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Why You Cannot Pray Without Ceasing!

By March 13, 2019No Comments

How would you do it if I ask you to sing without ever stopping? Okay, you’re smart so you’d switch to humming to relax your vocal cords and then what? You’d run out of… What about dancing without ceasing? Forget it, you can’t. And as beautiful as kissing may feel, we cannot kiss without ceasing! Our mouth would ache and sore, we’d probably fall sick afterwards. Neither could we eat without ceasing, for even animals observe rests in-between meals. But is there perhaps one particularly thing  which we would almost all love to do without ceasing? Um…er… what about breathing?

Oh! Maybe we do want our hearts to continue beating without ceasing while our lung breathes without ceasing since that is how we get to stay alive as humans. Not sure if you’d like the miracle of having to live without ever needing a heart that beats and a lung that breathes. Might be cool tho but right now, we are cool with doing both activities ceaselessly. If we must pray or do anything else ceaselessly, it must also be in the same effortless way that our breathing and heartbeat takes place.

We do not walk around with the fear that our breathing might stop at any moment because we know that breathing is not really something we must work specially hard to achieve. It just happens. We also do not have to do anything to make our heart beat, it just keeps beating. These are autonomous systems designed by nature, by God or by the gods if you like. Our heartbeat and breathing happens by grace and so, if you really want to pray without ceasing, you must also do it by grace. But how is that going to happen if you keep trying to force yourself? My dear, you can only “allow that prayer happen by itself”. Whenever your heart wants to pray, let your heart do the praying. Don’t hold it back and don’t try forcing your mouth to make it loud. You’d soon realize that your heart is always praying and that your heart has never really stopped praying since you have been born!

Everyone is already praying without ceasing right now but not everyone is aware of that. Most people have a wrong perception of what it means to pray which is why they still struggle to do it.

If you were raised with a belief that you cannot breathe except by gasping for air, then you’d go about your life gasping for air till this day. And surely, if you do stopped gasping for air for just a minute, you would find yourself to be running out of air because you have been used to that program. This is what happens to us when we imbibe the false beliefs of the evil systems of this world; the banking, the religious, political,  the caste system, or the techno-social system etc. So, who taught you that you must always open your mouth to speak words before you can pray? Well someone did. Parents, religious leaders, neighbors and others but in reality, no one needs to open their mouth before praying at all. Do you open your nostril before breathing? Do you hit your chest to make your heart beat?

Prayer is a thing of the heart or of the mind if you like. Every thought comes from your heart. When you open your mouth to pray, you are merely allowing the thoughts of your heart to come out of your mouth. Same thing we do when we speak or make phone calls. The only difference is that when praying, we do not pray to fellow humans. To whom do we pray? Here is another tough one for most people but it shouldn’t be! We pray for things we want to be helped with and so, we are asking for a helper’s helping hand. Who then is your helper in this case? For me, it is the Holy Spirit and anyone through whom the Holy Spirit chooses to help me. Isn’t that really simple? If you are asking the Holy Spirit for help, it must be a holy request otherwise, you’d have to turn to an evil spirit for such an evil help. Those who hire assassins know where to go because if they go to the wrong person, they might end up in jail. Similarly, you have things you cannot ask the Holy Spirit to do for you because those things aren’t holy. This is where the problem really starts when it comes to praying because a lot of us really wish for some things which only an evil spirit can provide! For that reason, we waste our time talking to the Holy One about it but surely, we’d get no response from the Holy One other than being told to “repent” or “shut-up”.

If you must pray without ceasing, your heart must be constantly communicating with God, whoever your God happens to be. For me, the Holy Spirit is my God and that is why I don’t have a hard time talking to him all the time since that only happens within me. When my heart desires to express those thoughts through my mouth, then my mouth will not hold back because my heart and my mouth are one. They don’t work against one another! If you have a habit of saying things that aren’t really coming from your heart, then your prayers are worse than curses because they are nothing but lies. True religion begins in the heart and so, to talk to God, I recommend you talk to the Holy Spirit alone. This would keep you from saying or asking for unholy things and that would help keep your heart and thoughts pure. Don’t you need a pure heart after all? We all do. Every thought that is channeled towards the Holy Spirit is a prayer but those thoughts that are channeled towards the evil one is a curse. In that case, every holy desire is a prayer and prayer simply means, “my holy desires”. If it is unholy, it is not a prayer at all and so, those who have good thoughts and pure thoughts are the only ones who are truly praying to God. Such folks pray without ceasing by keeping their thoughts pure.

But hey, bad thoughts do come around right? Sometimes bad vibes are inspired by our situations and surroundings. When they do come, the same way we avoid breathing in a bad smell, we can and must avoid welcoming an evil thought. The act of casting out all evil thoughts is a part of our prayer life. In fact, this part of prayer is the real spiritual warfare. It is a prayer that kicks out all evil thoughts before they distance us from God and disrupt our ceaseless prayer life. Every thought is not a prayer, remember that. Your pure thoughts are your prayers. Your evil thoughts are your curses. Choose which you truly want! What more can we say?

This is how to pray without ceasing: Keep your heart filled with pure thoughts alone and feel free to express those pure thoughts! And just what are pure thoughts? Well, if a thought is a knife, would you use it to cut your neighbor’s throat or would you use it to cut your neighbor lose from a rope that is trying to strangle your neighbor? If your thought is a bullet, would you put it to your head in suicidal attempts or would you use it to defend yourself and your family against assassins who are coming to attack your family? As you answer these questions, you would see that your pure thoughts are those which show love towards others as yourself. Hence, loving your neighbor and yourself is your greatest prayer. By doing this all day and night, that is, by always loving your neighbor as yourself in all ways and in every situation you find yourself, you are loving the only true God and that is how you pray without ceasing! Keep loving the Holy Spirit.


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