#Emilokan by SOUL MAGI

Sound of
the future

I wrote #Emilokan, the song to agree with you that YES, your time for greater success is here. NOW sing along with me and don’t be afraid to scream it out LOUD to the world – “IT’S MY TURN TO SHINE”!

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Can I Share My Secret with You?

“I draw inspiration from my moments of silence and my crazy moments too. Sadness, heartbreaks and just about anything makes me sing. Sometimes I receive new songs in my dreams or just paying attention to nature and animals. There’s music in every situation and story, my magic is to hear and echo them so you can feel it.”


"Good music promotes sustainable soul energy, so I keep my vibrations pure for all of us."
- Soul Magi


"True magic is natural to every soul; it's your ability to become better than your best self."
- Soul Magi


"Vain is that success and greatness which falls down and is unable to reproduce itself in others." - Soul Magi

Emi Lokan Album Art By Soul Magi

There are many ways to learn a new language and connect with new human tribes across the planet, music is one of them. Join over 50 million people singing and chanting #Emilokan all over the internet. Experience the transformative power of your own voice as you strengthen humanity with your positive vibe! Watch the video below to catch the #Emilokan Karaoke Train and make awesome friends!

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