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What’s a Life-Path?

Life-Path or your life path is not a topic to joke about. There are two ways to look at Life-Path. We can look with human eyes or with the eye of your soul.

1. What is Life-Path in Human Eyes?

Life-path for a human is biogenetic, hence your DNA places you on a unique genetic path. For this reason, no one will ever replace or become you.

You are a unique genetic path! But you’re also more than your genes alone.

Before we delve into your pre-genetic realities, please understand that your genes are so important to your human existence. If anything tampers with your gene, it alters you as a human being and there’s hardly any way to fix that. Well, except on a pre-genetic level which goes deeper into your soul.

Healing genetic defects or disorders can be done scientifically, but restoring an original gene to its pristine state requires skills that are more of the spiritual. Yes the spiritual controls the physical and can therefore fix the human soul, no matter how damaged it is.

Your gene is your human identity, it is the written code that shows your unique configuration. It can be edited, corrupted and repaired so do not ignorantly assume that nothing can alter your human life. In fact, many practices, things and people can do that even without your express permission.

Let’s return to the question of what your Life-Path is now that we understand every gene is a biogenetic life path.

2. What is Life-Path in Soul’s Eye?

When we speak about your Life-Path here at The Shepherd Way, we’re most likely speaking of your Soul’s Life-Path which is also known as your Spiritual Life-Path.

There is a specific route that is placed before you to go through. A road that your living experience was originally designed to pass through. A journey that combines the character of your destiny with the configuration of your soul to make a perfectly synchronized living experience for you.

It’s like creating a healer soul and sending it to a sick bay where many unhealthy people exist. Clearly, that’s a round peg in a round hole. This is how a Spiritual Life-Path is fixed. Yes, fixed like a football match where a winner is already determined even before the game starts. Yet each player on opposing team must put in their effort to show sportsmanship. The umpires are part of the game and they already know who to favour! Yes, there’s favouritsm in this game.

When you walk your Life-Path, everything works in your favour. The umpires – whether of good or dark forces – on your Life-Path are there to serve your ultimate good so that your victory is inevitable. No amount of opposition can defeat you on your Life-Path. No matter how fast the Cheetah is, the Catfish will outrun it in water. By walking your original Life-Path, you make it God’s responsibility to make you a success!

Your spiritual Life-Path is a given. You do not choose it, neither did it choose you. You simply exist for each other as extensions and expressions of one another.

Your Life-Path = Your True Self and Your True Calling.

To find one, you must see the other and by seeing the other, the missing one is revealed. So whether you found your life calling first or whether you found your spiritual identity first, both are one in your Life-Path!

Have you found out your true spiritual identity just yet? If yes, what’s keeping you from pursuing, walking your destiny? Let’s hear your voice in the comment section.

And if you’ve found your life calling but don’t know how to become the person who fulfills that calling, we can help you if you ask.

Thanks for your time my friend!


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