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If Tupac says, “It’s me against the world”, imagine what Jesus Christ would say as a hip-hop rap artist? Personally speaking, if my human life was a rap song, it’s titled, “Me against the gods” because take an objective look at them and you realize, these are no gods at all.

If a Christian is someone who agrees that he was born into iniquity, who then hears the gospel about how Jesus Christ came to die so that I can be saved by his death and resurrection, then I am no Christian. And neither would Jesus qualify to be called a Christian too because even he doesn’t believe in the gospels peddled about him on the planet.

Like Jesus, I too do not need to “just believe” in Jesus Christ because I already know him as he was, is and always would be. Even so, I know myself in all three dimensions described, who I was, what I am, and who or what I always would be.

About me knowing Jesus, let’s begin from a timeline that is best described as “from way back”, from before Earth was formed into the soul-trap it presently is. I knew him, perhaps you do too, before both he and I came to live here together in this present lifetime. Yes, he and I presently share a body, this physical human body and not just him but with a whole family of beings and with the whole of life herself. We are here anchored in this body right now, this is not possession neither is it channeling, it is me but I am a composite of all of us. It is the same with you, it matters little if you believe this to be true. Truth is.

As a collective-individual human being, I was not born into iniquity. I’ve had several past lives on Earth, all with the same Jesus as a part of me and one in particular with him as a fellow collective-individual human being on Earth. Then we walked together though not for long, I learned a lot from him and called him “good master” which meant “good teacher” and not “good lord” or anything like that. Never was he my lord but he was my teacher, friend and my soul-mate as we share the same central heart which is, Mother. He was, is and always will be my shared-heart, my Mother’s son and by classification, my beloved uncle. This relationship spread out even to the reader, when the veil of deception and the illusion of separation is pulled apart, the truth about who we truly are prevails.

My present human lifetime was and is divinely scheduled to shatter some fruitless religious paradigms so that more human beings would unplug themselves from the deception. This does not make me anyone’s savior neither is Jesus anyone’s savior. You save yourself but more importantly and more appropriately, truth saves all who embraces her in love.

My soul configuration was and is set to counter religious lies and to unwrap its prisoners from the hypnotic hold of sermons, scriptures and lies from the sacred heart of a lying father-god figure. It won’t be a walk in the park as the lying father has more religions than one, leaving points of connection in each one but also keeping the religions distanced enough to make sure they do not agree. He is their hub and only in him do they all connect.

If anyone still assumes that Jesus actually served that self-appointed god. Wrong. He did not. Drop all such assumptions for they are mere click-baits from a religious industry. It is possible but not required for anyone to adopt Jesus as their heavenly father-figure. This subjective position is merely a functional one, not that Jesus is your “God”. He is not and need not be. The relationship between all that exists leaves a “God” out of the equation.

Knowing this much and being physically present on Earth in the middle of it, I am left with two possible options; I either pretend to be someone else so as to fit into the prevalent religious narratives or I show myself in my true color so as to represent the reality of the life that I truly am. For decades, I walked in the first option which kept me working from within the shadows of religious realities because I couldn’t bear to stand out too strongly lest I be considered a misfit. For many reasons, I couldn’t get away from my religious programming too and this is helpful to at least help me see and feel the pain of those who till date are stuck in the religious vibe, those who would rather walk away from this truth.

Decades passed by as I walked with my head tucked into my feet, cautiously lifting my head and letting my voice get heard once in a while, whenever I felt internally led and convinced to do so. Through such times which lasted a little over a decade, I gained so much or too much attention from all genre of people across the planet. Then I realized, I didn’t really want that kind of attention at all. The attention got me toppled over several times, struggling between being my true self and being the person others wanted me to be. The genuine desire to help or even save someone is a trap, stronger than anything else.

When people call you messiah, teacher, leader, master, lord, god, priest and prophet among all such things, they have merely hung their mantle of expectations on your shoulder. Unless you rebel against their assumed loyalty, you become trapped into their world, becoming a caricature of their making. This basically is how people created their gods, fitted into whatever imaginary ideas the people prefer to cherish. This was how the rogues made a caricature god figure out of Jesus, the same rebellious Jesus they so hated.

Many times I have had to painfully but gladly let those people down, sending them off to go and “become the message” instead of merely proclaiming me “their” leader. It was always tough for the people, many ended up joining any religious band that resonated with them. When that happens, I’d usually say or do nothing about it. I just allow them run their race but there has been some rare instances where some of my self-proclaimed disciples would try to setup their own spiritual movement and missions too. This has brought pains to my heart but the pains is no reason for me to buy into their mutual religious romance which is indeed nothing but a communal coitus of souls, lost within a prison planet.

I have never accepted anyone as being my good, better, best or special disciple neither have I ever asked anyone to consider me a master. The people just seem to follow you when they realize you’re one who is quite sure of your direction in life. They’d follow you just about anywhere you go even if you weren’t so sure at that time but just decided to go with the flow or with the wind of your inner guts. For many, it makes them feel “not lost” because at least they can see someone who seem serious or wise going ahead of them.

Often times, these type of self-appointed followers refuse to find their own path, instead, they prefer to “just follow” you. Chase them away and they come back to attack you as if you owe them their existence in the first place. They want power but reject empowerment.

I however could never allow that, so I always dispatch them which made many wonder why I gather only to scatter them. I knew I had to let them go “be their own light” and not just walk in my own light. Then a new era dawned and I no longer need to walk in the shadow of any religious doctrines ever again. A time to step forward declaring myself as I truly am, with no apologies to anyone. Now I have no need to feel accepted by whoever.

It is glorious enough that I present myself as I sincerely am. What other do with it is theirs.

A friend once asked, “Are you just like so weird or is this how you’ve been wired?” That’s a nice question to ask my friend but don’t think about that. You have enough of your business to worry about compadre. We can be awesome friends without trying to get into each other’s head to see through the working of each other’s mind. Really! This sort of psychological poke nosing is about gaining access into others for some level of control.

If we are able to put a label on a person, we perceive them from that narrowness and that leads to conflicts. If you really love someone that you’d wish to live inside their reality with them, well then try not to make a lab rat out of them. Stay open-minded and begin with the intention of experiencing that individual without forming unsolicited judgments about them.

When you see a flower and say “you are beautiful” or you label it “Lily”. In Lily’s reality, there may never been anything to call “beautiful”. Your so-called Lily may in fact be wishing to become just dark and lovely. The last thing Lily needs is someone trying to persuade Lily to “feel” beautiful. That’s hypnotism and it’s what the world offers you through thousands and millions of channels; books, lips, songs, television, radio and the internet.

But unless you see Lily from Lily’s point of view, your idea of Lily is false. You don’t know what it means to be Lily and so, you do not know Lily! It doesn’t matter that you’re a Grand Professor from the Super University of Lily Research. Your ignorance is just as grand!

Be an objective adventurer who knows that every shade of experience has many possible flip sides to it, be willing and committed to knowing things, situations and persons as they truly are. This is the only way that true wisdom may speak and be heard through you.

Do not be quick to judge between the pleasant and the unpleasant situations because in reality, spending enough time with yourself reveals you’re not always making the best possible decisions to bring you the utmost pleasure at a “future” time. Yet such a decision might offer you some delightfully awesome pleasure at the “present” decisive moment.

Life is an immersive journey that requires your full presence and participation as a part of life’s living expressions. If life isn’t good enough for you, what is the better option for you?

Quit living in the shadows of life, live life itself and realize that life casts no shadows on you. Only by this will you live without casting shadows on others. And while many may indeed prefer to dwell in the shadows of life – like a traveler who sits in a tree’s shade on a sunny afternoon –  your goal is to be the sunlight. Without the sunlight, there would be no trees and no tree shade for anyone to sit beneath. Now where are you in this picture?

You are light hence you’re the reason they have a tree alive in the first place. You’re not responsible for whatever shadow is cast by that tree. If the tree was transparent enough to receive and allow for an unbroken passage of light, there would be no shadows. Your brain is the tree and your “human” mind is the same tree. It is grown on Earth and implanted into your consciousness through subliminal technologies and hypnotism.

Must we keep putting labels on things and beings? We don’t know much about a thing or being until we have become one with it. Only God knows God. To know God? Be God!

Precision is key when it comes to wisdom. We need not form generic opinions about a certain tree just because we have studied many of its kind. If we insist on making generic assumptions, we are soon disappointed to discover the uniqueness of each member of that tree’s family. We cannot know much until we have learned to focus on very little. It is the principle of single-pointedness and by it, you commence a detective journey into your inner world, silently and attentively observing all that you are on the inside.

This is the way to attain proper self-knowledge and self-knowledge alone is the beginning of true learning. Without self-knowledge, all our opinions and knowledge about life is “poor judgment” of what truly is. Isn’t it alarming enough to see that upon this poor judgment, we have built great citadels of learning where we parrot our collective ignorance with an air of certified arrogance because we have devised ways to make ourselves “feel” quite wise? We make comparison between two or more subjects without realizing that our comparisons is only realistic when we compare each subject with itself. This is precision.

Whether I come across as wired or weird, thanks. But the one thing you can be sure about is that I don’t qualify to be called a Muslim either, since I refuse to kowtow before a scholarship that was built on more hear-says than on true spiritual awareness. Perhaps today I can admit, I find it hard and pointless to keep playing ball with those who know the truth but prefer to bounce along with deceptions for some survival-convenience sake.

One of my friends particularly assured me that if I continue to think, speak and live this way, I would die broke and would have suffered those around me who could have benefited from the huge wealth that could have come from my genius. I didn’t argue with him for his measure of my intelligence clearly places an obstruction on my truth. I like truth and I love being true. Being perfect is none of my business. If you are think you are perfect, it’s probably because you presently exist as a conscious collective-individual human who could never be truly moved for, moved by nor moved against any “other”. But if you can still feel genuinely offended or if you can still be hurt, your perfection is work-in-progress.

Life is stillness without being still, kindness without being kind and love without affection.

No one needs a god because really, no god is truly a God. The word “God” is only a recent invention that was introduced to Earth from some other parts of this same cosmos. In fact, only a few worlds use the word “God” and the word only exists in those worlds that are currently ruled by the same set of living beings who have colonized those worlds. Earth is one of such colonies and to be clear, Earth is actually a penitentiary planetary facility where living beings or souls are held down mostly against their freewill. Many here are and were sent to undergo certain levels of soul-engineering and spiritual programming. A rebirth which usurps the original spirit being and forges a hybrid for the master hypnotist’s control.

The “gods” did not prepare Earth for any of their more important businesses, they have several other places or worlds where commercial activities thrive far better than Earth.

In a painful way, it is hilarious when humans pour so much accolades on Earth or on Mother Earth whom they consider a very enlightened feminine soul or spirit being. But then it’s not funny at all when you already understand that Earth or Mother Earth is only a sex slave, serving a procreative jail term under the manipulative control of her “gods”. How should I know these things and pretend not to know? Wouldn’t you be baffled to see me playing cool when there is this much and even so, much more important truths to be made open?

Make no mistake about it, I did surprise myself many times when I catch myself waking up again and again from the deception thinking, “how did I get knocked over so easily when I thought I was standing right in my consciousness?” This is why I would never be offended if you decide to live in that absent-minded state where truth only exists in your dreams.

The agenda of the “gods” for Earth is to make her an organized colony, a prison planet where souls or living beings could be thoroughly broken, reformed, subdued or deformed into whatever meets the agenda of the “gods” who are also Earth’s colonial masters.

Earth was and is designed to be a disciplinary center, a place for making sure that all strong-willed spirit beings or souls are bent over and forced to obey the rules of the colony as set by her colonial masters, the “gods”. Earth is the place for mass discipleship which is why educational programs, religious leadership structures, government systems and social constructs were put in place to glorify the organized hierarchy of the “gods”.

At the top of this artificially constructed food chain are the “dogs-in-charge.” Call them lions, wolves, hyenas or any other wild cat of your choice, they are “dogs” by nature.

It doesn’t matter that a particular human being has grown so wealthy or beloved by the entire human family, neither does it matter to the “dogs” that you have become the most celebrated superstar on the planet. So long as you stay within those psycho-spiritual limits which have been artificially set for you, the “gods” are cool with all your ambitiousness.

At best, they have fun watching you play your part in the mass deception to which they have subjected the entire human family and Earth. The “dogs” are “gods” because they have colonized the planet but the “gods” are “dogs” because they came from a star system which is best described as the “Dog Star” or simply “Canine”. And just as a citizen of Nigeria is called a “Nigerian”, living beings from the Dog Star are called Dogs. Calling them “dogs” is therefore not an attempt to get in the offensive. Not yet. It isn’t derogatory to call us humans because we have that nature on Earth, although being “human” is nowhere close to our truth, it is a fact we live with today. The word “Dog” describes the “God” species.

As human, one may speak of being “humane” which is a totally different word from being “human” because “humane” is used to describe a specific character to which all humans may aspire so that all humans become “humane”. A nice psychological effect is produced by this feeling of humanness even just by thinking of it. Words, mere words but they work!

Now wouldn’t it be lovely if all human beings simply became “humane” beings? I think it would be awesome indeed but it doesn’t change the reality on ground which is that Earth is an imprisoned prison that needs be set free from being a prison planet. Oh there you go.

In a similar way, the “dog” beings of Canine Star System aspired to become “god” beings and as far as they are concerned, the greatest ambition any “dog” can attain in life is to become a “god”. This was how they invented the word “God” for their most satisfying feel-good business. “God” is a most popular buzzword for the “dogs” and they have gained control of worlds after worlds just by wielding the key-word, “god”. It’s their soul hashtag.

“God” is like a magic word which once said makes people give in easily but of course, the buzzword was created through millennials of intense marketing and public relations. “God” is the ultimate brand identity of the “Dog” star-seed. The word, “god” has reversed their destinies as a family of “dog” beings and truly, words are powerful for those who know how to wield it. By flip-flopping their name “from Dog to God”, the dogs took on a whole new character, one that exudes so much power, commanding respect from all except from those crazy folks who already know the agenda of the inter-dimensional “dog” family.

Your continuous reverential usage or declaration of the word “God” keeps you subjected to their endless manipulations until you break the jinx by simply casting their spells back on them. This is like casting a demon out of yourself by burying the demon into oblivion.

Consciousness is life and whatever occupies your consciousness comes alive because it feeds on that life-force which is your consciousness. Demons don’t need to leave you, it is you who must leave them. In the same way, a demon cannot cast you out but you may cast any demon out. You’re the actor, all else are illusions, allowed or disallowed by you.

Whether demons, dogs or gods, their existence begins and ends with your consciousness and your unconsciousness of them. This is the real battle of your life; blotting all falsehoods out of your reality so that no falsehoods could ever exist with or within you.

The dogs may do as they choose, the power to make their labors count rests with you. It is within your will-power and if you allow it, your will shall be done.

Humans have created many new species of living beings. That is not to say all humans are creator-gods. All humans have created one thing or the other yet not all humans consider themselves creator-gods. Such “creator-author-owner” titles are taken up by those who wish to trade with it. You call yourself a creator of something because you’re willing to be recognized as the authority over it.

If you don’t want your “creation” traced back to you, no ownership claim is made by you. There are many anonymous creators in the open source market, even so among the “dogs”, there are those who seek neither a title nor a recognition as “creator”. It is in this category that you find Jesus, the one whose message was disfigured by the established house of derailment, the religious Babylonian house of lies on Earth.

If a creator decides he or she wants to be treated as a “god” by its creation, that creator has to make sure its creation holds him or her in a godlike esteem. You can’t pull that off if you’re not willing to ambitiously pursue your god-goal and if you are, you must be ready to do whatever it takes to keep your creation subdued before you, “their god” at all times.

No matter how your creation feels about your goddish ambition, you must keep telling yourself that this whole god-game is “strictly” business and that it is your business too. If you allow any of your creation to see through your agenda, it becomes a question of their freewill choice against your “I-am-your-lord-god” agenda. Then they must decide whether to continue treating you as their “god” or to completely live outside your situational reality.

When they choose to go their ways, your “god-trade” suffers setback since they no longer buying your crap. If this new situational reality is okay by you, they might become friends with you so that you work with them as partners of some sort in which case, they may freely agree or disagree with you on any particular thing. This is because they will most likely reject your agenda where it leaves them no personal profit and like you, they become players in the same “god-trade”. This is where many religious and secular leaders fit.

But if you’re only interested in being their unquestionable “god” rather than have them relate with you as “equals” or “partners”, then you’re going to become their arch-enemy by attempting to continuously subdue a people who already know the truth about your goddish agenda. If you can’t stand a free people, you must either keep hiding the truth from them or be ready to brutally force them into submission.

If you choose to set them free, be prepared for their consequent demonstrations because they would still be offended by your former deceptions wherein you subdued them and made them feel like you’re their god. Democracy and freedom of speech would make them speak all manner ills against you, some of which you would truly deserve after all.

A great genetic scientist could also be a compulsive alcoholic, he could be a sociopath or worse, a psychopath who beats his wife at home and abuses the intelligence of his children at will. Despite these acts, he remains a great genetic scientist. His fellows would forever admire him for the genius demonstrated by him through his creation. But then, he’d be a social outcast among his people as those who admire him for his genius would also dislike him for his destructiveness. This great scientist, creator and self-appointed dog-god has a reputation for gross personal misconduct which has earned him the title of “destructor”.

Good and evil as is known on Earth therefore becomes his playground, doing as he pleases.

Should it matter that a certain “creator” is a ruthless rival to all that is considered civil? If a god lacks the capacity to build a peaceful community but keeps churning out new species of living beings, shall we consider him a compulsive creationist or a creative contortionist?

Some humans speak of certain personalities which they admire but they tend to force a false narrative on the personality of their “beloved”. I guess that’s why say “love is blind”.

Truth is the eye that sees through love, separating it from affections. People when stung by affection easily overlook the obvious deceits. They even forge a non-existent mark of incorruptibility, holiness or some idea of being “too-good-to-be-flawed” on their beloved dog-god. In reality, no personality should be worshiped or idolized as the true one. This is where Jesus walks away from those claiming to be worshiping him because he doesn’t have the guts to accept the poisonous emotional energies and affections tossed at him.

Truth is beyond any personification of truth. Doesn’t matter how much it looks like truth, it isn’t truth and if it is truth, it wouldn’t be a lookalike. If the latest breed of dog fabricated by a genetic scientist comes out better than all dogs ever known, does it make that human creator a “good god” any more than other humans are? If all it takes to be a “good god” is to simply create something nice, then many musicians and mischief makers who run the affairs of our world’s nations would qualify to be recognized and awarded, “good gods”. It is not about what one does nor what one has but about what one is and is becoming!

If this message hurts your delicacy in anyway, find a place in your heart to forgive yourself.


“Live Your Life & Let Life Live You”


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