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Dear Jobless,

If you were listening years ago, you heard me say, “Joblessness is a job”. What I didn’t say is that it is my job and that it could be your job too. Nonsense. Any religious minded fellow would tell you that God indeed created humans to work because there was a lot of work to do and there was a scarcity of workers, hence humans were created to fill that space.

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Right now, my Chinese cousin just created his first mobile phone app to perform some work for our songs. We looked around and found no app to do exactly what we wanted how we wanted it so he build it. But we don’t exactly think of humans as we think of a created phone app now. Or do you? If you think of humans in terms of what they can do rather than who they are and can become, then we must really think about your genre of capitalism. A capitalist god would do anything to get his work done as we have seen play out on the planet. A capitalist god would dumb down a human’s intellectual capacity and reduce its self-awareness possibility just to keep it busy oiling the industrial wheels of capitalism. It is what the global market represents today, moving towards making machines out of human beings who are drafted into the workforce in exchange for a paycheck. Is there a better way to fulfill the parochial pledge of selling one’s soul and destiny to a devil?

Joblessness is that situation whereby a person has no work to do for another person so that they could be paid by “that” other person. It reeks of Oedipus complex as joblessness isn’t a “natural-normal” state where you can’t do something that you need for yourself by yourself. Independence and joblessness can’t happen together, those who must be jobless need to first decide to become dependent on others for their income and livelihood. If you cannot buy into that dependent-mindset, jobless isn’t a possibility for you. Neither is it a state where you can’t do something for your neighbors without being asked to do it. If you go about helping this neighbor and that neighbor just because your heart is open to doing it, joblessness isn’t a label for you. Joblessness cannot bite those who give unconditionally.

What then does it take to be really jobless? People have always thought joblessness just happens to them when they graduate from school and aren’t able to get a job. Bollocks!

You can’t be jobless as you don’t meet the criteria for being one of the many who are “proudly jobless” if you merely give yourself over to the let’s just get things done mindset. If you aspire to be truly jobless, never do things unless someone is asking you to do it for some cash reward. Joblessness is a career and it takes a lot to become certified “jobless”.

You have to throw away your personal projects, ignore your dreams, abandon your natural talents and refuse to fix problems and situations that you can just ordinarily do without being paid. How dare you follow your instinct to help a neighbor push her car when you’re not invited to give a hand? Don’t you know that such an act destroys your joblessness? Don’t you just want to be jobless enough to get hired by someone? Why would you get your hands dirty cleaning at the neighbor’s poultry when you’re really just trying to be properly recognized as a jobless person? You’re only jobless when no one has contracted you to spend your time and energy doing a task for them for which they’re willing to pay you! Basically then, joblessness can only affect those on that waiting list, those who are expecting someone else to beg them to get up and get something done. Well waiting is part of the job, in fact, it is all of the job. To stay jobless, keep waiting for the job. Simple.

If feeding yourself is why you made yourself jobless – if you have kept yourself on that waiting list just so you could earn enough money to buy yourself some food to eat – you’re not being very wise at all. In fact, you’re nowhere near wisdom. If you’re just going to sit there hoping someone somewhere has enough money to pay you so as to meet your needs, then you’re asking someone to fund your joblessness. If you convince me, I might.

It doesn’t matter that you think you’re trying to exchange your time or skills with them for the money, you’re still not being smart at all. And a smart phone doesn’t require salary but does its work. That’s why we should not measure a person by what they can do alone.

By trying to answer the question, “what can you do?” it becomes obvious you can actually do a lot than you have allowed yourself to consider, admit or do. Can you breathe, hug, kiss, pee, poo, drive, ride a bicycle, walk down the road, crawl on your behind, speak with your mouth or communicate with your bodily gestures? Can you think, dream, feel or use your imagination to just go here and there doing this and that? Sure yes you can belch!

Do not worry if anyone is paying you for doing those things or not. You were not born here so that you could be paid to live and survive. Parents don’t just go about making babies because they wanted those babies to come make money on the planet. Stop commoditizing your life as if all your abilities are for sale. Really stop.

I am just as jobless as anyone can be yet I am busier than half of those with four jobs a day. I am catered for, not by what I can do, nor by what I am currently doing but by who I am and how I give myself to being myself among other human beings on the planet. If you’re an Empath, it’s time to know that being an Empath is enough to bring in all your needs in life. If you would just go about being that Empath without depending on those you help.

I have found priceless commitments for myself in relations to real issues bedeviling the average human living experience on Earth. Who doesn’t see those needs and if I did, how should I go past them without doing something? A need exists and I am available to fill that space at that time, it doesn’t need to become an industry for me otherwise I run out of business once the situation is fully resolved. The pharmaceutical industry would die if the possibility of falling sick is removed from the human life. Would the pharma be satisfied and say, “we have ended sickness on Earth so now let’s just close shops?” Instead, they must create new sicknesses to keep themselves gainfully employed. And you by being jobless enough to depend on this kind of industry, make those industries thrive because they thrive on your ability to depend on them. So much energy vampirism going on.

It doesn’t matter that you did not employ me to preach this message neither do I need to do this because you would be paying me for it. If something needs to be done, go on and get it done. My website was self-designed because no one would do it without getting paid. Well I did it without getting paid and would probably do for someone else without getting paid too. That means I wouldn’t design a website that I personally find unnecessary. That’s the whole concept of getting things done, you get to do them because you know you should and not because someone is asking and or paying you to do it. We need to get away from this idea that someone has to strong-arm us into doing things, it’s made us do things we’d rather not do. Whether it is doing dishes at home or doing laundry for your spouse, go on and do it because you are convinced it has to be done.

Stop using joblessness as an excuse for condoning uselessness. Make yourself useful in every way possible and feasible, it is a mindset that rewards you priceless-ly!

Are you still jobless? Congrats, now get to work!


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