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In all things and in every situation, life is found at the middle. The heart, the womb, the reproductive organs and the spiritual centers such as the chakras. They all sit somewhere along the middle-line of the human body. It is also written that the tree of life sits at the middle of Eden’s Garden.

The fruits that have their seeds within them are more able to reproduce life because life’s official position is at the middle. In every atom, the particle sits at the middle while the wave of energy circles around it. The sun which gives life is kept at the middle while Earth spins around it. This middle, central path is the straight way and the straight path.

You must neither turn to the right nor to the left but keep to the middle path, going forward and upwards, progressively. Those who do not know how to live life at the middle always end up wasted. They run from pillar to pole, not knowing that stillness and balance is in between them both. Their confusion is occasioned by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is the ultimate chaos-creating knowledge found among the human population. Those who always try to judge between good and evil find themselves lost and blindfolded from the bigger picture. They also find it easy to condemn the thing that hurts their feelings, unable to realize the blessings that pain brings to them. There is no progress for those living outside the middle path.

Standing between religion and secularism is the Straight Way of spirituality. Those trapped in their religious thoughts cannot access true spiritual growth while those stuck with secularity have no clue as to what true spirituality is about. Let everyone return to the middle path in order to have a personal experience of spiritual reality.

So that when the Christian says, ‘Christianity is a personal relationship with God’ it may be true for the Christian. There is no denial on the middle path, rather it allows you put one leg in the necessary religious practices and the other leg in the necessary secular practices, while maintaining the unshakeable middle ground of your identity as a spiritual being.

“You neither love God, nor follow Jesus Christ, nor can you ascend into Heaven outside The Straight Way. It is a three-in-one path to your human experience. Forcing you to be both non-religious and religious while upholding your central identity as their middle ground. In this alone can you realize the meaning of Judge Not!”

Here then is the key to the straight path: realize that you are a spirit being even right now. Understand that you would always be a spirit being, even when you do not feel like the idea. This is your permanent and inescapable reality and so, the earlier you start learning to live by it the easier your human life becomes. In this realization of your permanent spirituality, you will freely participate in the more ritualistic aspects of your life on Earth which is what religion and your right brain represent. You will also happily function in the more secular aspects of life on Earth which is what your business life and your left brain represent. In this reality, you are stable, balanced and complete.

This is the magic, trick and miracle of The Straight Way Doctrine. That you walk circumspectly and succeed on both sides without becoming enslaved to either side. Why because on either sides are those wishing they are your Gods, who desire to gain your allegiance and to make ungodly demands of you. They have no power over you unless you give in to them. Neither is the God-King of Earth, Jesus Christ interested in vain worship otherwise He would not have asked me to show you these things. All that Jesus Christ desires of you is that you walk the middle path yourself, because on the straight path you’ll find true enlightenment for your life. So, with one leg here and the other over there, you will maneuver your way through the antics of pretentious Gods even as the Holy Spirit and the Good Master, Jesus Christ leads and uplifts you beyond them all. Ase!

Now if you need help resetting your human life to The Straight Path, push the green button hanging below. Let’s chat now. Bless you!

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