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When God fell Sick

By April 30, 2020No Comments

When God fell Sick?

Will God ever pop pills to get rid of malaria? No because inside God is something that transforms every poisonous thing into a nutritious something. This may be read as God turning darkness to light and restoring the dead to life. The nature of God converts every energy into their purest state.

So why is God able to do this and you aren’t? First, it’s because God has never stopped being God, as God does not ever forget what it means to be God. But you. Haven’t you forgotten about your being one with God? And if I tell you that you are God all by yourself, won’t your heart skip a beat out of doubt or fearfulness? More so, God has no idea that something could ever be poisonous to God and so, whatever steps into God’s consciousness automatically becomes “good”. Why? Because if God has not called a thing “evil”, could that thing ever be evil? No, whatever God says it is, so it becomes.

You. How many things do you consider evil already? Can you see how deeply you’ve allowed your sense of judgement weaken your incorruptible immunity? To the pure, all things are pure hence if you do not see darkness, there can be no darkness. This is not to say you do not see the dark as dark, it means you do not hold the darkness of the dark against the dark. You’re supposed to be the living medicine that cures and heals all things, you are the solution, not just the solution provider!

Aren’t you supposed to be the living equalizer that transmutes all things back into their purest form? Of course, this is your reality even as it is with God. But the only problem that exists is really with you. If you aren’t so sick in your perception and sense of judgment, how could a virus or any un-clean thing ever disturb your peace and sanity? The sooner you come back to your true senses the sooner you realize it is you and not devils that is causing the troubles. Then you also realize it is also not Satan nor some distant God but that it is YOU who would heal both yourself and your world!

And now, while you either ponder on this truth or flounder it, I’d like to share something much more personal with you in days to come. I think this message sets the stage for that future partnership and friendship. Hopefully, we can do this for the greater good of humankind and if that sort of partnership seem worthy of your presence, feel free to message me, I’d be happy to chat you up.

Best Regards!

Shepherd Godsbaby


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