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Join our Mission: Become a Student-Teacher

A disciple is a student whose training is a form of apprenticeship. Disciples are not raised in classroom settings alone, where they munch on wise words, holy verses and pages of scriptures. Theologists may do that but not us. As fellow students, we are fully and intentionally surrendered to the will of God. It is the only process for students of The Shepherd Way to attain spiritual excellence.

Joining our mission requires that you have any type of one-on-one encounter with us, online or offline. But the real work that leads to your acceptance into The Shepherd Way studentship is done on the spiritual plane. As divinely ordained priests, we prayerfully take your matter before our Good Master and God-King, Jesus Christ. The Divine Godhead then opens a new chapter about you because now, it is clear to Heaven that we have decided to care for you. By doing this, we take full responsibility for your spiritual progress like an army that has just recruited a soldier. Your success becomes our priority which is why we get personal with you, creating necessary success rituals to produce your success story.

“We take full responsibility for your spiritual progress as one of us. Your success becomes our priority. We immediately setup necessary success rituals that will produce your success story in life!”

Finally, as you get a hang of what Church The Shepherd Way is all about and have fully realized your spectacular role within our mission, you become a partner with us for the benefit of other persons. This makes you a co-teacher with us, while you also remain a student of The Shepherd Way like everyone of us. Learning never stops! We are student-teachers because our lifestyle is totally based on our obedience to the Holy Spirit. We shall continually receive instructions hence students of our Lord and God-King and practice them, hence teachers of our God-Kind. This is our path of enlightenment and lifestyle so if you think you’re ready for a life transforming journey of personal spiritual soul development, we are happy to help you.

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