits your name!

It’s not too late bro. Talk to your sweet Professor wife about it and let Uncle Femi Falana (SAN) advocate this Truth-Pushing cause with you. Then will the Nigerian Youths be happy to follow a leading whistle-blower! Still remember how Apostle Oshiomole fell from his divine activism grace into the dungeons of local political demons? I hope this message meets you well as it’s coming to you from “The Whistle-blower’s Mansion in Heaven where Jesus is Lord of the Whistle!”

Dear Nigerian Youth, if this message resonates with your heart. Share it till Sowore reads it! Thank You.

PS: If you think there is a better career than telling the truth in the face of lies, think again. There is None. LOVE IS TRUTH!


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