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Your Idolatry Ends Here!

By March 13, 20194 Comments

We begin with two related but unique claims to see how my readers would handle those…

Claim 1: That Spirit which reproduced itself into this Being that I am is the Holy Spirit, hence, the spiritual cell which emanated me into this unique existence is God.

Claim 2: That Spirit Being in whose consciousness I exist and from whose consciousness I have gained my self-consciousness is Jesus Christ, hence, Jesus Christ is my heavenly father.

A Statement of Eternal Truth on  Earth

Above, I have simply spoken the TRUTH as I know it and I do not claim that this has to be true for every other human being. But for me, I am a Soul of Jesus Christ which makes me a unique living branch or son of Jesus Christ, irrespective of the fact that Jesus Christ has his own heavenly Father. This perhaps is where the true mystery begins for me but this is a “mystery” that simply means “my story”.

What then is Idolatry?

To wake up in the morning and say “hello” to my dad is not idolatry is it? To bow my head, humble my heart and submit my will to the will of my father is not idolatry is it? If you say it is, then you are just as guilty of idolatry as anyone can be. We know what idolatry is and it is not the same as being “respectful”. In fact, we agree that a respectful child is a delight to the entire universe but an arrogant soul is a trouble to itself and those around it. How could we ever properly define idolatry without first defining what an IDOL is… (smiles)

1) An idol is any object of adoration: somebody or something that we greatly admire or love, often excessively. This definition talks about crushing on someone so badly that we almost can’t get enough of them. It also speaks of become addicted to someone or something in love which enslaves us to that object, whatever it may be. We have parents who treat their children as idols or gods because they (parents) cannot imagine having to disagree with those children even for once. This enslaves the parents to their children and if you ask anyone out there, I’m sure they’d tell you that such children are going to end up getting spoiled with too much pampering. So, is it possible that we would do the same to a god, an angel or to the Holy Spirit? If we fall so terribly in love with the Holy Spirit to the extent that we could never do anything against the Holy Spirit, have we therefore become idolaters? The answer is “no”. So then, it matters who or what we love with all our existence!

2) An idol is any object that is worshiped as god: a statue or carved image. Well, I grew up watching some of my immediate family members worship the “god of iron” whom many refer to as “Ogun” in Yoruba language, who was called “Vulcan” by Romans and “Hephaistos” by the Greeks. In our backyard where this worship always take place , certain priests would sit around breaking kolanuts and tossing it up. Once the kolanuts fall down, it would assume a certain position which the priests would observe and then tell us the messages of Ogun, the god of iron. Sometimes, the message would require that some form of sacrifices be made which may or may not involve the roasting of yam for everyone to eat or sometimes, a dog has to be killed so that its blood would be spilled on the shrine of Ogun to appease the god of iron. Those who could eat dog-meat would have to take the carcass away but all that the god of iron needed was the blood which is spilled on the shrine, a pile of metals. For you, it may be the graven image of Buddha or that lovely picture of the sweet-looking Jesus and it just might be the almost angelic statue of Mother Mary. If you find yourself bowing down to any of these objects as your god, then you are an idolater. If you consider then a symbol of your god, you are also an idolater. And since we know that humans have been created in the image of God, we can say that the most available image of God is a human being, thus if you worship any human being as your god, you are guilty of idolatry. I hope these things are simply enough. I have told you that I am a son and a grandson of God yet I am a human being, if you call me your god, you are just another hopeless idolater. A pastor once attended my training seminar who after my lecture stood up in high spirit and exclaimed, “wow! someday, I prophesy, not far from now, we and many other people would come from all over the world to worship you as God”. My response? “I reject that in Jesus name!” Everywhere became silent immediately and we moved to other matters but the memory has never left me since then. It was both shocking and amazing to hear it from a pastor. So, let me also tell you plainly that if you worship the son of man, you are an idolater. But Jesus Christ is no longer a son of man or is he? He was but not anymore. Today, I am a son of man as I am a son of God but when I go out of this physical human world, I shall be a son of God but not a son of man anymore. My point here is that as you must not worship Shepherd Godsbaby today, all those who dared to worship Jesus of Nazareth were idolaters. You must not worship any human being. It is idolatry. Jesus forbids it.

3) An idol is any forbidden object of worship: in monotheistic religions, an object of worship other than the one God. So this third definition speaks of Gods or gods versus the one true God which is where the real problem begins for those who practice or reject monotheistic religions. Earlier, I told you that Jesus Christ is my heavenly father. Should I or should I not worship him when he himself did worship his own heavenly father while he (Jesus) was on earth as a human being? This leads to the question; “is the heavenly father of Jesus Christ the one true God or is He just one of the many Gods out there?” If you can answer this question correctly, you are on your way to true worship. But since this is me at work, let me answer for myself. I work for my heavenly Father (Jesus Christ), I came to earth to do his will and so, my entire present human life is committed to doing the will of Jesus Christ. Does this mean I am worshiping Jesus Christ as my God? Yes. It does. I also have a daughter right now on earth, she did not come to earth to do my will and so, she would not be worshiping me because I am not her heavenly father. I know that my daughter also came from my spiritual lineage as a descendant of Jesus Christ, and so, in reality, my daughter is my sister and a daughter of Jesus Christ. If you can appreciate this clarity, you are close to getting it. Crystal is my sister whom our father sent down to earth through me so that I am able to raise her in the collective awareness of our spiritual family, rather than allowing her to get polluted by the false doctrines and beliefs of this human world. See that? So, I have already told you that I indeed worship Jesus Christ since I serve Jesus Christ in whose name I have come into this planet, Earth. Yet I am not an idolater or am I? For you, maybe I am an idolater since I worship a Jesus Christ whom himself worships his own heavenly Father! Oh isn’t that quite right? I know that Jesus Christ works for his Father and Master which means that apart from worshiping Jesus Christ, I also have a duty to serve, reverence and worship the Father of Jesus Christ my Lord. Oh my God, doesn’t that mean I am in fact worshiping two related but unique Gods? Yes, again YES is the answer. I am worshiping both my spiritual grandpa and my papa but you would never be able to understand how I worship these two entities and yet claim that I am not an idolater. Well let me explain that you in clear operative terms.

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How I worship two unique Gods as One True God!

The Holy Spirit is the one true God. If you worship anything apart from this Holy Spirit, you are an idolater and it doesn’t matter if you scream the name of Jesus day in and day out. So here is how I do it: I worship the Holy Spirit which is the same spirit that both Jesus Christ and his heavenly Father worship. Oh you never thought that the heavenly Father of Jesus could also be a worshiper? Well, now you know. All true Gods worship the One True God which is the source of all. The Holy Spirit is the source of all true Gods because each true God is a Holy Spirit Being. False Gods are those Gods who have lost their knowledge and alignment with the Holy Spirit which means that you become a false God once you have lost your holiness by living an unholy life! Quite simple now isn’t it? Well it doesn’t end there. You are a God.

I am a God, Jesus Christ is a God. The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is a God. We are all Gods. Devils are Gods. Satan is a God. And the list of Gods are endless but the factor that separate a true God from a false God is how each God relates and upholds the original nature of the Holy Spirit. This nature is primarily known as TRUTH which is why the Holy Spirit is also called, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH. If you do not know the truth, you do not know the true God but if you know the Holy Spirit, you know the only true God. So, let me get personal again so that you would understand my point of view exactly as it is. My heavenly father (Jesus Christ) does not expect me to address me as “my God” simply because we both know that being a God is no big deal for the only thing that really matter is how we stay true by obeying the Holy Spirit. Therefore, even though Jesus Christ is my divine dad, I waste away if I disobey the inner call of the Holy Spirit. This inner-call is that soft prompting which some have called, the still-small-voice. Others call it “their intuition” while some call it “their heart”. Some even call it “their gut feeling”. What you call that signal is up to you, for me, it is “the voice of my own being” which is “my original nature” and “my true self”. By obeying this Holy Spirit, I am being my real self and by disobeying, I am faking it. So clearly, all my life is fixed on obeying the Holy Spirit which is the only true God and this is my ultimate worship!

Yet I must do whatsoever Jesus Christ asks me to do because that is why I exist here on earth. However, Jesus Christ is never going to ask me to do anything that is against the divine will of his own heavenly Father just as his own heavenly Father has never asked him (Jesus) to do anything contrary to the goodwill of the Holy Spirit. So then it is clear that whether I am obeying Jesus Christ or my divine grandfather, I am always obeying the Holy Spirit because they would never lead me astray. See, if they could lead me astray then they themselves would have gone astray because if you mislead anyone, you have offended the Holy Spirit of TRUTH. So, in all my services to my heavenly fathers and to my heavenly family altogether, I am always obeying the Holy Spirit which is my worship of the one true God. What if I disobey my divine dad or grandpa? Then I may be in danger of disobeying the Holy Spirit because why would I go against the will of those who do the will of the Holy Spirit, why would I want to disobey those same Gods who have sent me to this world so that I would be another opportunity for the Holy Spirit to be made known? If I should disobey them at any time, it is either because I am ignorant of, doubtful of or downright arrogant towards that divine blueprint which I am called to serve. If I am ignorance, then my doubt is genuine and if my doubt is genuine, my arrogance is also understandable. But if I should ever do anything that goes directly against the nature and will of the Holy Spirit, then I may be in a very dangerous situation unless someone comes to my rescue. In most cases, my divine father steps in to help me.

In all my services to my heavenly Fathers and to my heavenly family altogether, I am always obeying the Holy Spirit which is my worship of the one true God.

At this point, you can already see that there is a powerful force of life which is known as the Holy Spirit. It is this Great Force alone that I call the one true God and this is the same for Jesus Christ and his heavenly Father. I am now sharing with you what you might call “our divine family’s legacy” if you are a member of the body of Christ. But if anyone who is of Christ doubts this message, I can understand that such a person’s doubtfulness is the result of some ignorance on their part. This is why I have been sent here; to make things clear to those who belong in my divine family; those who like me, have descended from Jesus Christ or from his heavenly father into this human world. I therefore cannot speak for those who may have come from any other divine family. I know where I came from, I know my people, I know my heavenly family and all those who are born of the Holy Spirit are my siblings whether they are able to know it or not in this world. There is enough deception to make anyone wary of preachers or teachers in these end times but I trust that my heavenly Father would help those who should know this truth to receive it.

By way of summary, I want to begin by saying that if you worship any picture of Jesus Christ or of any other being, you are deceived into idolatry. If you worship anything even if it is your pineal gland or any chakra, you have been fooled into idolatry too. If you worship a Jesus Christ or a Yahweh or a Jehovah or an Allah who does not frown at your disobedience to the Holy Spirit of the true Gods, then you are worshiping a false God indeed. Let all your life be in compliance with the Holy Spirit and you would have done the greatest service to all true Gods for indeed, only a false and sycophantic God would ask to be worshiped through iniquity or by any other sinful means. Only false Gods are excited at your praise-singing and adorable melodies when in reality, your life reeks of unholiness! Get this point very clear because it is key!

It is sinful if it is rejects the spirit of truth, it is sinful if it dishonors the voice of wisdom and surely, it is sinful if it defiles the nature of love. The Holy Spirit is all these and more!

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The Holy Spirit has to be within you or you would never be able to conform to this reality. You cannot have this Holy Spirit within you unless you are born by someone who already has this true Spirit which is why we always speak of our heavenly fathers in my divine family. Your heavenly father is the one who gave you the Holy Spirit in you and so, your heavenly father is also your best mentor who should help you understand this Holy Spirit which he (your heavenly father) gave you, so that you would become a true God. This is why we are here on earth; “to build a family of Holy Spirit Beings like Jesus Christ”. If this is your goal in your present human life, we congratulate you because you aren’t far from achieving that goal as you follow the teachings here. The first person you shame is your heavenly father who has brought you into this human life as a sign of his own glorious achievement hence if you fail, you are your father’s failure and sorrow but if you succeed, you are everyone’s joy in the gathering of all true Gods. For this reason, we advise that you do not go against your heavenly father for it is he who knows best how to achieve that goal for which he has sent you into this world, in your present human appearance. Sometimes, he (your heavenly father) commits you in the care of his holy angels who would be able to help you grow in the dimension of your being; a true God who has mastered the life of a servant despite being a God by all royal standards! Um…just out of my silly little curiosity if you don’t mind me asking; “why would anyone not want to obey their own Holy Spirit which is the source-code of their own true being”? I mean, why would anyone be so happy to reject their only original self? Or is being the-fake still in vogue on earth? Okay thanks! Even if you do not remember anything else, remember: “There is no substitute for your obedience to the Holy Spirit”. I hope your idolatry ends here. Amen.


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  • Amos says:

    Astonishingly beautiful! Just got another perspective of the Holy Spirit. This is very simple and precise! God bless your obedience Godsbaby

  • Sally Lewis says:

    The question: How would you feel if someone called you an idolater just because you don’t join them in serving their family’s god, God or idol?
    I would feel in very good company!
    In the day of Jesus many thought of him as just this because he testified I”I and my Father are one” He also said it is not blaspheme to be equal with Father for the truth is we are one living as Christ/Father in the temple made specifically for each I am there is.
    Jesus nor God our creator ever wanted to be idolized but wants the realization of our being one in the same to become the truth of our being.
    Living, moving and breathing in , through and as the I am of all…relinquishing I of ego into the love of all.
    YES… In very good company indeed😃🌹

  • Amos says:

    This is so amazingly beautiful! So precise and simple. Got another perspective of who the Holy Spirit is. God bless your obedience Godsbaby.

  • Augusta says:

    I have read this article over and over again. It’s worth taking million bucks. My children are but my sister and brother who came through my spiritual lineage to help actualise the collective awareness of our spiritual family, hence must not be allowedr to get polluted by the false doctrines and beliefs of this human world. May the holy spirit guide me to teach them aright in Jesus name.

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