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Our Welcome Address

The Shepherd Way welcomes you to a world of enlightened lifestyle treatments, where you’re empowered to make decisions based on what works best, not only in the interest of the now, but works best for you permanently. Spiritual sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here. If it’s not spiritually sustainable, we tend to side-step it unless we are so weak that we must admit our inability to choose life over death. We hope it never comes to that!

The Shepherd Way believes that right questions and correct answers are the locks and keys of life. So we encourage you to relax and let yourself be satisfied with real-life answers that Google, ChatGPT and others cannot offer you. We make bold to say this because:

  1. Our answers do not restrict you to human experience or thoughts.
  2. Our answers are not designed to gas you up with false, feel-good motivations.
  3. Our answers will force you to find and follow your life-path.
  4. Our answers will empower you to fulfill your original purpose for coming or being sent to Earth.

Even if you prefer to hide, our answers will find you out but of course, we have no answers until you ask the right question(s). So ask as you please.

We are Extra-Humans on Earth, bringing clarity to our human soul families, especially those in the following categories:

  1. THE MISFITS – human souls who though came in joyfully, to experience earth-life but now feel out of place on the planet, stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Those who are now severely misdiagnosed by the established chaotic order, your human governments.
  2. THE PRISONERS – who came to express spiritual freedom, and to inspire the psychosocial ascension of the human race, but are now in need of support from we who are your friends from forever, to produce a shared-victory for everyone of us, humans and extra-humans alike.
  3. THE DAREDEVILS – who simply can’t wait to hijack the future like we did, long, long ago and are tirelessly and restlessly seeking new ways to download a divine blueprint and implement it flawlessly as a new paradigm for earth-life. It is time!

We are extra-humans who came back to you from the future, yes from your bright future. But you see, we share in your present sufferings too, because right now, we live among you – stationed everywhere on the planet from nation to nation. We are blacks, whites, reds and everything in between. Yet we are intrinsically something deeper than our human appearances give away. We therefore encourage you also to look within for the true you and be ready to Shine!

We do not share in the frustrations of those who easily surrender to oppressors. We are resilient time machines, extremely desperate to see the end of all dark forces and the end of those who pretend to be of the light but are just busy blinding the awareness of our people from genuine spiritual clarity. Do not be easily offended should you find our violent ambition somewhat unsettling. This passionate drive is not the personal property of any of us, it is the pulse of life. But we are always willing to take responsibility for whatever it is we have allowed life put forward through us, missionary agents of the greater force.

The Shepherd Way will show you things which most people do not wish to know. For by showing you these deep secrets, we give you a chance to choose wisely: whether to thrive above your human skin, or to keep excuses for your failures, fears and fantasies? The choice here is indeed yours to make!

Yes, we are the Renewed World Order (RWO) of Divine Light. Extra-Humans!


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