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Last night a brother, who regularly tuned into my radio show asked me to interpret a dream for him. I listened to his dream and in the interpretation, we both realized. “Brother, can you see how Heaven has already prepared you to gracefully fulfill your destiny without much stress?” Yes, he affirms. “But you still need to surrender yourself to God, unless you’re willing to be a failure!”

Isn’t that the most difficult part of everything? He asked. Yes it is. But it’s only difficult when we lose sight of the benefits or when we fail to trust in the immeasurable wisdom and love of the One behind it all. Do you think you might perhaps love yourself more than the Lord Jesus loves you? No, he affirms. What about wisdom, is it possible you might have a better idea of how things should go than the Holy Spirit does? Again, he says, No. We all face the same questions. One thing is sure though, God knows better and we always need to have clarity, otherwise we feel like fools following unclear nudges even when we are clearly doing right for God!

How can you experience this human life with full clarity so that questions of doubts, anxieties and worries are forever settled?

Pay attention to your visions, revelations and dreams. Always get an interpretation from a spirit-filled source or from God.

Act on the present knowledge you have received from God. This prepares you for greater revelation knowledge.

Treasure the Holy Spirit with all your heart and you’ll see just how intimately close-knit you are with God every moment of your life.

When I really treasure something or someone, how do I relate with it or them?

As you can see, it’s a personal question with a slightly different answer for everyone. But the core that connects all our unique answers is the word, CARE.

Whatever you treasure, you care about.

Whatever you treasure, you care for.

There’s no way you’d treasure something or someone and be careless about them. It just doesn’t work that way.

Treasuring the HOLY SPIRIT means you will no longer ignore the promptings of the HOLY SPIRIT.

You just can’t help but attend to the Holy Spirit with utmost care. You will not only pay attention but will take caution not to misbehave towards the Holy One. So then it’s clear. Begin to care for the HOLY SPIRIT with all your heart by wanting whatever the Holy Spirit wants and refusing whatever the Holy Spirit refuses. This is all your ever need to do and your entire human life would fulfill its destiny.

DECIDE: From this moment onward, treasuring and caring for the HOLY SPIRIT is what I do for a living. Amen?


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