A Wholeness and Holiness Journey

Keeping It 100% Supernatural, We Support Your Wholeness and Holiness Journey in 12 Practical Ways; with our five pillars of worship, fellowship, creativity, outreach and abundance, and our seven palliatives in the Products, Services, Information, Secret Keys, Career Guidance, Healing, and Empowerment for Wealth that we share with you.

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We are colleagues, learning and evolving together through, Revealed, Instructions, Demonstrated in Experience – RIDE.


Experience spiritual intimacy with the One we are, the I AM

Colleagues in Wholeness & Holiness

Scripture Studies

Go beyond literal texts of Scriptures, be the living Word!

Health & Wealth

Healing your body, mind, soul, spirit and circle


Recover the original meaning of reality, in oneness with GOD


Seeker, Believer & Other

The Shepherd Way is a wholeness and holiness journey of living beings, of humans and non-humans, who are seeking, and are called; to recognize your oneness with GOD, and to embody the fullness of GOD in yourself, through the instruments of worship, fellowship, creativity, outreach and abundance.

I am Shepherd Godsbaby Osifeko, born into Earth after my Spirit was sent in from Heaven by my Spirit Ancestor and Father, Jesus Christ. My mission here on Earth is to witness the salvation of humanity and the rapture of souls through an experience of the fullness of Christ, for a life of wholeness and holiness on Earth. This is why I was both launched in Heaven and born on Earth; to study, learn, grow, and to support all living beings, The Shepherd Way.

My Heavenly Father and I are committed to the total alleviation of all pains; physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual through the instruments of worship, fellowship, creativity, outreach and abundance – in that order. Browsing this website will expose you to much knowledge, and to the palliatives we offer, as we are in partnership with selected experts, to deliver; products, services, information, secret keys, career guides, healings, and wealth empowerment to you. We also have a value-based referral system, if you choose to bless others by sharing our offers with them. We pay you 10%, our tithes!


We fellowship in Revelations, Instructions, Demonstrations, and Experiences (the cosmic RIDE), as we evolve in Wholeness and Holiness.

Help Someone Get FREE Treatment, by Donating to a Plant-Based Healing & Therapy Session.

Our Latest Lessons

Our Lessons

Striving hard to please GOD has never worked for humanity. It is even harder trying to please fellow human beings. But what we find amazing is how everyone has access to the fullness of GOD inside. Thus we are here to help everyone establish the greatness within.

Who Can You Blame if You are Lost

Until you start taking responsibility for where you are in your spiritual journey, you are far from starting. Are you ready?…

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Wholeness & Holiness social media cool tools for cute fools

Has a Cool Tool made You a Cute Fool

Would you love to see proofs that your social media is the one using you, instead of you using it? Can you beat the matrix?…

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Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

Why does Jesus Christ mean different things to different people on Earth? How can you see for yourself and cast off the lies?…

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We provide


Marriage Counseling

We help marriages become more cooperative, through singularity

Mental Health Care

We let a culture of compassion lead us in restoring mental health

Child Education Club

We advocate and offer child-centered learning to families/PTAs

Spiritual Warfare

We pull down strongholds in defense of embattled humans

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Free Therapies Given



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Blessing Humanity With

Our Partners

Ms. Barbara Guantai

mental health therapist

Dr. Sugar Mbanefo

ayurvedic therapist

Seun Osifeko-Alabi


Queen Lukia

child author
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We are intentional about what we write – think, feel, do, accept, or allow – and promote on our Wholeness and Holiness Blog. Ensuring this space is safe for you, to explore your greater possibilities – always transcending the dark forces.