Shepherd Godsbaby

Shepherd Godsbaby


Shepherd Godsbaby was a multi-skilled broadcaster with the Lagos State Radio Service, Nigeria where he served as Presenter, Newsreader, Voice-Artist, Producer, Social Media Manager and Scriptwriter. Earlier, he freelanced with Radio Continental (now Max FM) after interning with Metro 97.3 FM and Voice of Nigeria (VON). He also worked with Focus Cable TV as Presenter and Head of Content Production Department. He was Relationship Life Doctor, Mentality Detective, Life Coach and Media Project Consultant helping many hearts and homes find fulfillment and helping corporate brands gain media positioning. As a startup expert, he helped built Africa Business Radio and Travel Radio Live, two digital radio platforms where he served as Creative Content Producer and Programs Lead. In a past human life, he was an interplanetary media correspondent to his cosmic family whose noblest interests he came to represent on Earth. Today, he returns as a whistle-blower with relevant information to enlighten, empower and engage the human family towards a sustainable journey of life within the cosmos, our collective playground. Having journeyed in and out of Earth’s religious and psychic hive-mind, he qualifies as a trust-worthy authority to help others “come out of her”. You and the whole world are blessed to share in his experiences, lessons, encounters, experiments and failures. Welcome!

We are Friends From Forever

We are Friends Forever

After listening to Godsbaby on radio, I attended one of his scarcely held gatherings. I realized that the more I seek God, the more I knew myself. Well I didn’t want to be God! Lol but personal spiritual experiences and divine reflections have been helpful since then and that’s the HOLY SPIRIT!

Destiny Lukia

Founder, Lukia Caregiving Services

My soul is awakening.

Onyeka Okeke

Truck Driver, Good Father Enterprises

The Two Little Secrets

The second secret formula was the Voice saying to me, "the world does not need you, the world needs the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit needs you". This took out my spiritualized ego and what may be termed a messiah complex, I then found it easier to embrace this ad-hoc lifestyle where I no longer expect anyone to believe, follow, accept or even like me. And frankly, that opened me to see, know and experience GOD beyond many named Lords and Gods.

But the first secret - which came much earlier - was the same Voice saying to me, "I am the Heavenly Father whom you seek. I am here within you, right here and right now. I AM the Holy Spirit and there is no substitute for your obedience to the Holy Spirit". This became the most important practice of my life!

- Shepherd Godsbaby

The Shepherd Way messages are ever inspiring and mind blowing. It is food for the Spirit coz it opens my mind and eyes to certain realities of life and even after life. I really have learnt a lot so far in this ministry…Respect to Shepherd Godsbaby.

Miss Nwodo Juliana

Fashion Designer & Beader, Splendour Fashions