Believe it or not, you are truly special to GOD. Well not just you. So am I and so are all our enemies. A woman might not like her husband to treat her as he treats other women, GOD is not a woman. A husband might desire that his wife should love none else except himself, GOD is not represented by such a jealous and self-centered character!

Everyone is special to GOD who discerns and pays special attention to the present state of each person. GOD also knows the intrinsic quality of each person’s personality and by this intrinsic personality, GOD determines what to basically expect of us. As you’re not exactly like me, GOD doesn’t judge you by using me as a standard against you. We’re all children of GOD yet you’re not me and I am not you. Would it hurt you to see that GOD actually knows and treats each child specially? If you have ten children, wouldn’t you rather treat each as a unique entity? Why then are we surprised to see that GOD plays no favoritism between us and those who oppose us? GOD doesn’t kill your enemies for you to live! That’s not GOD okay? It may be your spirit guides, ancestors or any of your other nonhuman allies but that is certainly not the Original GOD. Everyone reaps what they sow and if GOD didn’t sow it for you, why expect that GOD should reap it for you? I sow, I reap. You sow, you reap. GOD breathes on whatever we sow, it grows and we harvest it by ourselves and for ourselves or else, it rots. If we sow nothing, GOD also breathes on that.

GOD is not in the business of looking around in search of what to breathe upon. GOD IS THE BREATHING BREATH, always and forever! That’s how the principle works, it doesn’t change just because Jesus is passing by nor because Godsbaby is singing louder than everyone else. If you want something from GOD, you already have it!


Principles Have No Feelings

Yes so make your desire very clear. Do not muddle desires up with doubts. Go straight to the point about what your desire really is. After that, you may sow a seed of ACTION. Take note however that any ACTION is fine even if it doesn’t appear related to your desire. It is not by giving someone N20,000 or $20 that you get GOD to give you N2,000,000 or $2,000. That sort of mercantilism formula is not necessary but you may do something, and that, whatever you’re inspired to do. What actually works is the intention behind it. Do you presently want a car? Fine. Invest whatever you have at hand to fertilize that desire, even if it’s just a matchstick. You want a wife? Do something for it even if it means sleeping an extra hour tonight. That ACT is just a manure, it’s the cow dung or universal bullshit that somehow has the ability to make your desire manifest quickly. It doesn’t have to be blood sacrifice! Don’t buy those stories from the sleepy-headed gods who go about about asking that you make blood sacrifices.

The principles work, not the material elements involved in the experiment. After you’ve made your DESIRE clear and have added whatever ACTION you’re inspired to add. The next thing is to wait till the result comes out for you! Do not claim that GOD turned a deaf ear on you or that GOD didn’t answer. Just admit you didn’t wait properly for it. And yes, waiting is an art, those who learn it will deliver a most beautiful result. WAIT FOR IT. Don’t hurry away just to get an alternative. You’re never gonna get it that way. You must WATER your DESIRE with your EXPECTATION.

Every desire is a seed, expecting it waters it. The desire itself is the only seed you need to sow. Expect (water) it to mature but if you add another action (manure) to it, you have reinforced the original seed (desire). Apply this spiritual principle and see it manifest, whether in marriage, at work or in your personal life. It never fails! Good luck with it.