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Support Our Vision: Be A Caregiver

Caring is the center of everything we do at The Shepherd Way Church

Giving is at the center of everything we do. To love is to give life to all. We give care, in tangible, physical forms such as a loaf of bread to a hungry brother, a mind-body healing massage to a distressed fellow, payment of hospital bills for a sick one, intercessory prayers for those going through spiritual battles. Or give care in dating the lonely, who are without lovers. Our intention is one; to care for life in every life-form, human, plants, animals and other earth-bodies.

We do not discriminate your source of income, but we appreciate gift that come from a place of genuine care for our mission on, and vision of Earth. The kind of world we envision for Earth requires people to be fully involved. We are therefore raising families, friendship groups and communities of people, who are committed to the enlightened lifestyle. In these small circles, we ensure to improve our eating habits and physical health, upgrade our thinking and reasoning culture for mental health, develop our personal characters for emotional wholeness, and redefine our business and social lives to match the same principles of an enlightened lifestyle on Earth. We shun ambitions that are opposing to God’s will for Earth and where we find ourselves guilty of such vanities, we take responsibility for our follies, calling for divine help and the help of our fellows to get us above the dark clouds. We achieve our vision of Earth by cooperating in God’s will.

“We improve our eating habits, upgrade our thinking and reasoning culture, develop our personal characters, and reset our business and social lives to produce in ourselves, the enlightened lifestyle.”

Finally, we have many project-paths that are born out of our collective focus on the spiritual singularity agenda of a one world that united in the Holy Spirit, through the name of Jesus Christ our God-King. We have musical projects, writing projects, creative designing projects, building projects, training projects, healing and rehabilitation projects, sustainability projects and planting projects among many others. You may support our vision through each or any of these projects. Bankrolling an entire project or sponsoring a tiny part of it is a great way to invest and be invested in the Greater Earth. This is what we are about at Church The Shepherd Way. If your heart resonates with our vision for Earth, send us a note using the below form or send us donations through any of the payment gateways below. Thank you!

Bank Name: Sterling Bank
Bank Account Number: 0065135364
Bank Account Name: Shepherd Godsbaby Osifeko

If you have difficulty using the above payment option, please understand we are doing our best to make your support possible. If you send an email to or click the green button dangling below. We will find an option that work for you. Welcome on board!


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