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Soul Magic

Soul and Magic are two powerful, ancient words. Some think the two words should never be mentioned together but their concern is a sign of fear on an instinctive level. Naturally, male animals gravitate towards the female so much that shepherds often use a sheep to keep a ram trapped to a spot. The principle at work between these male and female energy consciousnesses is rhythm. This same rhythmic flow is how Soul and Magic are forever one and the same, even as are all male and female energies. Without Magic, there can’t be Soul and without Soul, there cannot be Magic for Magic is Soul and Soul is Magic!

The Shepherd Way introduces you to an ‘Enlightenment and Lifestyle’ journey of wholeness (or holiness), guided by our trusted guide, the Whole (or Holy) Spirit. Soul Magic is how we fulfill that promise to ourselves and to you, my friend. Your life is magical and by every stretch of your imagination, more magic is created because imagination is image-in-action.

Your mind produces these images through thoughts, feelings, desires and beliefs to name a few. This sublime yet natural, intuitive act of creating mental images makes you a mage. Yes, it takes a mage to birth an image and the mage in you does just that!

Soul is the Mage or, the Magi. Hence, the real magician is your Soul and every soul is born out of magic. Pure magic, performed by God. We are natural, cosmic magicians experiencing life through the magic of beingness, across all spectrum of possible living expression. That is, in numerous forms.

Today, as souls created and birthed by God, we have carried on in the same timeless tradition of working and performing magic in diverse ways. We manipulate genes, we manipulate numbers, manipulate the life of plants and animals and we also manipulate ourselves to fit into whatever reality we believe to be true.

Belief is a powerful key to producing any type of magic, although some magical rituals are so rhythmic it seems like we didn’t have to believe it but yes, we did. If you say to someone, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’ you have expressed a silent believe in the possibility of waking up tomorrow in a world where not everyone would wake up. It is laughable when so-called spiritual people speak down on beliefs or call them religious beliefs.

Your beliefs are the keys to living your real life so whether you like religion or not, you can use its keys to unlock greatness within your soul. You didn’t need to kiss the elevator to use it, you just did. You didn’t have to worship your mobile phone before you could have one, it’s a trend and you just followed. It’s the same with religious waves, you don’t need to worship that religion itself. You can pull its strings to unlock some of the things that have been long-trapped inside your soul through un-beliefs and forgetfulness.

And now it must be said, The Shepherd Way approaches the magical traditions of all religions in a way that differs from all Abrahamic religions.

In the end, you will realize just as we have, that worship is one of the most powerful keys to soul growth and it is why our African Ancestors sought to worship many things and beings including trees, deities, objects and shrines to name a few. Why because that part of us which seeks to worship also deserves and demands to be worshiped and the only way to balance out that energy is worship and be worshiped. Ultimately, this translates into love and be loved, however the word, worship works better than the word love in doing the spectacular work of unveiling our soul magic.

True worship is an expression of love, we do not expect you to worship our Good Master, Jesus Christ until you have both found and loved Him. For this reason, we do not ask you to make a confession of Jesus Christ as your Lord before you can start enjoying the benefits that derive from our relationship with His Majesty, the Lord-King Jesus Christ.

We now live in a world where religious entities try to sell us a commercialized version of God, which is why some of them have tried to trademark the Holy (Whole) Spirit of God, making it look like something you needed their permission to receive. Such lies come from religious entrepreneurs whose aim for gains is similar to the venture capitalists and oil thieves of this world. They all seek to hook you to a negotiation that enslaves you to them but here at The Shepherd Way, we offer you simple and down-to-earth explanations for all spiritual mysteries from ‘Ascension’ (or rapture) to ‘Abundance’ (health and wealth).

The Key to Soul Magic

Poverty, even material poverty is a symptom of untreated psyche, either of the poor or of the poor in agreement with fellow creators of the poverty condition. Poverty is a conditioning of your soul to the idea of limitations and in particular, the idea of a limited resources.

Do you truly believe that life’s resources are limited in nature? If you believe in limited resources, your resources shall be limited because as earlier said, your belief is a powerful key to lock and unlock yourself into realities. But if you’re wondering, let me assure you that no resources are ever limited in life. All natural resources are infinitely abundant and equally available to each and everyone of us. Just as each one has twenty hours each day while some would die before exhausting today’s twenty four hours, the Earth and the Heavens have so much to offer us yet many of us would die without receiving those blessings.

Do you wish to enjoy the blessings of the Earth and the Heavens? You must first come to terms with the realities of both realms with Earth as your feminine realm of life and the Heavens as a mix of masculine, feminine and androgynous worlds. This understanding is very pivotal to your expression of true desires and victories over limitations. This is why your Mastery of Soul Magic is at the heart of everything we do here on The Shepherd Way.

A powerful soul should never be poor. If you claim to be poor, I will ask you to Take-Back-Your-Soul-Power because poverty is a sign you’re misusing your soul’s gifts. Your soul is an abundance of wealth-creating resources. Poverty is an insult!

EL, Soul Magi

As part of our soul magical traditions here at The Shepherd Way, we entertain and entrain you with our gift of soul music. But by soul music, we do not speak of the common sexy genre, not that we have anything against that but for clarity, what we mean by soul music is soul conscious music.

Through sounds, vibrations and melodies, we provide you some of our powerful entrainment music products to help you balance and rebirth yourself as a perfect magical avatar of God. We do not need to make cheap promises about your potential success on this music journey, listening to some of our unusual songs here should show you what you’re likely to be getting.

More so, soul growth always depends on the enlightened choices and the lifestyle decisions that you make as you improve your life. Everything matters. Do not to downgrade yourself through self-pity. You are responsible for your life here and after so wake up and master your soul magic today!

The Shepherd Way is a timeless journey of ELder Souls and Extra Humans visiting Earth as Angels, Magis and Builders of the Mother Planet, Earth for all of us.


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