Wholeness: A Deep Dive

Explore the profound concept of wholeness and its implications on the human mind and existence. Discover how achieving true wholeness can lead to a fulfilling life.

What Is Wholeness?

True wholeness is fullness. It is the quality of being complete. In wholeness, nothing can be wanting. Nothing can be lost in wholeness. If anything is lost, wholeness is not whole again. So it’s either you have wholeness or you don’t have it.

Wholeness does not share borders with anyone. The whole cannot be completed by another, neither can it complement another because being whole, it is all-inclusive and perfect in itself, and by itself.

Wholeness and the Human Mind

Wholeness is a difficult concept to understand if we’re to merely rely on the human mind, which works through fragmented imaging.

To understand anything, the human mind tries to observe that thing. The mind then considers the qualities, features, and characteristics of the object under study. Then the mind searches out what might be the benefits of the thing. For most people, only when benefits are identified can they say, this is a good thing.

However, it is often the case that whatever one human mind considers good may be deemed bad by another human mind. Human minds tend to be individualistic in function, making it difficult for us to operate as one people – the human race. Most of us are like shreds of a more complete consciousness. Like tiny pieces of a much larger pizza! Some call this selfishness but others say it’s just being human. Well, if being human isn’t good enough to help us attain a true sense of wholeness. What is?

The Whole Mind

Individually, we’re not that smart. The smartest of us would be someone who has unrestrained access to all the resources that are within our collective mind as a whole – the human race. This human being would naturally identify itself as humankind, as all of us. This fellow must be all of us, at all times.

Individually, we’re not that smart.

What a difficult life it must be for the whole-minded human being! Wherever he goes, he is told to provide for all of us and take whatever suffering we all deserve. But hardly would he be given the equal opportunity to lead and rule as our head. Why because the people who are individualistic and the fragmented in their mind will always try to rob him of the benefits he is due, while demanding he bears the burden.

Wholeness is a concept that baffles our tiny human minds. We all compartmentalize ideas into smaller forms so that we can make decisions about each one. We divide things up to manage them in bits. The divide and rule is most naturally our way. Yet this limited model of the mind’s operation is why we have failed to unite as a species. We are mentally divided and no divided human mind can produce wholeness. It would take a whole and undivided human mind to achieve unity on a species level which means that all our one-world programs are doomed to fail and we know it. But we continue to goad people around so long as it holds some temporal benefit for us!

How Can I Access the Wholeness of Mind as a Human?

Now that we understand that wholeness means fullness, the next thing is to ask if anyone has ever achieved it. The answer is, YES. As a matter of documented fact, Mr. Adam of Eden’s Garden had a whole mind at the beginning of his life journey. He was commissioned to rule over the entire planet, Earth because he had a mind that was capable of it. More so, he was not alone on this mission, Madam Eve of Eden’s Garden was also there to play a role. How the two came to fail is no longer news:

Madam Eve longed for something else outside the original plan, and through her covetousness, she divided her mind. The game plan became impossible to pursue since the woman’s mind is now fragmented. Eve’s mind was no longer whole but Adam still had a whole mind at that time. One would expect Adam to do what is right but he chose to abandon wholeness to join in the greed race. They were greedy for power and look where it brought them and their descendants, the human race.

A whole mind does not try to blame others for its failures. It takes responsibility for them. A whole mind cannot say to heaven or spirituality, stay on this side, and to earth or physicality, you stay on that other side. Heaven and Earth are always one for the whole mind. To imagine otherwise is to be insane. There is no sanity in being divided. If you’re like all these people who imagine that the human race will attain unity without including heaven in the equation. Then you’re just a brilliant joker.

Will You Be Whole Today?

When Jesus walked the Earth, he was just like Adam who had the same holy breath of GOD. This mission of wholeness had not changed since Adam’s time. The formula for completing the mission successfully did not also change. There is only one law and one offense that must be avoided by all human beings, who desire to have success on this wholeness path. Break this one rule and you shall fail woefully!

You cannot betray the commandment of the Holy Spirit and expect yourself to stay sane. Your sanity as a human being comes from the holy breath of GOD that is inside of you. I am not talking about oxygen now, but I speak of the divine breath of GOD that is in you. The simplest way to describe this holy breath is to call it, your life purpose as it is the original intent for which you were created, as a human being.

It doesn’t require too much thinking to understand that a useless tool is discarded or repurposed by its maker. As a human being, your human life and the correctness and the wholeness of your human mind come from your alignment with this holy intentional breath of GOD. This breath has been infused into you since Adam and while it has gathered dusts of insanity through Adam and Eve. You now have another chance to return to your original purpose and fulfill it. Only if this is your choice!

I want you to tell everyone and anyone who cares to listen, that if you dishonor the divine breath of GOD in you, then you’re dead. Completely insane and wasted. You will begin to deteriorate as your human mind also begins to lose every sense of balance. Then your human life becomes fragmented into irreconcilable pieces. This is what happened to Adam and Eve when they betrayed the divine calling that is upon their human existence on Earth. Lose your purpose and lose everything.

When Jesus Christ came to Earth, the life purpose of human life had not changed one bit. He had to choose whether to betray the Holy Spirit when the time came to bear the burden of the cross. Every human being has this same cross hanging across our head since Adam. Jesus carried it till the end by a simple formula, “I do not want whatever makes me feel good but whatever it is you want O GOD!” This is the statement of complete surrender of oneself to the holy breath and that was all that Jesus had to do from one day to another, all through his human life.

Shall I go to preach at Babylon where posters of me are already pasted and I have been declared wanted? Shall I touch this leper knowing I could be quarantined with them unless my touch brought them healing? He had to trust GOD for every single moment and every divine instruction, Jesus had to obey his GOD. This is not a man trying to obey the words of some distant GOD, otherwise, we’re back to divisive thinking again. The GOD whom Jesus obeyed lived right there inside Jesus Christ himself. He and his GOD are one because this GOD is the same holy breath that is inside the human being called, Jesus Christ. Divisive theology cannot know GOD!

Lastly, here you are. Aren’t you a human being like Adam and Jesus Christ? Both were humans just as you are. The holy breath is just as accessible to any human being as it was to both Adam and Jesus. Will you align with the divine purpose for your human existence now? Will you also surrender everything to GOD and say, help me O GOD! If you are humble and sane enough to plead for GOD to help you, then you cannot be too arrogant to realize that you need Jesus in your life!

He has succeeded on this human journey that you now walk. Not only did Jesus succeed but he made it clear that it is not impossible for a human being to submit to GOD. Whoever tells you that it is impossible to submit to GOD and never fail is lying to you. I am telling you that it is possible but you cannot do it without consulting that same holy breath of GOD that is in you. No, you don’t do that by meditating on your oxygen. And not by chanting oms and ahs. Jesus has done it and if you need a mentor, talk to him. If you need to be guided, look to him. If you want to be healed from the collective insanity of the human family, come to Jesus Christ!

But if you’re still wondering whether this decision to call upon the Lord Jesus Christ is going to make you a Christian, I sincerely don’t know that. I can’t say if you can still be a Christian if you choose to follow the same life path that Jesus Christ followed. You may be called some other terrible names by the Christians of today. As of now, a lot of Christians today just prefer to worship Jesus Christ as their favorite religious idol. They do not listen to him nor do they care what he thinks about their miserable lives. They want to enjoy his free and gracious supplies while also living to please themselves. All such persons are going to end up in the waste bin of life. Call that hellfire if you want! Wholeness does not leak.

If true wholeness is what you seek, Jesus is the Way to follow. But if you sincerely think the Jesus Way might be hard for your little human mind. Let me welcome you to The Shepherd Way journey of wholeness and holiness. Eventually, you will come to realize we are the Original Jesus Way, even though we are not another religious clubhouse. The human mind has a right to be skeptical, seeing how much it has been deceived using the name of Jesus. What we offer you is the whole mind.

Ready to embark on your journey to wholeness? Start by understanding the essence of completeness and its impact on your life.


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