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Look! She said, “there’s a snake on that cross.” He looked around the room but she said, “no, look it’s in the sky and there’s a bible sitting beside it.”

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The cross was a tree. The snake wrapped itself around it. If this was a family-tree, it depicts the serpent tribe. And if that family was reptilian, the Bible is their document. These events are seen across the sky because the sky is their heaven.

By wrapping itself on the cross, the snake makes that tree of life to become a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The snake is wise. It’s also the symbol of wisdom and this tree-cross is the symbol of life. So?

Life existed before the snake, life exists within the awareness of the snake, life is present all around the snake and beyond the snake, life continues to exist. But the snake is NOT life and life is not a serpent.

Climbing upon the tree of life, the snake held onto life very tightly and like a pest on its host, the snake rode upon life as if life is it’s car. Thus, life became a vehicle for the serpent-tribe which now according to your DNA uses the gift of life to express its many unique characteristics. Yes, the snake has endless imageries based on its countless imaginations. Now when people look at life with an intention to understand what LIFE is truly about, all they see is the nature of the serpent.

If your left brain is the serpent’s tree of good and evil, this physical world is a prison yard for your mind. But if the human mind itself is the serpent, every human life is a delusion to wake up from. The serpent is wise and by its wisdom, thoughts, ideas, imaginations and by its instinctive inclinations, Life’s Native Intelligence (LNI) becomes a scientifically observable phenomenon, seen through the serpent’s eye. A linear world of painful pleasures.

Do you also see life through the serpent’s eye? Most likely yes, although even you may not know that because in reality, all known material creations came to exist through Wisdom which is the Serpent’s heartbeat and without this Divine Serpent Tribe, no physical creation or physical world could ever exist. Well that’s because all material creation was the Serpent Tribe’s Experiment. That’s why a Jesus makes it plain in the bible by saying that “the serpent of Moses which hangs on the rod of Moses is a metaphor for the biblical Jesus which hangs on the biblical Cross of Calvary”. Jesus and Moses came from the same SERPENT lineage which is the family of those Founding Fathers who are also known as the Creators and, the Gods. These are the Elohim and the Bible is their major book but so is the Qur’an and many other psychic books.

Every religion – including those who claim to be different like Sadghuru Maharaj or Osho – is a creation of the same family tree of the SERPENT. And that’s just a more direct way of saying, “all religions are coined up through the wisdom of the Serpent-Gods.” Now try not to get jumpy here, there is much mystery in these statements but the best of them is ‘YOU can transcend your serpentine roots and inclinations’.

On hearing this, Alan asked, “but to what end? Why should I ever want to beat or even cheat this Holy Serpent which actually gave my present Human Life to me?’ She looked at him, blinked her eyelid and said, “true, without the SERPENT, you have no human life in this physical world or in any of the other psychically created dimensions. Why not go beyond the LORD SERPENT and see how you’d become LIFE itself? This is the only way to understand my point and Jesus gets my point because that’s exactly what he did. He beat down the Lord Serpent, well actually, JESUS CHEATED THE LORD SERPENT. That’s right.

If you know you love your religion of Christianity or Islam, perhaps it’s best for YOU to let that religion point you to its deepest mysteries otherwise you’re lost anyways. I know it’s hard to take but you see this whole world ehn? It’s all about the Serpent which is the God of All Religions on Earth. And yes, that includes many traditional religious practices of some indigenous people in Africa and beyond.

Muse #1

Would you rather WORSHIP your favorite serpent (there are many of them) or would you DO like Jesus who actually chose to oppose them and to conquer the entire SERPENT family in one breath?

Think about that question very deeply before you utter any word to anyone today!

Don’t keep reading… Think about the question… Have you?

Would you rather WORSHIP your favorite serpent (there are many of them) or would you DO like Jesus who actually chose to oppose them and to conquer the entire SERPENT family in one breath?

Muse #2

Would you still WORSHIP that God IF YOU KNEW that Jesus is NOT even on the same team with your God?

FACT 1: Jesus betrayed the serpentine ELOHIM family while Jesus was physically living on Planet Earth. Why? Oh you don’t believe that Alan, so you didn’t know this much about your Jesus? Ahhhh I see, no one likes to preach that part of this gospel truth right? Well, thank God I’m preaching it already.

FACT 2: The Jews knew Jesus better than most of today’s Christians and Muslims do. Why because the Jews were there to witness how Jesus suddenly and gradually SWITCHED his psychic position by choosing to go upward with his Dear MOTHER rather than to continue going down with their Heavenly Father. Jesus betrayed his fellow Jews by walking away from their religious faith after having discovered the inner truth by himself. This was what Jesus did that actually annoyed the religious Gods and they worked out every means to stop Jesus, trying every means just to kill him. But guess what happened?

FACT 3: Jesus conquered the entire SERPENT family in one breath (i.e in one human lifetime). YOU too can do it and YOU don’t have to hate the Serpent, God or Satan to do it. Only the knowledge of truth is your guide and you’d be laughing your way to victory over them all even as they persecute you and try to kill you!

Fact 4: This journey of personally carrying your own cross, hugging it like that Serpent is the road to your true salvation. You’re seeking salvation from deception, not from hell fire. This physical world is already a hell and it’s always been a hell on fire. You will never find your heaven on earth no matter how hard you try. Why because Earth from its foundation was built on deception and psychic fraud. That’s why in the words of Jesus, “the poor shall always remain in this world” because poverty is a weapon in the hands of the Gods so don’t let poverty scare you. True wealth comes from within. Money don’t buy true happiness or joy. Yes it’s a hard message but this is The Shepherd Way I’ve been talking to you about all these years. Do you now understand it very clearly? Well don’t be too quick to agree with me until you have truly understood the story I just shared with you.

FACT 5: Those who can’t see BEYOND THE SERPENT must live under its rule and they are today’s religious minds and today’s global citizens of Earth under their many leaders. Unfortunately, some of the world’s most vibrant atheists are also lost on the joke of these Gods. They don’t care if you love or hate them. The Gods don’t need your worship at all, the only thing they want is that you never recognize the truth. And when you do, they don’t need you to embrace it. Well why should they!

FACT 6: Only a few can truly stand above this serpent nature and above it power because it’s already a part of what makes us human. But for those of us who will beat and cheat that serpent, we won’t be doing it by faith neither would we achieve it by following any religious path. We simply have to admit the reality of the Serpent’s power as “The God” of this world and then we must choose to rise above HIM from within ourselves. That’s where the head of the Serpent gets bruised, so get ready to kill that Serpent, God or Satan within your being and you’re free from the hell they’ve always gave you in the name of heaven.

FACT 7: If you take this message VERY serious, you’re more likely to lose some of your best friends, some of your closer family members, some high-ranking job opportunities, your social security, your personal sense of feeling that you’re someone special and the hardest of all, “you SHALL LOSE the right to defend yourself against all forms of oppositions and attacks because like water, you’ve agreed to become the Peace Ambassador of Life and in this position, you cannot fight back for your only duty to life is to protect life in all, including the lives of those who are busy tearing you to pieces! A Peace Ambassador is the same as a Prince of Peace, they are not religious titles. They represent a prime-functional character of life in all those who find enough grace to embrace Truth.

FACT 8: If wealth is all you seek in life and especially if you have suffered so much in this present life that you can’t even imagine yourself suffering ten times more, this message is not for you. If your ambition is to amass wealth, grow big, get famous and earn yourself a respectable status in your society, I am sorry, you will fail on this path so don’t even bother starting what you can’t finish. You may just have to humble yourself some more by worshiping your God some more until your God smiles back on you with some miraculous supplies to make you forget your present sufferings. I can’t promise you heaven on earth unless you’re willing to love the heaven that is hidden within your being. If you want heaven, express it out of your being because that’s where it is!

FACT 9: If you think this message would make you become an Antichrist, let me assure you that “you can never become a real Antichrist until you have successfully abandon this message just to uphold your friendship with any religious God because all religious Gods are Serpent-Gods from the same reptilian psychic tribe.” Today, many have become confused just because they’re beginning to wonder if there is really any difference between their God and their Satan. The dualistic consciousness itself is a serpentine-reptilian game design and its plot is to scatter you through the power of doubts. YOU can break that cycle. YOU should!

FACT 10: WE who know the reality of Christ already know that Christ and the Religious Elohim (Gods) are not on the same page. Oh yeah, WE are not even on the same page of the Bible with them neither are WE on the same page of the Quran. WE don’t play dice with the Religious Gods! So unless you’re buying THAT religious VERSION of Jesus which most religions really enjoy talking about, THE ONLY REAL JESUS is the one who took a nonreligious risk by becoming a SECULAR SPITIRUALIST which means, “JESUS became a spiritual BEING with ZERO allegiance to any specific RELIGION.” In fact, Jesus only worked with some of those religious minds so as to help them see the LIGHT. He was a divine whistle-blower against the Gods of religion and by so doing, Jesus became an enemy to all Abraham’s religions (of the past, present and future) on Earth; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It was quite clear to Jesus that YOU can’t follow ‘their’ Way and not become spiritually lost and that was why Jesus declared his own Way to them by saying, “I am the Way, Truth and Life!” These kind of claims don’t come from your human mind otherwise your be telling cheap lies, but when you’ve yielded yourself to the spiritual vibration of TRUTH, these kind of statements pour out of your being because at such a time, it is TRUTH vibrating within you and through your being. Then, you are indeed TRUTH because then, you’ve allowed the power of TRUTH to fully possess you. Will you be possessed today?

Fact 11: Jesus had no God, he was a Godless individual because when you have attained the place of spiritual self-mastery, no one can be your God anymore. No one! At that time, your human parents have lost their child because you were never their child as Jesus declared, “don’t regard anyone in this world as your father, mentor, master or even teacher because no one can be any of these things to another person.” No-one! Like Jesus, you too must become totally Godless by going beyond whatever your religious family members have always considered to be God. This is why Jesus said, “I do the works of my Father whom you PEOPLE prefer to describe as God” but his Heavenly Father is not the religious God of Judaism, neither is Jesus himself a Christian God. When these things have become clear to you and you’re able to accept them with a stable understanding, then you’ve become One with Her Majesty the Queen-Mother who is beyond a God because she is Life, neither is she a Goddess because she is Mother to all these ones who go about calling themselves Gods over humankind on Earth. The Mother/Life has no God and recognizes no God, only that she has some wayward offspring who are busy playing Gods over their fellow spiritual siblings within the cosmic playground of life.

FACT 12: YOU are the Mother’s TRUE BEING, hidden here beneath the serpentine reptilian shadows on Earth. Come out of Him now! Get up and get out!! Your Mother calls from within!!!

FACT 13: Jesus obeyed the call of Mother Nature and realized that truly, Mother is Life. Those ‘missing’ eighteen years of Jesus’s biblical life was spent practicing and deepening in the graceful art of surrendering himself to the Mother of Life. Such a personal spiritual and nonreligious journey is the reality of The Shepherd Way.

“If any part of my story offends you, please forgive yourself and smile.”

Remove the Serpent from Your Tree!


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