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Mothers Have no holidays (A Poem)

By October 24, 20202 Comments


Surrounded by daughters and sons

The sound of crying babies and lullabies

Mothers have no holidays


Surrounded by chores and the world

The dishwasher sings and beds get laid

And the foods don’t cook themselves

Mothers have no holidays


Surrounded by needy husbands and flirts

Men always come calling, ogling and begging

A woman is just a thing to have they think

A wife never graduates from being sought after

Mothers have no holidays


Surrounded by dreams and passions unmet

Her heart beats for new songs and a music band

Servers of her will forever fail to come early to work

Hearers of her soul vibes often too deaf to comprehend

Everyone but you and me know a mother is a god

Mothers have no holidays

I dedicated this poem to my baby (wife) and baby-mama (mother of our babies) Destiny Lukia.


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  • You’re superSweet honey

    You’re so honourable in the way you appreciate everyone around you

    You’re magnificent like the light that brightens the day and that which illuminates the night

    You’re the true Shepherd in the Shepherdway

    I’m delighted to have you as my Man forever.

    • Here is our endless smiles showcased to the worlds
      Smiles birthed not by the abundance of material comfort
      But from a joy too deep to be expressed by mere words
      Thank you for being a reminder of what Her Majesty Our Mother IS!
      Always and All Ways

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