Letter To Second Wives


Reasons Women Go Into Polygamy

  1. Some men lie to women about being married, luring the women into polygamy.
  2. Some women were specifically told by spiritual ministers to go and marry into polygamy if they expect to have a peaceful home.
  3. Some women are in polygamy because someone else married their rightful husband before them and they had to marry him anyways, becoming the second.
  4. Some women are in polygamy to learn such lessons of life which they could never learn elsewhere in life.
  5. Some were themselves born into polygamous homes hence they do not see anything wrong in a polygamous family setting.
  6. Some even hated polygamy so deeply until the man they truly find worthy to call husband is a married man and then, they had to let go of their initial bias, hatred and judgmental attitudes to stay with the one whom their heart truly embraces.
  7. Yet for some, marrying a man who is already married was just their way of keeping a low profile so that they are clearly married and no longer have to deal with the temptations of countless men who chase them around.
  8. Those who went after married men for the sake of benefiting from his riches and comfortable life also know themselves.

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