Nigeria’s 2023 Election and the Cost of Ignorance!

Nigeria’s 2023 Election and the Cost of Ignorance!

Nigeria’s 2023 election is here and the usual crazies have begun:

  • People are protesting peacefully on the streets, gunned down by Nigeria’s trigger-happy police force.
  • Did the gun-blast really say, ‘happy elections!?’ Or ‘to hell with you!’?
  • The helter-skelter begins, people seeking shelter from stray bullets sprayed from guns purchased with taxpayers’ monies.
  • Man down! (Insert angry emoji here) Somebody please help! They are shooting at us!
  • A shaky voice: Who was shot this time? Was it a child, a woman or anyone we might know?
  • Another frustrated voice: But why are they shooting at us, is it a crime to protest peacefully in this effing country!?
  • No F-word please. Thank you!

Then the unprintable crisis go full blown like a bloody night of moon-mated zombies. Our social media pages start to breathe fire with fiery news and bile-ridden comments. The people are talking but who listens to the voices of angry netizen? Even if they are professional broadcasters, street-conscious celebrities and social media influencers – no one.

…and since no one is listening, we write international bodies to please call our crazy government to order! No insults please, thank you. How can you say our government is mad without saying we all are mad? Hmm true. Buh… But wasn’t that what we did the last time, write international bodies to come talk to our deaf government? We’ve been doing that for a long time with no reliable response from the Nigerian government? I therefore like to think, with all due respect, that it is the people of Nigeria that are mad! Like seriously mad o.

Madness they say, is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein

For once, let’s try a different approach. Yea, this is why I’m writing; to set mad heads straight!

The Nigerian Power Game: This is how it is played and how not to lose?

I’m talking political power here, not the lack of electric power supply which we are clearly known for worldwide. Let me show you something interesting about Nigeria’s political power tussle and how you can be one of the winners. Cool, right?

Think of it as the World Cup Game where most countries couldn’t pass the qualifier stage because the game wasn’t designed for everyone to win. A qualifying series was setup from the outset with one mission: to eliminate countries that are not prepared to win.

Are you prepared to win?

Winning is NOT for everyone and this is a humbling fact. Please ignore those motivational speakers talking to you about something they call, win-win. It doesn’t work that way here!

In the game of life, many will be intentionally injured just to slow them down from getting a chance. An opponent will gladly take the red card after making sure the striker is paralyzed.

Some of you will be cheated out of this game because you’re just too good to be beaten. Do not expect your opponent to treat you nicely because fair-play is not promised. Don’t wait for it but if you did get fair-play, congratulations! Don’t sit there waiting to be fairly treated.

Like the highly competitive world cup, Nigeria’s political power game was designed for major contenders to compete while the Nigerian people act as spectators, cheering their favorite players to go on and win. And true to expectations of the colonial psychologist, Nigerians love their political leaders! Nigerians will defend those who steal their monies at all cost. We are a truly wonderful people aren’t we? Or at least so we have been famously described by anyone seeking to inflate our ego to gain cheap advantages of we, and our resources. You’ll think the people are enjoying some massive benefits from these politicians but no, Nigerians just love to celebrate achievers and politicians are some of the most daring Nigerian cats!

In Nigeria’s political power banditry, the regional (north, south, east and west) power blocs compete to win. Hence, those who fail to see how the 2023 election is a zonal game are like those football fans who watch the EUFA league with no specific club to support. In their shoes, you simply enjoy the game and feel like a winner no matter who wins. We get carried away by the electoral crazies and that’s enough entertainment to go another four years of, well, hell. Then hate those who defend their power blocs while we ordered more popcorn.

Politicking is a game!

Playing for your national team at the World Cup is not the same as playing for your football club. The Brazilian national footballer must fiercely oppose his Chelsea teammates when they eventually meet at the World Cup. This game is about defending your nation, and for that reason, your football club membership is nothing but cheap sentiment in the equation.

In a similar way, a Northern Muslim must oppose a Southern Muslim when it comes to Nigeria’s presidential zoning game. Religion in politics is cheap sentiment but we keep playing that card against ourselves, thus scoring own-goals. Hat-tricks, by tricked-hearts!

Members of the same political parties must also oppose each other to defend their own regional power blocs in politics. This is why the G5 governors continue to wage war against the presidential candidate of PDP, Atiku Abubakar of the northern bloc.

In the 2023 election game, your religion and political party membership are cheap sentiments. You must focus on nation building and that nation is first, your sub-region/sub-nation. Until you understand this fact, you’re never going to win a thing in today’s Nigeria.

Vote your Zone, Don’t be a Zombie!

In the Nigerian political power game, many sub-nations are at war. Each sub-nation wants to hold the highest seat at the Aso Rock Villa. Some of the concerned sub-nations are the Yoruba Nation occupying six Nigerian states, the Arewa Nation, the Biafra Nation and several others. You don’t know how important this is until you realize that many sub-nations have been relegated into political extinction where they must simply vote others to rule them!

When your sub-nation grabs the highest power in Nigeria, it becomes extremely easy for your people to actually enjoy some of Nigeria’s resources which may be driven towards the development of your sub-nation. This sub-nation is what politicians refer to as zoning.

Why Should I Vote My Sub-Nation when Nigeria is One Nation?

By design, the Nigerian President has some Executive Powers to influence certain things for the benefit of his sub-nation. Similar to how you could hear Qur’an recitations during the 2022 World Cup hosted by Qatar, an Islamic Nation. Let Rome host the same World Cup and the Pope’s religion will be honoured during the show for this is how the power game works!

Even if you wish to change how this power game is presently played, you’ll first need to land a good win in the present one. Otherwise your loudest voice is treated as a meaningless noise in the marketplace of opinions. All Nigerian political players know this fact and that is why you must, as a Nigerian become educated on how to defend your sub-nation.

If you fail to defend your political sub-region, your unborn children will have you and themselves to blame. This is why Alhaji Atiku Abubakar continues to play it hard against Governor Nyesom Wike even though both of them are friends outside their 2023 election interests. The two only disagree based on sub-national interests. Politics in today’s Nigeria is still largely about where you come from so if you continue to deny this fact, you’re the loser.

Take a moment to consider the ancient and almost ceaseless opposition that has been going on between the spiritual forces of darkness and the force of light in this universe. Are we saying that light-beings, with all their powers, are so unable to totally vanquish and decimate every dark being out there? No! They definitely can but if you destroy your siblings just because they offend you with their dark arts, you will end up darkening your own heart!

In the game of life, the light and the dark complement each other just like nighttime and daytime. This is how you also must think of political oppositions. They are necessary for people to be able to choose and determine their political destinies. Hence, Governor Nyesom Wike will publicly fight and humiliate members of his own political party, the PDP just to corner something back for his people in the eastern political bloc and sub-region. These guys know what they’re fighting for. Do you know what you’re fighting against?

Maybe you’re just a righteous Christian who wants the Lord Jesus Christ to become Nigeria’s Next President or a devout Muslim who wants the Prophet Mohammed (SWT) to rule Nigeria. Your desires are valid but first, you must realize that in the democracy of today’s Nigeria, it strongly depends on where your Jesus or Mohammed comes from. A sad fact? Yes.

Indeed, Christians can only visit Jerusalem while Muslims flock to Mecca because those two cities are believed to represent the religious ideologies of their ultimate leaders, Jesus and Mohammed. If Jesus was from Nigeria, you can imagine where the Holy Land would be!

2023 Election is about your Sub-Region

In today’s Nigeria, you are fighting against a group of rogue politicians who have no allegiance to any sub-nation whatsoever. We’re talking sociopath politicians who prefer to grab power for themselves and share Nigeria’s resources with members of their political secret cults. And by so doing, cabals are formed. Like canker-worms, eating at your destiny!

The sociopath politician comes to you talking about how they’re from your political sub-region but look closely, they do not care about your sub-region. Psst! They don’t even believe in the existence of your sub-nation because to them, we are one Nigeria which exists for their pockets and stomachs alone. These greedy lots are staunch political entrepreneurs.

In the 2023 elections, you must vote against political entrepreneurs as they are your most dangerous opponents in today’s Nigeria political power game.

Shepherd Godsbaby Osifeko

The 1999 Nigerian Constitution (as amended) strongly favours the northern sub-region of Nigeria in the political power game. Like a rigged referee, the Nigerian constitution turns a blind eye on offside so that the northern power blocs could always get an easy win. Yet this political power fraud happened because the constitution was influenced by a northerner who understands and enjoys playing the political power game to elevate his own sub-nation!

If the man in question wasn’t being loyal to his sub-nation, he wouldn’t have cornered the resources of an entire nation to favour his people. And while many would call him a tribal bigot, he does not care what outsiders call him. Those from his political sub-nation call him hero, messiah and divine helper! Argue with them in their sub-nation and they’ll kill you.

Loyalty to one’s sub-nation is why most northern people continue to vote anyone whose agenda is to make the northern sub-nation more prosperous. They don’t care if you’re from their sub-region or not, they would love you to make sure that they and they alone continue to get every good political appointment in Nigeria. Especially if you will allow them continue enjoying the best of Nigeria’s resources as if it’s their birthright, they will die for you!

This is what they want in the North where it is believed that Nigeria exists simply to cater for them. They will negotiate with you if you can give them what they want. If you refuse to treat them as the Special Ones, they will massively vote against you. Don’t get emotional about it as they are being realistic in playing the political power game of today’s Nigeria.

But Think Again: If God truly scattered the language of humankind in ancient times, wouldn’t God be cool to see you defend the development of your sub-nation or mother-tongue? How would the entire planet develop if we all gather on one tiny island pretending to be One People of Earth!? This power game is both global and universal. Politics is divine! Let that sink.

In Nigeria, anyone who honours the northern people, making them feel untouchable, will get their votes. If you can treat them as if they’ve been divinely chosen and blessed to keep enjoying Nigeria’s wealth, then you will be their candidate and best friend. They don’t care if your own sub-nation rots in hell, as long as you treat the north like royalties. They don’t play that type of sentimental politics where you get their votes just because you’re from their sub-nation. No, never! They’ll stone and call you ‘cursed’ if you go against their interest, this is why the political class from up north play the game in the interest of their sub-nationality!

Standing on that premise, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar continues to insult other sub-nations and his people will continue to love him. They will never think of him as a disrupter of national unity and peace. Even if he is the devil, they say to him, ‘you are our devil, so we vote you!’

Northern Nigeria will vote Atiku Abubakar out if he tries to honour other sub-nations above his own. If you are from the north but wish to take Nigeria’s political power for your personal benefits and for your friends, the north will vote against you. This type of sub-national political unity goes a long way to show that the Almajiris of Northern Nigeria are more politically literate than these professors of Eastern, Southern or Western Nigeria.

Disunity weakens your sub-nation in today’s Nigeria but the north will sponsor your disunity.

MAIN LESSON: Just because someone is from your sub-region doesn’t make them the right candidate for you to vote. If any politician goes about saying, ‘I have no bias for my sub-region’, do not believe them. Buhari once said, ‘I’m for everyone and for no one’, but today we all know Buhari is for his sub-nation, the Fulani Caliphate! We cannot call the president a liar so let’s just say, he was speaking in parables. Are you going to vote in parables too?

Buhari, you do not need to hate him but feel free to hate him if that’s what you want. But Buhari’s people would rather die defending him than let you insult their superhero. Just a word of caution there, and to be clear, the Fulanis are not dying for Buhari in particular. They are instead, dying to defend their sub-nation whose interest Buhari represents.

Now isn’t that what we have always described as representative politicking!?

Consequently, Buhari may have no house in England but certainly, a kingdom awaits him in Niger Republic where his people are happy to celebrate him. Your sub-nation is your home zone. As you vote in the 2023 elections, choosing your next presidential candidate, governor, senator, house of assembly representative or local government officer holders, ask yourself:

  • Would this person ensure that my sub-region prospers above others?
  • Has this person shown that he or she is loyal to my sub-nation?
  • Is this fellow a type that corners wealth for himself, his family, his childhood friends and those who consider him their mentor alone?
  • Could this person have become foolishly committed to those of other sub-nations through many secretly negotiated deals that would make it utterly impossible for him to favour our sub-region above those of such other sub-nations?

Your goal in today’s Nigeria and in the 2023 elections in particular, is to realize that anyone who would not develop his or her own political sub-region is NOT your friend. Vote against them and convince all your friends to vote them out. Traitors are the worst kind of evils.

Those who abandon their sub-nation to develop other sub-regions must also pocket enough resources for themselves in the process. For having betrayed their sub-nation, it’s only logical that they build for themselves and their families, several homes abroad. So that when they leave office, they won’t have to face those people in whose name they have just robbed the nation, Nigeria. Why would you vote against yourself and be considered not-mad?

Do not vote politicians who value foreign nations and other sub-nations above your own.

They run abroad for checkups, invest in foreign currencies and stash monies in foreign accounts. They cannot point to investments that they have put in place for your sub-nation or theirs to benefit. But they will try to use your sub-nationality as a meal ticket. Ah! Okay.

Consequently, when a candidate from the Eastern, Southern or Western Nigeria is being massively supported by those in the Northern sub-nation, it is because that fellow has sold himself to the North. They only support him to continue making them enjoy Nigeria’s wealth!

Conversely, when the north is rejecting a candidate, it is because that candidate has refused to buy into their northern sub-national interests. You should respect that candidate because he or she, if voted, is likely to shift power to other sub-nations or at least, to his own. That kind of person would be a fair enough candidate to vote in today’s Nigerian power tussle.

If the game gets differently designed in the future, all well and good but for today and right now, Nigeria is still playing the sub-national power politics. That is how you also must respond with your voting power!

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Finally to you, wonderful people of Nigeria and those of you who like to throw sentiments around when political matters are being discussed. It is time to stop being a spectator. You don’t have to vie for any political office before you can play in this power game. You can use your mouth, your money and your vote to play this game if you wish to bring victory home to your sub-region. Take note I said “your sub-region” and not, your tribe.

In this game, your mouth and money are more powerful than your vote because you can only have one vote but with your mouth and money, you can influence millions of votes! Thus, the social media became a powerful tool in playing this political power game.

More so, all media houses exist to sell someone’s agenda to you. It depends on who the concerned media house is working for or who is paying them to talk. Make no mistake about it, money and more money has a way of making media houses become paid town-criers. If you, the people are not clear about your sub-nation’s agenda, you are at best, happy losers.

  • Gather your people together and make it clear why they must vote against that selfish, nuclear-family-serving and friends-centered political candidate who wishes to use Nigeria and your sub-nation as sex slaves.
  • Help your people vote against any candidate who won’t make your sub-nation more prosperous. For while Nigeria was absent at the just concluded 2022 World Cup, most Nigerians wished for another African nation to win. This may seem a natural thing but wherever the World Cup goes, investments must follow. This therefore is how Nigerians must think of politics too. But losers will always war against their own people. Then shall they and their unborn children remain subdued and politically irrelevant in Nigeria!

No be say I dey swear o buhh… If you doubt my argument, go study the Jewish people who continue to hold powerful positions across the planet, Earth. Enough said. Go and win!

Comment below and try not to fight.


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