Spell Casting for the Greater Good (WPS #1)

Tell someone how beautiful they are and watch their heart suddenly brighten up with happiness.

Now tell them how disappointed you are in their person and see their countenance crash into sad pieces.

It works like magic because words are the key to unlock every soul’s magic. Whether the word is spoken from within or from without, the result is the same. Soul Magic Words can transform your soul into almost anything! This is why you must watch what you think or say!

Your words are your spells. They bind things, people and yourself together. The negative words you speak to others leaves an emotional string that links their feeling of sadness back to you. Wherever you go, the invisible string goes with you like chains tied to a monkey’s waist.

The Shepherd Way

It would be better for you to die from the pain of a bitter truth, than keeping yourself alive in the warmth of sweet deceitfulness!

You may not agree with these words today but remember, not every bitter thing is poisonous and not every poison tastes bad!

The GOSPEL is a show of GOD’S maintenance culture, wherein the CREATOR speaks to HIS creation, a message that will save the creation from expiration. Thus making you, the new, immortal creation!


“Find the true GOSPEL today and marry your soul to it for life!”

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