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99.9% of Success depends 100% on Decisions. You have 0.1% permission to make your “favourite” mistakes. No Good Decision is made without Enlightenment. Stop robbing yourself dear Superhero!

Get Enlightened NOW
A human being facing a decision making moment

So, whether you’re seeking personal fulfilment, career success, marital joy, mental health or emotional balance. I’ve helped more than 15.8million persons with it | Since 2008

No doubt I was BORN TO DO this. And if we all did what we’re born TO DO, LIFE would be pretty amazing. But you know the DRILL?




At first, it all sounds pretty. But then you start testing things out and… Oops, these POPular FORMulas DON’T work!

And that’s why you’re here. Looking for what ACTUALLY works.

The Right Approach to Life

“Everyone has a Superhero Ability and the Universe is Counting on Yours”

Flying Superhero is told, "Save Yourself"
Superheroes Like You Work Here






Our Top #21 Superhero Abilities - No. 13 is Crazy!

Self Rediscovery

When you feel like you’ve missed it and you want to rediscover yourself for a spiritual life transformation. [Read More]

Learn from The Best

Wanna buy an online course to skill-up and be matched with credible tutors for specialized knowledge or apprenticeship. [Read More]

Business Guidance

You’re an entrepreneur who needs insightful industry analysis, groundbreaking reports, or a hand-holding mentor to upscale your hustle. [Read More]

Destroy Your Demons

If you’ve suffered emotional, physical and psychological torture from what seemed to be dark spiritual entities. You can win that battle! [Read More]

Shop Like Royalty

Finding a reliable place to shop online is my problem! I need credible products, services and consultancies for holistic mind and body health. [Read More]

A New Miracle

Walking on water is no longer a miracle to some of us. Everyone has a superhero ability and the universe is counting on yours! [Read More]

Dating VS Marriage

Dating a person and getting married to them are two different things for most people. But does it really matter? [Read More]

Atheistic Curiosity

So you’re an atheist but you’re still trying to make sense of what the so-called enlightened community is all about. [Read More]

Music Like Magic

How about a new kind of musical experience to produce pure enlightenment and a real-life superhero lifestyle in you? [Read More]

Aha! Moments

Questioning former beliefs; New Age Doctrines, Messiahs, Apocalyptic Prophecies, Conspiracies and Personal Knowledge-Claims?! [Read More]

Team Spirit

I’m the startup founder/co-founder of a newly-established business. I need help raising a team of qualitative and talented experts. [Read More]

Generous Genius

Not many professional people have time for volunteer services these days.  But thanks to few people like you who still enjoy volunteering. [Read More]

Be You Again

Develop your personality through an effortless approach. Become your best self in one breath. Get one-on-one guidance. [Read More]

Philosophy + Action

There are answers to life’s deep questions. Every puzzling dream has a meaning. But are you willing to take action? [Read More]

Retired But Not Tired

So you’re above 60 years old and wish you could really start life all over again? Yes, you can write a whole new history. [Read More]

Addiction Breaker

Struggling with unwanted habits or addictions and sincerely seek any means to break out for a lasting lifestyle change? [Read More]

Skin Walker or Not

Wondering if you’re here to fulfil some alien agenda on Earth? Well, before you go chasing after an extraterrestrial entity’s promises. [Read More]

Help My Career

I just want to live a meaningful life and choosing the right career path seems too difficult for me to do. I could really use some help! [Read More]

Global Shit Free

Is anything sweeter than escaping the jaws of the corporate world and the stranglehold of government these days? Yes, a less entangled life. [Read More]

Shun Religion

Why do I feel like religion is my major problem in this life? I prefer to be spiritual than to be religious. Imagine life without religions! [Read More]

Young and Ready

I’m just a young person trying to get started with life. I also have a strong desire to fulfill my higher calling. [Read More]

Like to See our Top #7 Superhero Projects?

Feeding Hungry Children on the Street

boys mentoring children on the street

Getting Helpless Women to their Feet

superhero helps woman in the shepherd way

Saving Planet Earth from Mistreat

human carries earth with tender love

Raising Superheroes out of Misfits

people raised to superhero status from being misfits

Lifting Small Businesses out of the Pits

Nigerian lady trains startups

Honoring the Lives of Animals and Pets

boys carries animal

Making Strong Songs to Uplift the Spirit

artwork of boy playing flute

Our world needs Real Superheroes to do what ordinary movie superheroes cannot do for us. With no film-tricks, no religious flocking and no political agendas, we should all be walking this noble path of bringing light and support to humankind. The Shepherd Way Superheroes are human beings, like anyone. Choosing to uplift our humane-ness is our Real Superhero Ability. I feel everyone should support this project. I mean, who wouldn't?

Dr. Spiritsize C. MbanefoEnergy Healer & Coach, NG

Like you, we enjoy sharing our success stories. To inspire faces to smile and hearts to create. But now you’re next. Tell us what your Superhero Story would look like. Yea, just imagine what your Superhero Name and your Superhero Abilities would BE!

Hmmm... Ok Lemme Share My Superhero Story With You
call a superhero

Business & Career Mentorship

We provide a hand-holding mentorship experience to all our mentees who are young CEOs, startup co-founders, career enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs.

Advocacy Supports

We advocate and partner with advocacy groups seeking to protect the dignities of women, children, animals, disabled persons and the planet’s body from abuse.

Healing & Therapies

Healing is our biggest service to humankind as we conduct powerful healing therapies and sessions with individuals and institutions, restoring positive vibes.

Webinars & Online Course

Elevate your everyday living, working and relationship experiences for a more productive lifestyle by using our webinars and online courses as springboard.

Business Consultancy

We offer strategic consultancy for media organizations, content managers, sales directors, talent agencies and businesses that are looking to scale their ROIs.

Study Loans & Scholarships

Gain access to over 800 international universities and colleges that you otherwise could not afford by using our No-Collateral student loan and scholarships.

Soul Power Activations

No more feeling weak and powerless, let us activate your Soul Power with our Superhero Abilities and your Life will explode with more possibilities!

Relationship Life Management

Yes, we have helped dozens of couples, parents, in-laws, siblings, single-parents and business partners manage their relationship life and friendship growth.

Spirit Support Services

We offer soul readings, chakra cleansing, past life recollections, energy healing, water therapies and metaphysical herbal remedies to restore joys and abundance.

Take a moment to browse through some of our recently completed works and see how our super amazing customers felt about it.

Social Sales Strategy (3S)

from choosing your niche-specific keywords to driving traffic to your website, product pages or social media handles, our 3S strategy converts your post engagement into sales

It's funny how changing a few things about how I make my social media posts could result in such a sales burst for my 3-month old yet-to-be-registered business. Like wow!

Sandy JuliusFounder

Community Service Project

we encourage volunteering and participate in community services locally by forming and joining work teams to achieve set community goals such as, street  sanitation services

As a community leader with decades of experience, I can testify that your approach to public sanitation project made it enjoyable for our youths. Your motivation my boys!

Erinlu AdekunleBaale

Content Quality Management

our corporate clients enjoy very high quality content when we handle content management for radio and television shows, website and online courses through our copywriting wizards

The voice over script you made for me was lit. I was speechless just reading it. Now the video is out and I'm loving it. Thank you for making great content for my brand.

Nurudeen OwodunniMD/CEO

Brand Designs and Visibility

taking small ideas and big dreams off our clients’ minds and turning them into brand images with authority-compelling designs and industry visibility is our sweet spot, we love it

logo show local to global business

When I first got my logo delivered to my email, I didn't know it was mine. It looked like it belong to some already established company! Lol. Then I saw the slug-line, oh my! Hugs

Wunmi BaraqMD
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